Thursday, July 29, 2010

1800 words... Chapter 19 finished

Writing, writing, writing. I finished Chapter 19. I put up the last bit on the "what is she writing" page if you are interested in keeping up.

Now I am going back and editing. I suck at editing my own stuff... suck, suck, suck. I have a very large blind spot for my own mistakes.

It is funny, when I edit other people's things I have an unholy glee at winnowing out each and every flaw... but when I find my own, I flinch, I berate myself for my clumsy fingers and stupid mistakes. And I loathe making mistakes. It is a silly circular thing; the more I find mistakes, the more the internal dialog buzzes, the more I suck at editing, the more mistakes I miss...

Anyway... I am the only one that can do this right now. I print it out... read it aloud to myself and mark it all up with a red pen. And once I am convinced I have found every error (but in truth, only about 75%) I will put it up on At that point I will start Chapter 20... and post the bits and pieces as the dribble and drabble along.

Thank you for listening

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