Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ten miles and 1,542 words

Had a fantastic Sunday morning already. It is going to be hot (well hot for the PNW) this afternoon... over 90 degrees. (I know, I know... use northerners are such pussies.)

Anyway, after sitting and writing all morning, I approached Master and asked what his plans for this morning were, commenting that we did not get out and ride or walk in the last two days and it was going to be hooooooot this afternoon.

He told me to get dressed and instead of riding around home, we loaded his bike and my hot rod tricycle up in his pickup and we took off to a trail that is mostly shaded... and it was amazing... warm sun spots peeking through deep green foliage. We rode five miles out and then turned around. I hardly got tired and was all fired up to keep going but Master said I should work up to longer distances. (Privately I think he was getting tired.) The poor baby ate his breakfast and is already sound asleep in his big chair... but that is what hot Sunday afternoons are best for... naps.

And once I got home I checked and saw I had gotten 1,542 words written already. Yes! I will add them to the end of what I had put up on the "What's she writing now?" page... and get back to work.

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