Monday, April 25, 2011


I don’t often masturbate… just two or three times a week… that and my once a week sex with Master is enough to keep me relaxed and happy.  I tend to do it around bed time… the Hitachi is strategically stored within easy reach of my pillow.  I have no rules preventing me from masturbating.  I don’t have to ask… I don’t have to tell about it… and I tend to be a little shy… even circumspect.  If I am buzzing away and I hear his foot upon the stairs… I reflexively turn it off and stick it back where it belongs… I will huddle under the covers and pretend to be asleep.

I don’t know why… perhaps just a sense of privacy or shyness.  I know he likes to see me come… it is a thing he likes.  He often orders me to masturbate while he watches… and it is hard… I have difficulty relaxing… it always takes longer when I feel the weight of his eyes. 

Last night was different… it had been four days… I could definitely feel the need.  And I was working the head of the Hitachi back and forth between my ass and my cunt… back and forth… spurring the level of my excitement higher and higher… and I was so high, so turned on that when I heard his step I did not stop… in fact when he walked into the room I stared at him and smiled… a proud… ‘look at me’ smile. 

And he did look at me… and then walked over to my side of the bed and unzipped his pants and proceeded to feed me his cock… and you know… there is something so satisfying about sucking on something… sucking on it hard and deep as you creep closer and closer to a huge orgasm.  And as usual, with him there, it took longer… and the longer it takes… the bigger it gets… I felt like the top of my head blew off… fuck it was sooo good… soul shaking… mind blowing… a screamer…  This gives a whole new dimension to the proverbial hummer… I definitely was not humming… squalling… gargling… Master seemed to enjoy the sensation.

Hmmm... I wonder if I could bring Master and the Hitachi to my next acupuncture session… I am sure I could find my “happy place” then. 


  1. This post is a Happy Place, at least for me.

    Are you going questing? for your happy place? If you are I look forward to hearing about your journey. Maybe your acupuncturist does home visits?

  2. laughing out loud....




  3. oh, that was *great*....epic sex, filling a ton of need...and shared...

    verrah happy place.



  4. Sucking cock always makes me feel needy and horny. It would probably be lovely to be reaching for orgasm while having my mouth filled.

    Thanks for those thoughts!