Sunday, April 17, 2011


·         I have been writing posts… I really have.  One enlightening, amusing, thought provoking piece about an argument Master and I had… and got totally shut down by the thought police… ahem… um… censored by Master.  Too much dirty laundry I guess.
·         A couple of  very dense, seriously pissy pieces about work.  But I am tired of bitching about work on this blog.  Du’know why I have this bizarre expectation that my coworkers should like me or even be nice.  I just can’t find the policy manual where it says that.
·         I could complain about the weather, but after seeing Kaya’s last blog post, it would seem just shallow and whiny.
·         I have two or three new stories started but I am reluctant to put up something that I am not sure I am going to finish.
·         I did end up planting an apple tree.  I am very excited.  (My fingers are crossed.  I have such bad luck with things dying.) 
·         I also planted some strawberries and three tomato plants.  They are passively sitting there, squinting up at the damp, grey, cold rain, like the really cannot believe I am serious.  At least they are not dead.
·         Speaking about things dying… how come I planted two packages of flower seeds in starter pots… nothing fancy… just Nasturtiums and only four germinated?
·         And speaking of how come… how come Kashi Go Lean cereal is so vile that the squirrels and birds won’t even touch it in the feeder?  I have a secret plan to try and see if those nasty coworkers will eat it next.
·         I learned something new today.  Good sex, really good sex frequently ends with someone bleeding… and that someone usually is me.
·         I got tapped by the Eden Fantasy to do a toy review.  So I will have that to write about.
·         Master pronounced that I am not allowed to wear Mu-mu style dresses unless I grow horns and two more titties… le sigh… I am tempted to do it… extra titties and horns… I lub my mu-mu dresses.
·         Not a lot of deep thoughts about Master/slave relationships… I commented to Master that we have been doing this thing we do since 2008.  He argued that it hasn’t been that long and when I answered back (cannot help but answer back… excellent slave I am not) that was when it started but of course it was different back then… just a brand new baby wanna be thing but it has grown and evolved.  He interrupted (he is like that… always interrupting a profound pearl of wisdom.) that all relationships do the evolve and grow.  He is just that smart to steal my pearl of wisdom and play it off like it was all his idea.


  1. laughs.

    i've written posts that are so bitchy..and deleted 'em.

    i have a blog that is for all my bitching, both vanilla and D/s and it is one none know of but me...and

    it helps to have teh forum.

    no readers.

    just the venting helps.

    co-workers? just 8 hours a day hon. (maybe less?)--that gives you 16 doing things you like.

    with the one you like (most ofthe time, right?!)



  2. Lol... I have a file in my "documents" called "Once again I get tripped up by the Universe". It is my journal. If I need more of an audience, I will read it to Master. He will listen (most of the time, right?).

  3. Deleting whiny posts? Really? Who does that...oh... yeah...I do. Really, I do, I swear. Though you might not be able to tell.

    The nasturtiums growing? You have to take a file or a razor and cut through (just a little)of the seed casing. It's so tough that the plant has a hard time getting out. And you have to soak them for like 24 hours before you plant. But once they start? They'll take over.

    Hey, Master will listen...that's better than a bunch of throwback co-workers any day.

    Hugs here too.