Saturday, July 10, 2010

Expections and Surprises

Well, I obeyed Master... I spent most of yesterday afternoon cruising the web reading erotica, looking at nasty videos, thinking about sex... generally pushing all my horny bitch buttons over and over... without masturbating.

And I worked hard at not having the bad, bad, bad expectations. I did not let my head even go to the "he promised... I need him too..." place. I just rode the wave of my mental tease, savoring the throb that seemed to lodge itself permanently in my belly.

And you know when Master got home, he wasn't all that goal directed. He was all debate about what to do... trip to hardware store... dinner out... sex... walk... bike ride???? The sex option did not seem to be standing out as even having a chance. And I was good, I did not even have a bit of rage or disappointment... I just asked clarification and changed into a dress in case he wanted to leave. He sat and sat and finally after about an hour he said to me... "I will let you decide."

You know what I said... "Oh, if it is up to me... I want the sex."

He still sat there for a long time but finally wandered about the house, found some fans, turned the AC up and ordered me to clean off the bed in my room. This was a change in our routine but my room is closer to the air conditioner (old clunky window unit near his big chair). I cleaned off my bed and grinned at him and threw myself down, still expecting that "get in the shower" command... heck, I can count on on hand the number of times we have had sex without starting in the shower. Master is a hygiene freak after all.

But as I lay on the bed I heard the familiar rattle of canes and paddles and floggers... mmm... I ripped the dress off over my head and threw myself back down on my belly, presenting my back and ass, writhing and vibrating in anticipation. It had been weeks since we had a good pain session. He took his time, sensually tap, tap, tapping in fast light cadence up and down my body with the cane, occasionally throwing in a sharp snap to keep my on my toes and to keep me from getting too relaxed.

He switched up weapons and kept the lighter sensation play going. He spent a lot of time just dragging the flogger or the tip of the cane over my skin. I lay there totally zoned out, just feeling it. Yet, now and then there would be this unexpected surge of pain as he would bring something down on my hard... a paddle... the cane... or that odd, dangerous flogger made from the discarded jump rope... that thing is a frightening mix of intense thump and burn. It is hard not to turn my head and watch him with apprehensive eyes when he has it in his hand.

But today, he was focusing on the sensual. He grabbed my panties and ripped them down my legs. And that is soooo hawt. He shoved my legs apart and the end of the cane explored my crack and folds... and it tickles so crazy that I cannot help but shriek and giggle. He began to focus the blows of the string flogger between my legs, rhythmic light swishing snaps that make my cunt sting and glow.

I was totally floating and I turned over onto my back, keeping my legs wide and closing my eyes. He took the time to include my breasts in the rhythm, the string flogger snapping my nipples, sending the sting through me but always returning to my eager, offered up cunt. Then this totally strange thing happened... something that nearly lifted me right up off the bed. It felt like about a hundred little fingers tickled and massaged and poked me in about a hundred places at once right between my legs. I sat right up and shrieked staring down at that weird pink jump rope flogger being swirled, jiggled and rubbed against me. It was like being attacked by a very amorous and talented squid... ten amorous and talented squids. It tickled but it also felt crazy good.

I looked up at Master and exclaimed... "That is not a flogger... that is a sex toy! That feels fucking awesome!"

He grinned and continued his alien probing of my pussy.

I collapsed back and focused on not laughing like a hyena and letting those new and amazing fingers do their magic. Now normally, it takes A LOT to make me come but after all the porn and all the sensual caning and flogging, I was totally fucking turned on and it wasn't more than a minute than I was coming like crazy. This is very cool... because it isn't very often I can come without a little assist from a vibrator or my own fingers. For Master to get me there solo... is very, like I said, cool.

Master threw a blanket over me and went off to look at porn on his 'puter. After basking in the warm tingly after glow I got up and floated out and snuggled up to him and looked at numerous improbably buxom and slim young beauties being restrained, hurt and forced to orgasm... endless fucking machines and stylized fake orgasms. It was pretty... if not realistic... but I have to admit... in small, infrequent doses, pushes my buttons.

We did end up in the shower and had usual hygienic fucking under the hot water. And to my happy surprise, I totally turned on again by the time he was done with me and I begged to be allowed to come again. He laughed and sent me downstairs to my vibrator... telling me to not fall asleep because he was hungry and wanted me to get him dinner. I was totally giggling with satisfaction when I came back up to make salad.

It was a fun Friday night, a great way to start the weekend.

I think I will call that funny pink jump rope flogger "the squid"... and when he picks it up, I think I will have more than fear in my eyes.


  1. The squid! I love it! hehe! What an amazing session, xantu...I'm ridiculously turned on right now! :) Thanks for sharing and have a great rest of the weekend!

    Take care,
    Baby Girl :)

  2. LOL...the squid. Good stuff. How is he supposed to be all big and scary with a toy named that? :)

  3. He has lots and lots of other scary stuff.