Wednesday, December 15, 2010

O S M R puppies... cont.

Master says I forgot an important part of the story about last night.

So... I have these panties... two pair identical. Animal print... leopard spots with red trim. And one of them has an infuriating tendency to ride up the crack of my ass. Unfortunately I had them on yesterday.

And as Master dragged/drug/propelled/herded me around the mall... up, down, back, forth them panties were giving me about a million tons of grief, creeping, crawling, insinuating themselves deeper and deeper... until I was about to scream. Over and over I surreptitiously would pull at the waist band or tugged at a leg, squirming, wiggling and wincing. I remember Master asking me over and over if I wanted to look at something. I would blink and shake my head. The last thing I was going to do was tell him about this dilemma. It would have made his day.

I do remember once we were done with our Mall trek and he took me to the car and opened my side door and I got in, during those three seconds that it took him to walk to the driver's side door, I was rooting about between my ass cheeks trying to extricate what felt like an alien invasion of my ass crack. (later when I told Master about this activity, he commented that he noticed the car rocking as he walked around...)

I know one thing, I threw them fucking evil panties away last night, so I only have one pair of animal print with red trim now...

So there it is... the complete story...


Tomorrow is cookie day.

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  1. Snap! Was just ruminating on this very topic... it must be the week for rotten underwear :D