Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Back on track, lazy bitch

Okay... this is how it is... I am a lazy bitch. I have all this stuff to do, chores, duties, paying attention to my Master, house, yard, family... and that is not even addressing my writing.

You see I am a writer. I write fucking amazing stories. My favorite books to read in the whole world are the ones I have written, they can still make me laugh and cry and get wildly turned on. Every time I read something I wrote, I am surprised I actually said that. ... and to may absolute disgust I have not been writing for weeks and weeks. I can make up all kinds of excuses... but bottom line... I have been spending wayyyy tooo much time playing with this computer and not working with this computer...

I joined Fetlife to expand my network and get more contacts to sell my books. And instead I get all involved in silly conversations about limbs being amputated or when my bedtime is. I started this blog to expand my network... blah... blah... blah... and I find myself obsessively reading about other peoples lives... and trying to think of new interesting things to write about.

I have lots of mostly finished stories... people write me all the time begging me to finish them. I have this one thing I was rewriting for my publisher... the only other person in the universe with more procrastination issues than I do. I do love writing... and it makes me mad to realize I have been letting it get away from me.

So as usual... long story, long... I have decided to recommit myself to my writing. I am going to put it first... no more Fet... and blogging comes second... okay fourth or fifth... we have to stick Master in there somewhere too. I will keep you guys updated and most likely will put up some more fiction... chapters and short stories as I get back in the groove again.

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  1. Please do post chapters and such!!!! The few pieces of your's that I've read, I fell in love with.

    Good luck on being productive! *hugs*