Friday, July 23, 2010

Productive Friday... or "Get to Work Bitch"

It is not quite 1:00pm and I have my chore list finished.

Weeds.... check. Master has this special kind of weed that he is waging war upon. They pop up through the grass and then spread. They are hardy beyond belief and their roots go to China. He told me to go find them and dig them up. I found six. I wish there was a bounty on them suckers.

Laundry... check. Sheets washed and bed remade. Master's clothes all folded and put away. A load of towels and dishcloths... sweet and bleachy and folded and put away.

Weed eater... check. The down side of running the weed eater is the flying dirt and dust. But I got all the weeds down where I can't get the lawn mower and I got side tracked and went after some paving stones that had started to sink down into the lawn. By the time I got done I was coated in dirt.

Dig all the roots away from the edge of the foundation... check.

Spread insecticide... check. Better living through chemistry. There have been a few signs of carpenter ant activity around our foundation. Normally I like to go organic... but when the little bastards start chewing on my house... well like I said... better living through chemistry. Die mother fuckers die!

Floors... check. Hand and knees scrub in the kitchen and vacuuming the rest of the house.

Peel and boil potatoes for potato salad tomorrow... check.

Write... check. I have added a page to my blog... "What is she writing now?" I am going to throw up what ever is new... raw and unedited. I will take down old stuff and put up whatever is new. Hopefully this will keep me focused and motivated.

As you see, Master left me with a long list of things to do to keep me busy... ha ha ha... already done and I have hours left to myself. I rock. Not so lazy bitch today. Speaking of which... back to writing.


  1. Oh... and I forgot to mention... I took a shower and made a nice lunch, too. Boo Ya!

  2. Whoa. I'm impressed. That's quite the list of accomplishments.

  3. My attention was focused on the word "Weeds".