Friday, December 24, 2010

Not just any sub.

He is home today and for some inexplicable reason decided to go out to a store. I asked him "for what?" But he refused to answer. So we ended up walking around Target for a while. I had nothing on my "while we are here, I want" list so I focused on being good. Staying by his side, not talking too much, not "not talking" to much. I held his hand and followed along, allowing him to steer and set the pace.

As we were walking I told him a story about a strange TV show I had watched this week while I was sitting half brain dead recuperating from this cold. It was that "Millionaire Matchmaker" (shut up... I had already admitted to watching bad TV in an earlier post)... anyway, there was this really weird millionaire guy that once he picked a girl to date, tried to force her to eat really weird disgusting food, like fermented duck embryos still in the shell. What was remarkable was the way he was trying to humiliate and dominate her. When she refused, he actually called her a brat. And when she asked why he was doing this, he said he was "testing her".

Master commented that maybe that would be a way to test to see if a woman was submissive. I countered that even submissive women aren't going to let some jerk pull that kind of crap on them without some kind of negotiation... that most submissive women know how to negotiate what they want when they are starting out in a relationship.

Anyway we continued our shopping trip. We didn't buy anything and I still don't know why Master wanted to go out and brave the last minute shopping panic crush. Then as we were walking out, I was so intently focused on following Master's lead, that I was not looking around, just sort of merging with his step, his movement. Apparently he did not like that, and jerked my arm hard, yanking me back from the curb to protect me from traffic. I did not protest, did not say that I did not need to look out for cars because I was with him and he was the one doing that. I just kept close by his side.

Once we got into the car, he turned to me and said, "I should chew you out for looking down all the time."

I smiled and nodded. "Yes Master you are right, I was not standing up straight."

He reacted sharply. "You may be a sub, but you are not just any sub. You are my sub." Then something about not submitting to the world, that I need to stand up straight and dominate the space around me.

It was kind of strange but amazingly sweet at the same time.


  1. oh -- I do like that.

    That makes wonderful sense to me

    Thank you!


  2. "You are not just any sub, you are my sub". He want you to shine for the world like you shine for him. Give the man a peach.