Friday, April 8, 2011

Back to work.

Spring break is over… two weeks of relaxation… I did not have a very long list of things I wanted to accomplish and I got most of them done.  I went to Kinkfest.  I got my taxes done.  I read some books.  I planted some tomatoes and strawberries.  I cooked breakfast for Master every morning.  I did some spring cleaning.  I think the only thing on my list that really did not happen to my satisfaction was to focus on my submission, to strive to be a better slave for my Master.

But then, maybe that is not quite accurate.  Perhaps I was a perfect slave for my Master.  I strongly suspect his taste in slaves tends toward the spicy and snarky… he gets a sexy thrill from taking a snarky bitch and slamming her against the wall and pinning her there until she melts under the heat of his gaze like a chocolate bar left on the dash of the car in midsummer, all dark and warm and sticky sweet.  And I give that to him every day.

I do remember one conversation, where Master was talking about remodeling the house.  Always before, when he began threaten to tear the whole place down I would panic and argue.  This time I gave him complete cart blanch to do whatever he wanted.  I told him I would sleep outside or live in the car… I told him not to worry about me… that I could wash my hair at work.  He blinked.  I doubt he is going to tear the whole thing down… but I did beg that if we became homeless that he make sure I have access to the internet.  (I mean a slave has to have some priorities.) 

Not looking forward to going back to work.   Wish I felt better about that. 


  1. It sounds like you had a great two weeks!
    You got a lot done and pleased your Master;not bad for a vacation.
    Glad you've got your priorities in order regarding house remodeling!

  2. Sounds like a plesasant vacation - nice... and I bet the look on his face when you submitted instead of fighting back was priceless.