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Serial Saturday NORTHWEST HUNTERS Book One, Chapter Six

Chapter 6: Joining the Circle.

Junie felt her whole body quivering with fatigue.  It felt like it took all the rest of her energy to dry off.  When she picked up her clothing she looked uncertainly at Bob.  He touched her face, “Don't worry about getting dressed, Junie.  Put your clothes away in your room and come on back out to the front room.  I have something I need you to do for me tonight.” 
“Yes, Master.”  Junie grabbed the wet towels and headed in.  She was standing by the dining room table, her hand stifling a huge yawn when Bob came out of his room.  He was fully dressed, and Junie noticed he had the wand vibrator on his hip and the crop on the other. 
Instantly she was alert, her whole body trembling.  A flush of anticipation and dread spilled over her.  She could feel spreading warmth, starting at the crown of her head, flowing down her shoulders and over her body.  Her nipples tightened and the rush of blood to her loins was intense and almost painful.  Her clitoris pulsated, throbbing in perfect unison with the palpitations of her heart.   
Bob spoke in clipped sentences, his eyes on her, curious, almost clinical.  “Go downstairs.  Stand in the middle of the room.  Clasp your hands behind your back.  Close your eyes.  Wait for me.”
“Yes, Master.  Thank you, Master.”
Junie almost floated downstairs.  Her exhaustion and euphoria seemed to have lifted her, lightened her.  Her heart was racing but her breathing was deep and calm.
Bob found her standing exactly as he had directed.  There was no question about that.  When he touched her cheek with the back of his hand her eye lids quivered, but remained closed.  He slipped a blindfold over her eyes.  “This will help.”   
He took a bottle of lotion, a deep moisturizing skin conditioner, thoroughly massaging it into her skin.  It smelled strongly of mint and eucalyptus.  Junie could feel a cool tingling in her skin that rapidly turned to deep warmth.  It hurt as he rubbed it into her nipples, an intense burning sting.  His fingers worked it thoroughly into the folds of her cunt, and again she was assailed by the same burning sting.  As his fingers wormed their way into her bottom, working the lotion deep up her backside Junie could not help but squirm and gasp. The growing heat and now itching was maddening.  She could feel her moisture running down her legs.   
Taking a length of rope he tied her hands behind her back, but made sure that she had a wide spacer between her wrists and then anchored them to a rope wrapped around her waist.  “Does that feel okay on your shoulders?” 
“Yes, Master.”
Bob stroked her face and then, gripping the back of her neck, he kissed her.  His lips harsh and demanding, taking what he wanted.   He bit her lip and pulled it deep into his mouth sucking on it.  Junie strained against him, grinding her breasts and hips against the rough surface of his clothing.  When he released her mouth, she was breathing hard, her lips red and swollen. 
“Junie, I know you already had a long day.  Now you are going to have a long night.”  He kissed her lightly on the lips but teasingly pulled away when she leaned in and opened her mouth for him.  “You are doing very well, Junie.  Keep up the good work.”
“Thank you, Master.”  Her voice was a breathless whisper, haunted by an echo of fear.
“Good girl.”  His hands cupped and lifted her heavy breast.  Digging his fingers into her soft flesh he lifted them, weighing them with his hands.  “You have such nice heavy breasts.”  He pinched her nipples between his fingers and lifted, raising the weight of her breasts.  Junie shifted on her feet, standing up on her toes, trying to ease the pull on her sore nipples.  She gasped, and whimpered.  “So sensitive, so responsive, I fucking love your tits.”
Bob pulled the nipple clamps from his pocket.  “Let’s make them pretty, why don't we?”  When he clamped the metal teeth into her swollen tortured nipple, Junie begged for the first time.  “Please, Master.  Oh god, my nipples hurt so badly.  Please no.”
Bob stopped, his voice cool.  “Are you using your safe word?”
Junie stopped and pressed her lips together, and took several deep breaths through her nose.  “No, Master.  I am sorry.  I am ready.”
When he attached the second clamp Junie did not cry out but her body jerked and shuddered.  She did not make another sound until he attached a rope to the chain stretched between the clamps and using the pulley in the ceiling began to pull up on the clamps, raising her heavy flesh up, stretching her nipples, forcing them to support the weight of her large breasts.  Only then did she cry out, a long soft ululating wail, a ragged inhale and another.  Junie danced on her toes, trying to ease the agony in her nipples. 
Bob stepped back and watched, waiting to see how she would adjust, if she could.  Eventually she found some middle ground, some place of balance and stood on trembling tiptoes, her cries diminishing into a series moaning sobs.  Ever the perfectionist, Bob frowned at a slight imbalance in the tension on her nipples and slid the rope slightly to the left on the chain between her nipples.  Junie again danced and squalled in pain. 
“Stand like that for ten minutes and I will let you down.”
“Yes, Master.”  She grated the words out between clenched teeth.
When he returned he slipped a pair of headphones over her ears, lifting one up he whispered in her ear, “Eight more minutes.”  Turning on the classical music, he reached up and sharply, almost scientifically, flicked both nipples simultaneously.  Again Junie screamed, a series of short staccato squalls, as she tried to raise up taller than possible on her toes and staggered.  It was a desperate dance with only pain as its reward.
When she only had one minute left, he took the crop and snapped it against one of her swollen scarlet nipples.  Junie did not move, she just opened her mouth and screamed.  As soon as she caught her breath and inhaled, he struck the other.  Her scream was ragged and seemed to go on forever.
When he lowered the tension on her nipples, Junie was sobbing deep ragged sobs, trying to say something but she could not get the words out.  Eventually she choked out, “Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you.”  Her words were an endless, hysterical babble.

When he unfastened the clamps on Junie's nipples, she shuddered and moaned, too tired to scream.  He untied her hands and pushed her over to the St. Andrew's cross.  Soon he had her bound, stretched tight and spread out on the dark wood.  Junie sagged against her bonds, her strength gone, and her head lolling back. 
Lifting the headphones off her head, Bob spoke sharply, “Don't fall asleep on me, Junie.  Hold your head up.  If you let your head fall, I will hang you up by your tits again.”  As a warning, he snapped the crop into one of her nipples.  Junie wailed and held her head up high.
Junie's nipples were distended and almost purple.  Bob gently cupped her breasts and crooned as she flinched in fear at his touch. “Sweet sweet Junie, I could torture your nipples all night but I think they have had all that they can take for now.”  He leaned down and delicately licked one and Junie convulsed in her bindings.  “So sensitive, so responsive, I want them like this all the time.”
Taking the vibrator, he turned it on low and touched it lightly against a nipple.  Junie whimpered and quivered.  Bob traced a path down her belly and teased it around her cunt.  Lightly tickling along her outer lips and then down the insides of her thighs.
The ropes were too tight to do more that squirm.  Junie strained toward the sensation, seeking pleasure to soothe her torment.  When Bob slid the vibrator between her lips and pressed it firmly against her clit, she froze and let out a soft moan.  “Oh yes, thank you, Master.”
Bob turned the setting up higher, and cautioned, “Don't come, Junie.  You know you must wait.”
“Yes, Master, I must wait.”  She repeated his words in a soft monotone.  Her body was a chaotic confusion of pain, exhaustion and pleasure.  Her mind focused on his voice, the only thing left to hang onto.  His words becoming her only will.   
Soon Junie was puffing like she had run a marathon.  Her body was surging against her bindings.  Her moans of ecstasy sounded loud in her ears.  It seemed like she had no control of any part of her physical self, yet she knew that if Bob said for her to wait she would.  If he said to stop breathing, she would have sealed her lips.  She let the waves of pleasure from the wand vibrator lift and toss her, focusing on them, savoring them, and yet waiting for his words. 
Junie fell silent.  Holding her head high, she felt her limbs go soft and pliant.  She felt a soft smile curve her lips.  Somehow she was there and not there.  Intensely aware of a huge orgasm that seemed to build endlessly, pent up in her body, it seemed like her mind was floating, watching from a distance.
Junie was only vaguely aware of the change in sensation when Bob pulled the vibrator away from her.  She flinched and involuntarily blinked when he pulled the blindfold from her eyes.  Her eyelids fluttered and then closed.  “Junie, open your eyes.  Look at me.”
Bob's face was only inches from hers.  Junie strained to focus and then sank into his electric blue depths.  He was not touching her at all when he spoke softly, “I am your Master, Junie.  Come for me.  Give your Master your orgasm.”  It was like his words crashed into her, battering down the dam holding back a flood of ecstasy. 
Again her body fought against the ropes, seeking that primal arch, instinctively trying to lift her cunt to the sky.  Her head snapped back as her neck arched, tearing her eyes from his.  Her mouth strained, open wide, but no sound came from her mouth.  She hung there for an eternity, and then fell, spinning, spiraling down.  Junie wailed a soft vibrating call that grew louder and then dwindled in a soft series of broken words.  “Yes. Yes.  Yes.”
As Junie's body began to surge and undulate against the ropes, Bob struck.  The crop snapped directly on her cunt, searing into her clitoris.  With each of her words, he struck again.
Junie felt like she was turning inside out, a flame consuming her, turning her into a brilliant luminous being.  Her whole body jerking, spasming as flash after flash of heat and light forced her muscles to contract.  With each snap of the crop, Junie called to him.  “Yes.  Yes.  Yes.”  Junie had no sense of time.  She fell, a flaming meteor, one with infinity.  All awareness was gone when her body surrendered, her strength failing, and she finally crashed to earth. 
Her body hung limp, soaked with sweat, her only movement the rise and fall of her chest, stirred by her panting breath.  Bob touched her face and then her nipple.  There was no change in the rhythm of Junie's breathing.  He replaced the blindfold and the headphones.

Junie woke to the sensation of icy wetness on her lips.  Her head lifted as she woke, her muscles remembering before she was even aware she had let it drop.  Her tongue reached out and touched the ice cube that was being run across her lips.  She opened her mouth and sucked greedily at the moisture.  A soft moan of pleasure sighed up as the ice cube was pushed between her lips and into her mouth.
“Oh, thank you, Master.”  Her words gurgled through the water in her mouth.  Junie greedily sucked on the ice, holding the water in her mouth, reveling in sensation.  She only swallowed when the ice had completely melted.  The music roared in her ears, pounding, invasive, yet somehow easy to push to the edge of her awareness.  The blindfold kept her in perfect darkness.  She could not even smell him, the pungent mint of the lotion he had rubbed over her filling her nostrils.
Junie had no sense of time.  She hung from the ropes holding her securely to the cross, her body relaxed except for her neck.  Bob had told her to stay awake, to keep her head held up straight.  He had threatened painful punishment if she failed, but Junie knew he had not needed to do that.  She would do it simply because he had told her to.
Junie's mind floated.  Her skin felt oddly tingly, nothing hurt particularly but she was very aware of her nipples throbbing.  When a second ice cube touched her lips, Junie flinched and then opened her mouth like a bird, sucking the precious wetness.  “Mmm... Thank you, Master.” 
Again she hung, alone in a timeless universe.  It was getting increasingly difficult to hold up her head.  Waves of sleepiness, flooded over her, warm and irresistible.  Her head wobbled on her shoulders.  Almost instantly a white hot pain seared through her nipple, and then the other.  A squeal of shock burst from Junie's mouth.  She held her head up high.  “Thank you, Master.”
The next time she felt the waves of sleep creeping up on her, Junie shook her head trying to fight the weakness.  She spoke, her voice muted by the music in her ears, “Please, Master, help me.  Hit me some more.  Wake me up.”
As the crop stroked across her flesh, lightly tickling her skin, circling around her nipples, Junie arched as much as her binding allowed and breathed, “Yes please, Master.  I need it.”
When the pain flashed through her, she cried out, “Yes, thank you, Master.  Please more.  Please harder.”
Junie was still begging for more when the blows stopped.  Her nipples burned with pain.  Her tears were dripping off her chin.  Her body shaking with sobs.  “Don't stop.  Please, please don't stop.  Don't leave me alone.”
She struggled against the ropes, mindlessly trying to reach the crop, to touch anything.  When the ice cube was pressed against her lips she sucked it down and whimpered for another.  When there was nothing more, no ice or pain, she dissolved into sobs.
Junie did not realize when she started talking to herself.  Soft little mutters.  “Need to remember to call work in the morning.  Dinner, I haven't planned anything for dinner.  I wonder what time it is.  It will be okay.  I wonder what my apartment looks like.  I have to do something about getting my car fixed.  Keep your head up, head up, head up, up, up.”  Her lips whispered, muttering soft random vocalized thoughts that she could not hear over the roar of the music in her ears.
When she felt Bob's fingers on her lips, gently hushing her words, she moaned and pressed her lips against his fingers.  She whispered in delight.  “Master, oh my Master, you are here.”
The headphones slipped from her ears and Junie sighed at the sudden silence.  She tipped her head, listening, seeking the tiniest hint of her Master.  “Tell me how you are feeling, Junie.”  His words came from close by, she could almost feel his breath on her skin.  She felt her head tip toward the sound, a flower seeking the sun.
“How I am feeling?  I feel fine, Master.”  A tiny drunken giggle spilled from Junie's lips.  “Master, could I have another ice cube please?” 
“They melted, Junie.  They all melted a long time ago.”
“Oh, that’s too bad.  I loved them.”  Junie's voice was filled with profound sadness, like she had been told of the loss of something precious. 
“Tell me how you are feeling, Junie.”  His words came from close
“Fine, Master, I feel really fine.”  Junie tried to think.  He had asked that before, asked how she was feeling.  “How do you want me to feel?”  It was a genuine question.  There was not the slightest bit of sarcasm or guile in her voice.
The blindfold was lifted from her eyes.  Junie blinked and smiled happily at her Master.  “Oh, there you are.  Hi.” 
Bob smiled back, his eyes indulgent.  “Hello, Junie.”
Junie giggled.  “Don't worry; bleach is very effective in taking out odors and stains.”
Bob blinked and looked at Junie, his eyes measuring.  “Yes, it is.  Why are you thinking about bleach?”
“The window in my car is broken.”  Junie said the words with conviction, like it was the most logical thing in the world.
Bob shook his head.  “Be quiet, Junie.”  He began to untie her from the cross.   “Do you think you can stand up?” 
“Stand up, stand up, up, up, up.  I can stand up.”  Junie giggled again, and repeated, “Don't fall asleep on me, Junie.  Hold your head up, head up, up, up, up.”
Bobs voice was sharp and directive.  “Junie, hush now.”
“Yes Master, hushing up, up, up.”
When her legs were untied she tried to put them under her.  They quivered and shook and it took Junie several tries.  “I am going to untie your arms now.  I will be close by.  Hold onto me.”
Bob freed one of her arms and putting his arm around her waist and pulling her tight against him, he freed the second.  Junie sagged against him, her legs initially refusing to hold her up.  Junie threw her arms around his neck and blurted out, “Oops.” 
Bob caught her and held her tightly, “Come on, Junie.  Stand up.”
“I am.”  Junie looked up into his face, her eyes absolutely sincere, oblivious to her legs buckling under her.
“Okay, take a step with me.”  Bob stepped back a small step and Junie staggered with him, her feet fumbling on the floor.  “Again.”  This time Junie managed a little better.  They continued their dance, swaying and inching across the floor.  
By the time they reached the foot of the stairs, Junie was managing to hold her weight, if not her balance.  She seemed to be a little more in touch with reality.  “Oh my.  Sorry, Master.  Where are we going?”
“Upstairs, Junie, it’s time to take a rest.”
“Rest?”  Junie said the word like she was not sure of its meaning.
“Yes, little girl, you have earned a rest.  All you have to do is get yourself up these stairs.”
Junie looked at the steep staircase with its sharp turns.  It looked like a precipice.  “I could crawl?”  Her tone was not at all convinced. 
“That would be a good idea.”  Bob unwound her arms from his neck, turned her around and gave her a gentle push to get her started. 
Junie did not crawl so much as just use her hands on the stairs to hold her balance and help pull up.  She stood swaying at the top.  “I made it.”  Her tone was proud.
“Yes you did.  Let’s get you in bed.”
“I would like that.”
As they passed the bathroom, Junie paused, “I really need to pee.”
Bob took her shoulders and steered her into the bathroom.  Junie sat and let out a soft happy sound, “Ahhhhh... Oh, I like to pee.”
Bob began to laugh.
As he tucked her into bed, Junie looked at him, her eyes suddenly clear and aware.  “What day is it?”
“It’s Monday, Junie.”
“What time is it?”
“It’s very early morning, almost 4:00 a.m.”
Junie tried to get up, pushing against Bob's hands holding her down in the bed.  “I need to get my phone.  I need to leave a message at my work.”
“Stay there.  I will get your phone.”
Junie stared at the phone and frowned.  It took her a couple of minutes to remember why she wanted it.  “Oh yeah, this is Junie Thomas.  I am calling to let you know that I won't be in to work today.  I am taking some vacation time.  I had a personal emergency over the weekend.  I will call in later today and talk with you about when I will be able to come back.”
Junie turned off the phone and handed it back to Bob.  “Thank you.”
“Good girl.  Go to sleep now.”
“Yes, Master.  Thank you, Master.  I love you.”  Junie turned on her side and snuggled down under her covers and was asleep before he could respond.

When Junie woke, before she even opened her eyes, she became intensely aware of how thirsty she was.  Her mouth was dry and her lips were cracked. 
As she rolled over, she groaned, her stiff muscles screaming in protest.  Forcing herself to stretch, she giggled softly to herself.  She repeated, “Don't worry; bleach is very effective in taking out odors and stains.”  She giggled again.  “What was I thinking?”
The previous night seemed almost like a dream.  There were no pictures in her head, just a symphony of sensations, pain overlaid with pleasure.  The only image was Bob's electric blue gaze boring into her eyes and his words, “Come now,” then blinding light and ecstasy.
She remembered every detail of how the ice felt in her mouth as it melted, and the cool swallow of water as it soothed her throat.
Junie forced herself to her feet and stood swaying for a second.  Her legs were agonizingly stiff, and the rest of her body was not much better.  Pushing the mower and then balancing on her toes had taken their toll.  She tottered to the door and peeked out.  Donna was sitting at the table typing furiously on her lap top computer.
Junie cautiously greeted her.  “Good morning, Ma'am.”
Donna looked up and smiled gently.  “Oh good morning, Junie, if you had slept any longer, I would have had to say good afternoon.”
Junie nodded uncertainly, her eyes scanned the room for Bob.  “Yes, Ma'am.”
“Our Master has gone to town.  He said to let you sleep as long as you needed.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”  Junie shifted nervously, her eyes on the floor.  Her tongue licked at her dry lips.
Donna got up and walked to Junie.  She gently stroked Junie's hair and touched her face.  Junie stood motionless, frozen.  “Sweet, sweet Junie, I know you are struggling with your fears and feelings.  Be reassured that you are doing very well.  Our Master is very pleased.  You do not have to be afraid of me.”
Junie looked up startled.  “Oh Ma'am, I am not afraid of you.  I am afraid of me.”
“What are you afraid of about yourself?”
“Loving you… of becoming confused again.”
Donna made a sympathetic sound and wrapped her arms around Junie.  “Is it so hard to love me?”
Junie held herself stiff in Donna's embrace.  “It's not so hard.  It's too easy.”  Junie gave a little hiccup of a sob.  “I want to stay here with you, with our Master, so much.  I am so afraid that I will mess this all up.  I have already caused so much trouble.”
“You are a silly girl!  You have not been any trouble.  You have been a delight.  I have not seen our Master with so much spring in his step in years, if ever.  He will never let you go now.  You are stuck with us.”
Junie looked confused.  “But it is too soon.  You said we would have to take our time.”
Donna laughed, “You are right.  We did say that; but it seems like the world has conspired against our well laid plans.  Bob and I both believe that things happen for a reason.  This seems meant to be, and neither of us are the sort to struggle against fate.”
Junie's reserve melted.  She wrapped her arms around Donna and hugged her fervently.  “Oh, Ma'am, really?”
“Yes, Junie, really.  Now our Master would be displeased with both of us if you have not taken care of yourself.”  Donna picked up Junie's hand and clinically pinched the skin.  “You are dehydrated.  I am not surprised; you were sweating like mad all day in the sun.  Then Bob boiled you half to death in the hot tub.  And judging from the sounds coming up from the basement last night, he put you through your paces down there as well.  Let’s get you a shower and start forcing some liquids.  I have no idea what our Master has planned for us this afternoon.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”

Junie was scrubbed clean, dressed in clean clothes and sitting at the table.  She had eaten one grilled cheese sandwich with fresh tomatoes and was nibbling on her second when Bob walked in the back door.
“Hey, sleepy head.”
Junie beamed and chimed, “Hello, Master.”
Bob dropped a bag on the table in front of her and leaned down, kissing the top of her head.  “How is my girl?”
“I am stiff and sore, but I feel very happy and energized.  Thank you for asking, Master.”
“You look happy.  Look in the bag, sexy girl.”
Junie looked up at him, her eyes surprised and curious.  She picked up the bag and looked in.  She giggled with delight.  She pulled out a matching bra and panty set, the same shade of yellow of the set that Bob had cut holes in the day before.  “Oh thank you, Master.  They are the perfect color.”
“And they don't have holes in them.”
“The holes served your purpose, Master.  I could bind the edges of the holes in the old set.”  Junie paused, her eyes twinkling.  “If you ever wanted to... um... have holes in them again.”
“Flirt.”  Bob looked thoughtful and then grinned.  “But go ahead and do that.  I liked the way they looked.  Perhaps you could alter a few more of your sets.”
“Actually, Master, the way my nipples feel today, that’s a good idea.  I would have loved to have an extra specially altered bra to wear today.”
Bob reached down and cupped her breasts.  “Yes, I think I like it when your nipples stick out.”   He gave her nipples a playful pinch.
Junie flinched and took a deep breath.  “Wow, Master.  I felt that down to my toes.”
“That’s my girl, so sensitive, so responsive.”
Junie giggled, and then looked thoughtful.  “I wish I had my sewing machine.”  She smoothed out the pretty bra and panty set, lightly fingering the lace and satin.  She looked up, “Master, I would like to go back to my apartment one day this week, if that would not be too much of an inconvenience.” 
Bob nodded, “Yes, I have been thinking about that.  We need to see what that guy did in there and figure out what needs to be done about cleaning it up.  I still want you to take this whole week off from work.  You won't have to go back until next Monday.”  Bob frowned, and muttered, “I really don't like the idea of you leaving at all.”
Donna's eyes met Junie's and she smiled.  Junie felt Donna's hand reach under the table and pat her knee.  Standing up and stretching, Donna touched Bob's arm, “Honey, take a little walk with me please.  I think there is something we should discuss.”
Donna had never had a safe word, but if she did it would have been 'honey'.  It always got Bob's attention.  If she used it, she knew he would listen.

Junie sat at the table looking out the window.  The last bites of her sandwich sat forgotten in front of her.  Her eyes followed Bob and Donna as they walked back and forth across the lawn close to the lake.  They held hands and their heads were close together as they spoke.  Junie had the odd thought that this must be how a child must feel as she watched her parents.  Her heart leaped up into her throat when they stopped, embraced, holding each other tightly, and then turned to walk back up to the house.
Junie could not tear her eyes away from them as they came in the door.  Bob tipped his head and looked at Junie, his face serious, “I realize this is not what we had planned and things have progressed much more quickly than we had anticipated.”  His voice was deep, his eyes locked on hers.  “Junie, I do not want you to go back to your apartment to live.  I want you to stay here.  Will you consent to that, consent to be our girl?”
Junie stood up and took off her clothes.  Her hands shook as she slowly folded and placed each item of clothing on the chair.  Slowly she sank to her knees and then crept across the floor to Bob's feet.  She leaned down and pressed her lips to his boot, “I beg you, Master Bob, to please accept me as your slave and your servant.  I want nothing more than to stay here with you and Donna.  Please make me your girl.”
Bob nodded, “Junie, call your work.  Give them notice.  You are not going back.”
Junie's voice quivered, “Yes, Master.”
Bob spoke to Donna, “We will need to finish that downstairs room a little ahead of schedule.  I need to go to the building supply.”  He looked at Junie, “What do you think, yellow or is there some other color you want?”
Junie stared up him, her eyes huge and dazed, “Color?”
Donna made an exasperated sound.  “Bob look at her.  She couldn't decide which foot to put her shoe on right now.  She is completely overwhelmed and I don't blame her.  We have a lot more important things to decide than what color paint to buy, but first let’s celebrate a little.  Our girl is going to be staying with us.”
“Celebrate?”  Bob looked thoughtful.  “I had something planned for this evening.”  He looked at Donna and then down at Junie and pressed his lips together.  “What did you have in mind?”
Donna shrugged.  “This is a special time for all of us.  We are bringing Junie into our circle.  It is a magic time.  We should do something to make it memorable.  I also want to give thanks to our mother.”

Junie watched Bob and Donna talking to each other, hardly hearing their words.  Her mind was buzzing with a thousand thoughts.  Moving, quitting her job, telling her kids, deciding what to bring, what to do with all the rest of her stuff, getting her car fixed; it seemed like as soon as she thought of one thing, it would lead to another thought.  She could not focus on one thing for more than a second. 
The harder Junie tried to calm her thoughts, the worse it seemed to get.  It kept going in circles with more and more thoughts joining the swirling maelstrom; health insurance, bank accounts, money, addresses... she needed to talk to the police.  Junie closed her eyes and shook her head, a small sound of distress welling up in her chest.  She jumped up and began to walk toward her room, but before she got a few steps she stopped and hesitated, turning back toward where she had been kneeling, wondering if she had permission to get up.  He hadn't told her to kneel.  Again she turned, but she could not take a step in any direction.  This time she whimpered out loud.
“Junie, what is the matter?”  Bob's voice cut through her confusion.
Junie looked up, a panicked look on her face.  “I have to call work.  There is so much to think about.  There are so many things I have to do.  I can't concentrate.  It feels like my head is going to explode.”  Junie's words were breathless and hurried.  Bob noticed that she had not called him Master or Sir.  He was learning to recognize that she only forgot when she was pushed to her emotional limit.
“Junie, come.”  His voice was sharp and immediate.  He pointed at the floor at his feet.
Junie's face cleared of her confusion.  She quickly moved to stand where he pointed and looked up at him, her face calm and expectant.  “Yes, Master.”
Junie dropped to the floor, her face upturned.  Her eyes locked on his face. 
“You will stop thinking about all that stuff right now.  I will tell you when to think about it.  That time will come later.  For now you will listen to me and Donna.”
“Yes, Master.”  Junie's voice sounded relieved.
“The one thing you are to do now is call your work and give verbal notice that you are not going to be able to return.  It’s up to you to decide what you are going to tell them for a reason, if you need to give a reason at all.  After that come back.”
“Yes, Master.”  Junie got up and headed to her room.  This time all the confusion was gone.
When Junie came back she had a happy, thoughtful look on her face.
“How did that go?”
“Pretty good, I told them the truth; that I found out there was a man stalking me.  That he was a rapist, and how he broke into my apartment.  My boss was very shocked.  I guess his arrest was big news on all the local TV channels.  She was surprised to find out I was involved.  I told her that I've decided to move away, that I just don't feel safe in the city any more.  She was very understanding.  I just need to stop by and pick up a couple of things from my desk and sign some papers.  I can do that pretty much any time in the next two weeks.”
“Good girl.  The truth is always the best.  You did a good job following my direction.  Don't think about anything else for now.  Trust me to take care of you.”
“Yes, Master.”
“We need to think about something to have for dinner.  I think I want something light, stir fry perhaps.”
“As you wish, my Master.”  Junie smiled happily and sped off to get started on dinner.
Bob nodded, “I am going to go take the kids out for a walk.” 

Junie was reaching for her clothing when Donna laughed and gave her a hug, patting her on her bare bottom.  “You are not going to beg me to be your Mistress?”
Junie stopped and looked at Donna.  Her eyes were wary and her voice was serious.  “Ma'am, I love you.  I will serve you with all the obedience and respect I give my Master.  But you told me that it is simple, all I have to do is remember who my Master is.” 
Suddenly sobered, Donna let go of Junie.  “I was wrong to ask you that, Junie.  Thank you for your wisdom.  You are right.  Bob is our Master.  It is better that way.  I guess I am sad that I could not be the one that trained you but our Master saw the error in that plan.”
Junie smiled softly as she pulled on her clothes.  “Ma'am, when our Master decides the time is right; I will be yours to play with again.  Your hand will be his hand, your voice his voice.  I look forward to making you happy because making you happy will be making him happy.”  Junie gently raised Donna's hand to her lips.  “I love you both, you know.” 
Donna stood looking at Junie, her face flushed, smiling with happiness.  “I know.”

Junie headed to her bedroom.  “I am going to put on my shoes and go out to the garden for some vegetables, Ma'am.”
When Junie came back with a basket of greenery, Donna was back at her computer.  “Junie, how much money did you make a month at your job?”
“Oh, Ma'am, I am terrible at remembering exact figures.  I know my check was around $1500 a month, after all the taxes and everything was taken out.”
“Roughly how much did your monthly bills add up to?”
“Hmm, almost all of that, I probably had about $150 dollars a month left for savings and recreation; after my rent, utilities, car payment and insurance, food and telephone.  I was pretty much broke most of the time.”
“Okay, you will want to keep your phone and car insurance.  I am pretty sure that you will not have a car payment.  We do have Pastor James by the balls.”
“That would be nice.  I just would need to sell my old car and pay off the loan.  Ma'am, why are you asking me about all this?”
“Trying to figure out what would be fair to pay you.”
Junie giggled, “I promise to be a very valuable employee, Ma'am.  I am sure that whatever you pay me, I will earn it.”
“Well today is your first day of work.  Your official title will be House Maven.”
“Oh I like that, but I think I will tell my family housekeeper, Ma'am.”
“That would probably be wiser.”  Donna looked up from her computer.  “Miss June Thomas, I am prepared to offer you the position of House Maven, starting immediately.  Your duties would include but not be limited to cooking, cleaning, and general household duties and light gardening.  I am sure your job description will have the usual 'other duties as assigned' fine print clauses.”
“I would be able to perform all those duties and whatever else you and my Master may decide.”
“I am prepared to offer you a monthly salary of $750 with room and board and an insurance package that covers health, vision and dental.  I am sure you will find the fringe benefits of this position very... um... rewarding, fulfilling, generous...?” Donna began to chuckle, “Onerous, strenuous, arduous?”
“Serendipitous, prosperous, sensuous, voluptuous, humorous?”  Junie giggled along with Donna.  “But honestly, Ma'am, $750 sounds like a lot.  I will end up with a lot more spending money without having to pay all my bills.”
“Actually, Junie, it’s crap for the amount of work you will be doing, but you will learn I am a total scrooge.  I would like to give you a check for $3000 dollars now and $250 a month for the next six months.  After that I will give you the whole $750 a month.”
“Why, Ma'am?”
“I want you to have a nest egg.  All this has happened very fast, and while I am supremely optimistic, we have had a bit of a whirlwind romance.  If things don't work out, I want you to have some money to fall back on so you can put your life back together.  I do not want you to ever feel like you are trapped here financially.”
“I guess that would be wise, Ma'am.”
“One of the reasons that Bob and I have been able to retire so early, was the fact that Bob is very good at investing.  I would very much recommend you let him put some amount of your money toward a retirement income.”
“A retirement income is an amazing thought, Ma'am.  I started working so late in my life and barely made enough to live on.  I never thought I would have more than social security, and the way they talked on the news I wasn't even sure about that.”
“Don't plan on retiring soon.  Our Master and I will need you to serve us for a very long time.”
“That sounds like a dream come true, Ma'am.”
Junie had all the vegetables cut and ready to throw in the pan.  The tofu and chicken was marinating in soy sauce, red wine and ginger.  The rice was done and sitting warm in the oven, along with some toasted almonds.  “It will take about ten minutes to cook the stir fry, Ma'am.  Once our Master gets back, I can cook it anytime.”
When Bob came back he dropped a handful of morel mushrooms into the sink.  “These are a gift from our mother.”
“Perfect, Master, fresh mushrooms were one of the things I was wishing I had.  Dinner can be ready anytime.  Do you want me to start now?”
“That would be excellent.”

Junie was feeling warm and relaxed as she picked up the dishes after dinner.  She wasn't sure if it was happiness or the champagne.  They had gone through two bottles and it seemed like Bob made a special point of keeping her glass full. 
As he filled her glass again, Junie protested, “I really am not much of a drinker, Master.  I will get silly.”
“Maybe that is my intention.”  Bob lifted her glass and pressed it to her lips, “Drink.”  Junie obediently opened her lips and drained the glass.   
“Just don't ask me to drive anywhere.  It doesn't take much to get me drunk.”  Junie giggled.  “In fact, Master Sir, I think you may have accomplished your goal.”
“Master Sir?  Junie, choose one or the other.  I don't care which.”  Bob had her cornered against the counter, his face inches from hers.  “And let me be the one to decide when my goals have been met.”
“Yes, Master...”  Junie paused a second and then her eyes sparkling impishly, she added, “...Sir.”
“I think perhaps you are right, silly and bratty.  I think we should go for a walk.  Let’s go outside.”
“Got my shoes on.”  Junie held up one of her feet, swayed and had to stagger a step to catch her balance.  “Oops.  Ready anytime you are, Sir.”  Junie looked around, for the first time wondering where Donna had gone.  “Um... Master, where is Mistress Donna?”
“She has gone ahead.  Let’s go find her, silly girl.”

The evening sky was just turning lavender.  Junie could see the first evening star low on the horizon.  The warm afternoon air was just starting to cool.  She had the random thought that it seemed like the weather had been amazingly good for a Northwest Washington spring, warm and sunny.
As they came to the trail into the woods, Junie noticed a white stone beside the road, marking the faint path.  Rounded, with subtle curving bulges, it reminded her of something living.  Impulsively she crouched down, looking more closely, running her hand over the smooth shape.  Bob stopped and looked back, waiting for her to follow again.  Junie hurried to catch up.  “I am sorry, Master.  It just looked like something.”
“Yes there is a lot of energy in that stone.  It spoke to me too when I first saw it.  I was selfish and brought it home with me.” 
“Did someone carve it?” 
“No.  It is a random piece of nature, but I can feel the patterns when I touch it.”
“Patterns, Master?”
Bob stopped and touched his fingers to Junie's lips.  “Now is not the time for lessons.  Now is the time for celebration and appreciation.”
Junie bowed her head and whispered noiselessly, “Yes, Master.”

As they approached the tiny clearing, Junie could see dozens of white candles glowing in the fading light.  Junie could see the base of the tree that had once stood there, a huge stump, its top smoothed into a wide smooth altar.  Donna sat on the edge, a circle of ferns in her hair, her naked skin glowing in the candle light.
When Bob began to shed his clothing, Junie followed suit.  Carefully pulling off her clothing and folding the pieces, stacking them neatly on top of her shoes at the edge of the clearing.  Donna walked up to Junie, her hands filled with delicate lacy bracken.  Gently placing a second wreath of bracken on Junie's head, she kissed Junie softly on the mouth, her lips a consecration.  “Welcome.”  Donna's voice was soft but seemed to fill the silent glade.
Suddenly completely sober, Junie instinctively did not speak.  Standing silent, her eyes curious and happy, she watched Donna place another crown of green on Bob's head.  Once more she shared a kiss and the single soft word, “Welcome.”
Junie was struck with the beauty and grace of the place and the people she was so quickly falling in love with.  She felt a shiver of emotion and her eyes wet with tears.  A long shuddering sigh shook her, a prickling sense of something unseen, beyond her understanding swarmed over her skin.
Bob held his hand out to her.  “Come here to me, Junie.”
As his arms gathered her close, his body warm and sheltering, he spoke softly, “Welcome, Junie.”
His hands were gentle but irresistible, as he led her to the large round flat surface of the ancient tree trunk.  He leaned down, touched her foot and then put his hand in a small depression in the side.  Junie nodded and used the small step to lift herself up to the waist high surface.  Standing on the top, Junie felt the wood under her feet, perfectly smooth and cool.  She wondered why her feet felt so warm, in fact her whole body felt warm and relaxed. 
Bob helped Donna step up and then stepped up himself.  Moving to the center he sat and pulled both Donna and Junie to cuddle close in his lap, their arms and legs seeking and wrapping close around each other in a tangle.  Once they had found a place where their limbs were comfortably twined, their bodies warm and close, they rested motionless, waiting.
Junie found her head resting on Donna's shoulder, her face snuggled into the curve of her neck.  She could feel Donna's pulse under her lips.  Bob's arms were stretched around both her and Donna.  Junie felt perfectly comfortable and surprisingly warm.
It seemed to Junie that they sat, wrapped safely in each other’s arms, for an eternity.  Her mind repeatedly tried to pull her from this place, to disturb her with worries and thoughts of the outside world.  Over and over she repeated silently to herself to not think about this.  Her Master had told her to not think about these things, but the more she tried to stop, the more the clamor in her mind intruded. 
Finally, she gave a little sigh of restless frustration.  Why were they just sitting here like this, a strange naked sculpture, with these ferns in their hair?  Bob tightened his arms around her and murmured softly.  “Be still, Junie.  Empty your mind.  Listen, just listen.”
Junie froze.  Listen?  Listen to what?  The forest seemed silent.  The only sound she could hear was the softest whisper of their breathing and her own heartbeat drumming in her ears.  Junie closed her eyes and reached out with her other senses.  She could feel the cool air and the wood beneath her hip and thigh.  The touch of the naked skin against hers felt unnaturally warm.  She could smell the scents of her lovers, the sweet clean smell of soaps overlaying the deeper warmer odors of the salt and musk of their bodies.
The smell and sensation of the bodies next to hers lit a spark of lust in her, a ripple of sensation running through her belly, making her cunt clench.  She fought to stay still, to ignore the dampness that she could feel between her legs. 
Listen!  She tried again.  What did he mean?  Straining, she tried to find something to listen to.  There was no sound; in fact the silence seemed unnatural.  Again Bob murmured, “Don't try so hard.  Just relax.  Empty your mind.”
Junie silently nodded, her face still trapped safe and warm between Donna's neck and Bob's chest.  Focusing on her breath, she allowed her whole body to soften, melting boneless, letting the arms of her lovers support her.  Bob murmured, “Good, yes, like that.”
Slowly, almost beyond perception, Junie began to feel weightless, floating.  As she kept her eyes closed, she felt like she was rocking, spinning.  The lights in the backs of her eyes seemed to dance and revolve around her.  It seemed the most natural thing in the world that the bodies that had been so still next to hers, began to move.  Slowly sliding and twisting in concert with her growing sense of internal movement.  Instinctively Junie kept her eyes closed, letting her lover’s hands guide her, stretch her, lift her. 
It seemed like she was floating in a sea of warmth, her skin lighting with flames at each touch.  Junie became aware of a gentle humming, and realized it was her own voice, sighing, moaning.  It resonated in her ears and only increased her sense of peace.  Junie's awareness seemed to expand as her excitement built.  It seemed like she was being lifted and held by the sensations coursing through her body.  Her body undulating in a primal dance of pleasure, Junie eagerly opened herself to each touch. 
Bob's voice came to her from far away.  “Open your eyes, Junie.”  It was a struggle to come back to earth, to return to the embrace of her lovers.  Only her obedience to that voice was enough to force her eyes open.  Her eyelids blinked and fluttered.  Donna's eyes were inches from hers, soft and unfocused, her lips open and quivering with passion.  Junie gently pressed her lips against those lips so sweetly close to hers, raising her hands and holding Donna's breasts, rolling her small pink nipples between her fingers.
Bob lay back on the smooth wood and lifted Junie to straddle him and then pulled Donna on top of him as well.  Both women knelt facing each other, his erection standing tall and hard between them.  Donna reached for Junie's hips and pulled against her, trapping their Master's cock between them.  Their folds wrapped around the pillar between them and touched in a tantalizing kiss.   
Junie wrapped her arms around Donna and together they writhed against the hardness between them, sliding their tender flesh up and down his shaft.   
Their lips met and they kissed, their tongues dancing, feeding off each other's sweet gasps and moans.  Again Junie let her eyes drift shut, letting the sense of weightless freedom lift her, spinning and dancing with the lights that flashed through her mind.  She could sense a building tension in herself that was echoed by the urgency of Donna's mouth against her own.  Clinging to each other they soared higher, surging against each other, waiting for their Master's word.  When it came, the soft deep growl of a single word, “Now,” they fell together, clutching at each other, convulsing as one, their Master's essence anointing them both. 
Donna reached down and rubbed the hot white semen into Junie's belly and breasts.  “Welcome, Junie.  Welcome to our circle.”
Junie lifted Donna's hands to her mouth and licked her fingers clean, murmured, “Thank you.  Oh, thank you."

This is the last chapter of “Joining the Circle” but not the end of the story.  For the further adventures of Bob, Donna and Junie, look for “Finding Happiness.”  It is the second book in the Northwest Hunter’s Trilogy.  Chapter One will be posted next week.  Here is a sneak peek at the prologue.

Book Two of The Northwest Hunters Trilogy:  Finding Happiness 


Junie Thomas had always been pathologically shy.  Short and fat, she was painfully self-conscious.  She avoided new places, new experiences and strangers at all costs.  Divorced and with her children grown, her whole world consisted of her boring, lonely job and her hobbies.  If it weren’t for her computer, she would have never spoken to anyone.  But there in the anonymous world of the internet, it had been easy to pretend to be someone else, someone bolder, more experienced… happier.

            It was there in the internet that she had learned that her lifelong fantasies of ravishment, of being taken and controlled, forced to do all the things she craved, craved and feared, were not an impossible dream.  She learned that there were people who lived this life, voluntary slaves to a Master who could make those dreams come true.

            She had found a man in a chat room devoted to Masters and slaves, a man who courted her with promises and the illusion of strength.   Perhaps it was the fact he lived too far away to really see that made it easy to play along, to pretend to be a slave, but this little taste of what could be only made Junie realize how much she wanted the real thing, a real Master.

            In many ways she was indebted to Sir James.  After all, he was the one that suggested she answer Bob and Donna’s ad looking for a submissive woman to come serve them.

Junie had never thought in a million years that they would want her but at Sir James’ urging, she had answered and now here she was, living a dream.

But if Sir James had done the right thing by encouraging her to pursue this dream, he had also betrayed her.  He had shared her information with another man, someone who had befriended him on the internet posing as a friend and a mentor, someone dangerous.  This was a mistake that would have repercussions that threatened to tear apart Junie’s life just when she was finally finding happiness.


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