Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Master

I am up in the wee hours of Christmas morning because I fell asleep far to early last night. I was out and down for the count at 6:30. I am not sure exactly why, it was a quiet day... a happy day filled with just my Master and I. I didn't even have to cook. We ran out and grabbed some order out from the little local Mexican food chain.

And after dinner, Master made some masterly mumbles about going to sleep (He was talking about an after dinner nap but I had lost track of the time and it was dark outside so I thought it was later than it was). This hint at the impending end of our day sent a pang of urgency through me. My day was running out and I had something I really wanted to do. I had been entertaining this fantasy about getting dressed up in a sexy outfit to give him his present but it was all out of whack now because we had already had sex that morning and I frequently get in trouble if I am perceived to be trying to initiate sex at the wrong time. I strongly suspect that putting on a crotchless fishnet body stocking can be taken as a come on. But darn it, I bought that damned thing...

I asked him if I could come over and climb up into his lap for a minute. I snuggled him for a bit and then whispered in his ear if it would be all right to give him his present then, on Christmas eve rather than wait for Christmas and he said yes.

I bit my lip and blushed, "I got you two things, one regular and one kind of silly. The silly thing is a sexy outfit. I kinda want to put it on, to show you but I don't expect you to go all crazy and turn into some kind of fucking machine... I know we already did that today." (Fucking machine is a bit of an exaggeration... we are both a bit old to quite qualify for that... but what we lack in energy and stamina, we make up for with imagination and enjoyment.)

He laughed and said he would go out and have a smoke and was looking forward to seeing what I had gotten him.

So I scampered into my room and dug out my old Santa hat and climbed into that body stocking. I put a couple of bows on in strategic places and slipped on some wicked high heels and peeked out my door to see if he was ensconced back in his big chair.

This looks exactly like me, if you add 25 years, 15 pounds and a mass of out of control curly blond hair, and of course...

...a santa hat. Use your imagination.

So I pick up my Santa bag of presents and sashay out into the front room. "Ho, ho, ho... Have you been a good Master this year?"

I climbed up into his lap... and began to pull out the normal stuff, shirts and underwear. (Hey, it is what he wanted.) He was very happy with the fact that I had managed to find heavy flannel solid color shirts, thrilled in fact.

He kept running his hands over the meshes and my flesh underneath. I whisper, "Did you notice the way my pussy is sticking out?"

"Yes, very much."

I run my fingers over that exposed, slightly protruding flesh. And it is so soft, so smooth that is feels amazing. I murmur, "It is so soft. I could just pet it and pet it and pet it all night long."

It is not even especially sexual, just sensual. But Master says, "Get a towel, I want you to give me a blow job and then you can have my cock in your pussy while you pet it."

I blink, this was unexpected. Twice in one day? Not in years. But who am I to argue with such an awesome Christmas blessing.

And I must admit, I was such a good girl... I could tell from the sounds he was making. In fact I was such a good girl that we never got that cock in my pussy. I think he forgot I had a pussy. Once I glanced up at him, he had his hands gripping the arms of his chair and his head was tossed back and his eyes were closed. He was making these soft gasping moans. Amazing. It took forever but when he came he almost screamed like a girl. I had come and slobber and whatever all over my face, in my hair, even the ball on my Santa hat was a little damp.

I licked my aching lips and grinned this "aren't I an amazingly good girl" proud as punch grin. "Merry Christmas Master."

Better than I had ever fantasized. Much, much better.

For my good efforts I got sent down stairs with permission to masturbate. And I fell asleep early and woke up at midnight. So here I am, all awake. In the middle of the night. Christmas night.

Merry Christmas.