Saturday, April 2, 2011

Serial Saturday NORTHWEST HUNTERS Book One, Chapter Five

Chapter 5: Who is your Master?

Bob's voice was dry, almost clinical.  “You made a choice earlier.  I will hold you to it.  You might find it difficult to sleep for a while.  If you find thoughts turning to your Mistress, I direct you to think about our conversation about Maddy.  Is she submissive?  Why does she turn to me?  What does she know that both you and Donna need to figure out?”
Junie felt like her breasts and cunt were on fire.  Her voice was hoarse.  “Yes, Sir.”
Bob put what looked like a small walkie talkie on her dresser.  “This is a baby monitor.  If you call me I will hear.  Only disturb me if it’s an emergency.”  He covered her with a blanket and left her in the dark, the soft material scratching on her skin like it was wool. 
Sleep was the furthest thing from her mind.  Junie felt waves of sensation rolling through her, restlessly whispering to her of her frustrated needs.  Her body twisted and pulled against the ropes, seeking some relief.  As she lay there, she found herself listening again, straining her ears, seeking some sound of Donna lying just below her.  She forced her thoughts to Bob's questions to her about Maddy.
Over and over in the night she would drift off almost to sleep, only to wake when her body would try to turn, and the ropes would pull her back awake.  It was very late when she whispered to herself, “Oh, of course.”  And finally let the exhaustion suck her under.

Junie woke to a touch on her ankle.  She opened her eyes to Donna's tired smile.  “Good morning, Sweet Junie.  You have slept late.”  Donna had lines of fatigue around her eyes.
“Good morning, Ma'am.  I was up late thinking about something Master asked me.”  She tried to stretch and ended up pulling against the ropes to wake up her muscles.  She giggled.  “I seem to be a bit tied up at the moment.”
“Ah yes, thinking.  Our Master is fond of having us think.  Do you have to go to bathroom?”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
Donna untied Junie.  “Go on then, pee, get a drink of water.  Don't get dressed.  Come back here when you are done.”
Junie was back promptly.  Donna pointed at the bed.  “Back where you were.”  Junie climbed back up and Donna quickly tied the ropes back exactly back the way they were before.  Pulling the blanket up over Junie, Donna sat on the edge of the bed and tenderly stroked Junie's hair away from her face.  “It is not my place to free you, Junie.  That is our Master's decision.”
Donna continued.  “I have to apologize to you, Sweet Junie.  I lost my vision of my place.  I was out of balance.  I confused you.  It is unfortunate that this has happened at the very birth of our relationship.  I will do my best to correct this, but it will mean things may be a bit more difficult for you for a while.  It is a sad but inevitable fact that the most submissive member of the circle is the symptom bearer and thus the one that bears the greatest burden when imbalance is remedied.”
“I don't understand, Ma'am.”
“You will.”  Donna leaned over and kissed her gently on the forehead.  “Remember who our Master is.  It is that simple.”
Junie surged against her ropes, a soft exclamation on her lips.  “Yes, like Maddy!  That is what he wanted me to think about.  What made Maddy different from Honey, why she would look at him whenever I commanded or praised her.”
Donna laughed a soft affectionate chuckle.  “Ah yes, our Master and his dogs.”
Junie giggled.  “He is right though.”
“Our Master is very wise.”
“Oh Ma'am, so much happened last night.”
Donna gently covered Junie's lips with her hand.  “Our Master has told me already.  Now is not the time to think about things outside our circle.  We will speak of those things later.”
“Ma'am, why are you not calling him by his name?”
“It helps all of us remember what he is.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
“Your choosing to withhold your orgasm last night showed how infected you were with my rebellion.  When our Master told you to come now or not come at all, he did not mean for you to make a choice.  He was challenging you to come on command, testing your ability to perform for him.  It had not occurred to him that you would choose not to.  I looked into your eyes and sensed your choice.  At that moment I knew I had failed you.”  Donna's voice was strangely sad.
“What is going to happen to me, Ma'am?”  Junie was becoming increasingly aware that Donna was sad as much about what was going to happen, as she was about what had happened.
“That is for our Master to decide.”
A tiny whimper vibrated in Junie's throat.
Donna kissed Junie's forehead one last time.  “I must rest for while.  Remember, it is simple, remember who our Master is.”  She stood and walked out.  Junie for the first time felt a tear slip down her temple.

Junie did not have a clear sense of how much time she lay there waiting.  Something tickled at her awareness and she turned her head.  Bob was standing silent in her doorway, casually leaning against the door frame.  His head was kind of tipped to one side and his eyes calculating.  Junie felt her mouth go dry.
When their eyes met he gave a little nod, the smallest acknowledgment.  He glanced at the baby monitor.  “I listened to your talk with Donna.  What are your thoughts?”
“About what you asked me last night, about Maddy, it’s hard to put into words, but Maddy knows no matter what happens it is because of you.  If she obeys me, she is really obeying you.  If I reward her, she knows the reward is ultimately from you.    It’s like Maddy knows who her Master is.  Honey doesn't seem to care?”
“Fair enough, I am not sure that Honey doesn't care, but you are right about Maddy.  She knows.  You will learn this too.”
Junie felt mesmerized by his electric blue eyes.  She whispered, “I want that.”
“Donna said it is simple.  She was correct.  It is simple, but it won't be easy.”
Junie felt her eyes brimming with tears.  Her heart was racing.  She did not know if it was the fear or the anticipation.  “Master, Sir, I am yours.  Do what you think is best.”
Bob nodded, “I already am.”  He turned and walked out of the room.

He was not gone long.  He had several items in his hands that he dumped in a pile on the top of her dresser.  His voice took on that conversational tone that Junie was beginning to recognize as him thinking out loud, as much as communicating.  “You denied me what was mine last night.  I know it seemed like I had given you a choice.  That was unfortunate.  I think we will continue with that theme.”
He quickly untied her.  “Turn over, head down, ass up.”  Junie quickly assumed the position.  His hand was gentle and warm, stroking her ass.  “I really like your ass.  Have you ever worn a butt plug?”
“No, Master.  I… um... put a vibrator up there but not a plug.”
“Oh, this will be a new experience for you.”  Junie felt a cool wetness on her anus and his fingers pushing in, invading.  There was no teasing, preparation, just the quick, business like application of the lubrication on and into her bottom.  She felt the firm blunt end of something pushing against her.  “It will be easier for you if you relax.”  Junie closed her eyes and breathed out a long slow breath as the plug slid into her.  He was neither gentle nor slow.  There was the familiar sharp burning pain and, just as the plug stretched her almost too wide, a soft protesting whine squeezing out of her lips, the pain eased and she knew it had gone all the way in.  There was a deep feeling of pressure and fullness.
Junie was breathing in soft panting breaths, turning her face toward Bob, waiting to see what he wanted from her next, and blinking back the tears.  He met her eyes again.  His voice was almost sympathetic.  “It may be a very long day for you.”  His fingers gave the butt plug a firm tap, making her ass spasm and jerk.  Sliding lower, his fingers slid into her.  “Such a good girl, always wet for me.  That pleases me.”
Junie felt a little wiggle of excitement course through her at his praise.  She smiled happily, arching her back, pushing back against his fingers.  Again he tapped the butt plug, “Be still.”  Junie froze.
Bob turned to the dresser and came back with a round object with a wire attached, “This ought to keep your motor running.”  He held the egg up before Junie's eyes.  “Donna says this is interesting but not enough to come with.  We all know that every woman is different.  You will have to let me know how it makes you feel.”  He pushed it into her cunt and lifting the control end he pushed a button.
Junie felt a soft purring sensation inside her.  It was gentle and almost soothing, but it did seem to make the plug in her ass vibrate in sympathy and that was the most intrusive.  “Master, it is gentle, tingly, but it does make the plug in my bottom vibrate too.  That is the most... um... distracting part.”
“Don't say bottom.  It's your asshole.”  Bob's voice was uncharacteristically sharp.
“Yes, Master, my asshole.”
“Let’s see what the other settings do.”  Bob pushed another button.  Junie jumped as the vibrations increased sharply.
“Ooh, it's a lot stronger.  It tickles and the plug in my asshole is really buzzing.”  Suddenly the sensation doubled.  Junie had to tense to avoid giggling hysterically.  “Damn... um sorry... It tickles like hell, Master.  It is very strong.  I don't know if it would make me come or not, certainly not right away.”
Bob changed the intensity to the middle setting.  “We will leave it there.  Junie, do you have a sense of what my goal is?”
“Master, I think you intend to keep me very excited all day.  You said you want to continue with the theme of my decision to resist your command to come.  You are going to torture me with that decision.  My lesson is that my body belongs to you.  My responses belong to you.”
“I love how intuitive you are.  Yes, this is an experiment in how long you can resist coming.  Only this resistance is because I command it.  I want you to avoid coming no matter what.  If something I do accidentally pushes you too far and you sense you are in danger of failure, tell me, push me away, rip that fucking vibrator out of your cunt.  I require you collaborate with me in this torture.  Do you understand?”
“Yes, Master.”
“How do you feel about this?”
“Right now it sounds very erotic and I am excited to try, but a tiny voice is telling me I have no idea what I am in for and I will end up regretting my enthusiasm, Master.”
Bob chuckled, a long low growl.  “You are so right.”  Again he slapped her ass, striking the plug, driving it deeper.  “Turn around and sit on the edge of the bed.” 
Junie turned and sat down; jumping a little as sitting on the plug made it move and press on different parts of her insides.  “Here hold this.”  Bob handed the controls to the egg that was buzzing busily in her cunt to her.  He turned to her dresser and began digging through her drawers.  He held up the yellow panty and bra set.  “Yes these will be perfect.”  He handed them to her.  Junie took them and obediently put them on.  She felt very distracted by the plug in her bottom.  It seemed very hard and rigid and every time she moved it seemed to readjust inside her.
As Junie began to sit back down on the edge of the bed, Bob shook his head.  “Stand there.  Stand up straight with your hands behind your head.”  Bob picked up a black permanent marker and turned to her with a mischievous grin and began to mark a circle where her nipples pushed against the fabric.  Junie almost flinched back, a dismayed look on her face.  Bob gave her a sharp look, “Sometimes we have to make sacrifices, Junie.  This is a small thing.”  His voice was harsh.  “Who owns you, bitch?”
“You own me, Master.”  Junie's voice was frightened.
“Who owns this scrap of fabric?”  He leaned down and marked an oval where her cunt lips pouted against the fabric.
“It is yours, Master.”
“Remember that.  Take off the fucking things and hand them to me.”  He picked up a pair of scissors.
Junie quickly pulled off the bra and panties and watched him with tears in her eyes as he almost cheerfully began snipping away at them.  It wasn't many seconds before he handed them back to her.  “Here you go.  Let’s see how they look now.”
Junie pulled the mutilated lingerie back on and blushed miserably looking down at her nipples poking out obscenely through the holes in her bra.  Her cunt lips bulged through the hole in her underwear, the dark brown of her skin contrasting sharply against the pale yellow of the lace.  Bob laughed cruelly.  “You look so nasty, Junie.”
Junie nodded, her eyes still frozen on the image of herself in the full length mirror.  Her face was scarlet and her mouth trembling.  The buzzing in her cunt a constant distraction, she squirmed a little.  “We have just a few more things to add before we get started on our chores.”
Returning to the desk he came back with two clamps and roughly grabbing her nipple he pulled and pinched it until it was hard and aching.  Junie tensed and hissed as the clamp pinched down on her nipple.  “One more.”  He turned to her other breast and soon she had a matching clamp.  It took almost a whole minute before Junie could adjust to the sharp pain.  “Yes, so pretty.  But let’s add this.”  Bob attached a chain between the clamps, hanging in a gentle curve between her nipples.  “Isn't that prettier?”  Junie nodded.  It did look a lot nicer than the image of just her naked nipples poking grotesquely out of the bra.
Junie still held the controller of the egg awkwardly in one of her hands.  Bob took it from her.  “We can't have you holding this all day long.  You will need your hands free to work.”  Bob took the heavy battery filled controller and wrapped the wire around the chain stretched between her breasts and dropped the weight to swing back and forth, bumping against her soft belly.  Junie yelped as the weight jerked, sending sharp pains through her nipples.  Bob watched as Junie flinched and squirmed.  He reached up and casually flicked a finger against one of her nipples and nodded as Junie yelped again.  “Good.  We are almost done.  Lie back on the bed and spread your legs.”
Junie's eyes looked at him pleadingly, as she lay back.  What more could he do to her?
Bob came back with a handful of small clothes pins, his eyes on her cunt lips protruding through the ragged oval cut in her panties.  “I want to see you.  All of you.”  He clipped several clothes pins to her outer labia and pulled her spread wide, pinning them to the fabric of her panties leaving her gaping and exposed.  Last he fastened two more onto her inner labia to dangle down. 
He stood up and pulled a long narrow wand vibrator out of his pocket.  “Now Junie this is important.  Remember you are not to orgasm.  I want you to allow yourself to get as close to coming as you dare, but do not come.”  He pressed the end of the vibrator to her exposed clitoris.
Junie fought to keep from pulling away from the sudden intense sensation.  It was way too much, too fast.  She fought to adjust to this and monitor her feelings.  Very quickly she could feel herself tensing; she forced herself to relax, breathing carefully in and out.  When she felt like she could not take another second she pushed the wand away with her hands, gasping, “Stop, have to stop.  Please stop.”
Bob wiped the wand off on her belly and put it back into his pocket.  He had a satisfied grin on his face.  “Yes, I think that will do.  Stand up, Junie.”  He pointed at a bottle of sunscreen on the dresser.  “Put lots of that on, all over.  We are going to be working outside most of the day.  You should wear your shoes.  And put some lube on your cunt, don't want any chafing.  Come on out to the front deck when you are ready.”
Junie looked at herself in the mirror.  She thought she looked like a demented, pornographic Christmas tree.  All she needed was a silly hat.  Her favorite matching yellow bra and panty set were ruined; the holes Bob had cut in them let her brown nipples and cunt lips bulge through.  The nipple clamps were shiny and Junie thought they would have looked pretty if there wasn't a big baby blue plastic vibrator controller hanging from the center of the chain connecting them.  Every time she moved she could feel the weight of the batteries in the thing as it swung and bounced back and forth across her stomach.  Her nipples felt like they were on fire and the day had hardly started.
She stood awkwardly with her legs apart, the matching rows of small multicolored clothes pins held her labia spread open, exposing her inner folds to the world and the vibrator Bob carried.  The two additional clothes pins dangling from her inner labia kept getting caught between her thighs and yanking painfully.  Now that she was standing the vibrating egg in her cunt had slid down a little and was even more distracting.  It still seemed to make the butt plug in her ass sing in concert.
All in all Junie felt very ridiculous and painfully aroused.  Bob had been teasing her to the brink of orgasm since last night and from what she could tell he planned to continue for a lot longer, if not for ever.  He had told her to come outside to help with chores, and she knew he was not going to wait patiently for too long.  Silently thankful that there were no neighbors to see her dressed like this, Junie waddled as quickly as she could out into the morning sunshine.
It was hard to tell which sensation shooting through her body was the one most uncomfortable.  Every step seemed to jiggle, pull, or yank some new part of her body.  Bob was right.  This was going to be a very long day.

Bob seemed to have trouble not laughing as he regarded her in the bright morning sunlight.  “Did you put on lots of sunscreen?” 
“Yes, Master.”
“Go back and get the bottle.  I want to make sure you did not miss any places.”
“Yes, Master.”
Junie waddled back into her room and returned with the bottle.  She stood with her legs spread, her head hanging in embarrassment as Bob put a second layer of the sunscreen on her, starting at her face and ending at her feet, careful to not miss a square inch of her skin.  His hands were warm and soothing, but Junie had trouble paying attention to how it felt.  Her overwhelmed senses kept her too distracted.  “Donna would not like it if we got any tan lines on you.”
Bob had clipped the wand vibrator onto one side of his belt and a crop onto the other side.  Taking the crop in his hand, he said, “Junie, turn the vibrator up to high and lean over and grab your ankles.” 
Junie whimpered and complied.  The intense vibrations were making her squirm as she struggled to reach down.  Not flexible enough, she settled for grabbing the backs of her calves, her eyes drawn to the dangling control swinging back and forth in front of her eyes.  At least in this position her breasts were crushed against her thighs and belly, protecting her from the pain of the dangling weight.
Junie squirmed again as the vibrations in her cunt began to be hard to ignore.  It felt like the vibrator was pushing directly against the hard butt plug, sending the sharp buzz deep into her ass.  She froze as she felt the crop stroke up the inside of her thigh.  Bob voice was soft.  “How are you feeling right now, Junie?”
Junie had to clear her throat, “Master, I feel very embarrassed.  My whole body is tense and tingling.  The vibrations in my cunt are going clear into my ass and the clothes pins are jiggling too.”
“How close are you to coming?”
“Not too close, Master.  It's there but everything is sort of distracting.”
“As the day progresses, I expect it to become more and more of an issue.  You will have to be very careful.  If you fail it will make your ordeal all that much longer and severe.  I am going to hit you now.  Each time I hit you, tell me thank you and then beg for another.”
Junie's voice quavered, “Yes, Master.”
The sharp snap of the crop against her ass made Junie lose her grasp of her calves and start to rise up, the sudden weight of the batteries snapping down hard on her nipples.  She forced herself back down.  “Thank you, Master.  Please, please do it again.”  Her words were a strangled sob. 
Bob ran his hand across her ass, almost a caress, a blessing.  “Good girl.”
The second blow forced a sharp yelp of pain from Junie's lips but she managed to keep her grip on her calves.  “Thank you, Ma... Master.  Please...”
The snap of the third blow interrupted her sentence.  Junie was crying openly, her tears running down over her forehead into her hair.  She was feeling increasingly dizzy and nauseous from hanging upside down, her breathing was being restricted by having to lean over.  She was not used to this position.  Her size made it hard to lean over, it seemed like her extra weight around her middle pressed on her diaphragm.  Her voice as a little panicked.  “Master, I think I am going to be sick.”
Bob took her hair and pulled her up to stand and she staggered, gasping, trying to catch her breath.  Junie took a long shuddering breath.  “I am sorry, Master.  I think it was having my head hanging down.  It is hard for me to breathe in that position.  I will be okay in just a minute.”
Bob nodded.  “You did right by telling me that.  Tell me when you can start again.”
Junie took several deep breaths.  Suddenly she was very conscience of the vibrations in her cunt and the sharp stinging in her ass.  She squirmed nervously, and choked out, “Okay,” as she leaned over to grasp her calves she told him, “I am a lot closer than I was before, Master.”
“No, don't lean over like that.  Come over here and put your hands on the lounger back.  Stick your ass out.”
In this position Junie could see her reflection in the wide picture window of the house.  The weight swung free on her nipple clamps.  She spoke softly, her voice not at all convincing.  “Thank you, Master.  Please continue hitting me with the crop.”
This time as the crop struck her whole body jerked, forcing her up on her toes.  Almost in slow motion Junie could see her mouth open in shocked pain and her eyes widen.  “Thank you.  Please again.”
The weight on her nipples was swinging like a pendulum.  Bob's voice as thoughtful, “Stand up, turn around and face me, Junie.  Turn off the vibrator.”  Her hands were shaking so hard it was hard to find the buttons; it took her several tries to make it stop.  As she carefully lowered the weight, the crop snapped into one of her nipples.  It was everything that Junie could to keep from covering her breasts with her hands.  A soft shriek of pain and outraged surprise broke from her lips.  “Clasp your hands behind your back, Junie.  And remember to thank your Master.”
Junie put her hands behind her.  Her shoulders were hunched, her head down, an almost involuntary protective posture.  She whimpered out, “Thank you.”
“Stand up straight, Junie.  Arch your back.  Offer your breasts up for my crop.  Thank me again and beg for more.”
Junie forced herself to stand up and thrust her breasts out.  Her voice as shaky but louder, “Th... thank you... Master.  Pl... please hit... hit...”
Suddenly Bob's voice was sharp.  “Hit what, bitch?”
Junie's eyes flashed to his face, “Hit my breasts, Master.  Hit my nipples.”  She spoke fast breathlessly.  “Please, please.”
As Bob raised the crop she whimpered and tensed, her eyes closing.
“No, Junie.  You look your Master in the eyes.”
Junie was shivering in terror as she opened her eyes.  Bob's eyes were soft and seemed filled with gentle understanding.  He nodded, and struck.  Junie convulsed and wailed, but kept her eyes locked on his.  “Thank you, Master.  Please again.”  This time her voice was soft and with only the slightest tremor.
“That is enough for now.  Sit down for a few minutes.  Take a rest.  I will be back in few minutes.”  He leaned down and switched on the vibrator, the vibrations seemed to stop and start, going up and down.  After he was gone Junie looked at the controls, they indicated he had put it on random.  She noticed that each stage seemed to last about thirty seconds. 
Bob came back, dragging a hand push lawn mower.  Leaving it parked, he walked up to Junie.  “Lie back on the lounger, Junie.”  As she lay back Junie was very aware of a feeling of calmness that seemed to take her over.  Her awareness was focused completely on Bob, listening to his voice, watching his eyes and hands.  It seemed all the sensations shaking her body were coming from him.
Bob reached down and taking a nipple clamp in each hand he freed both her nipples at the same time.  “We’ve got to let the blood back in every so often.”  Junie opened her lips and groaned as the pain shot through her nipples.  She made no effort to fight the urge to vocalize her pain.  It was part of what he wanted from her.  She gave it to him as naturally as she kept her hands soft and still at her sides.  She arched her back lifting herself up to his hands as they massaged her nipples.
“Thank you, Master.”  Both of them knew she was thanking him for the pain.
As he replaced each clamp she thanked him again.
The pins on her labia were not so tight but he removed them as well, massaging the blood back into them, watching her face as she squirmed, and moaned soft whimpers of pleasure instead of pain.  Lifting herself up on her elbows she watched as he put the pins back, her eyes calm and curious.  With each touch she breathed, “Thank you, Master,” a soft, almost mindless mantra.
As he pressed the wand vibrator to her, she arched, lifting her pelvis, seeking the sensation.  Her voice was throaty and soft, “Yes, Master, thank you, Master.”  Carefully balancing herself on the edge of ecstasy, she kept her eyes locked on his.  Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.  When she knew she could not last another second, she almost languidly reached down and pushed the vibrator away.  Her body was curved in a tight arch, breathing through her open mouth deep shuddering gasps; she hovered there trembling on the brink for what seemed an eternity.
Bob stood there, still and watching, the still buzzing wand in his hand.  Junie's eyes never left his, lost in the pride she could see there in them.  As the tension slowly eased and she could finally speak again, all the words she needed were, “Thank you, Master.”
“That was very close.  You either flirt with failure or you know yourself very well.”
Junie just smiled, not sure if she knew that answer, not sure she could find the words to express it if he asked.

“Stand up; it’s time for some work.”  Bob pulled her to her feet and headed to the mower.  Junie followed, stepping down the stairs carefully, her legs spread to keep from catching the clothes pins hanging down from her labia.  He reached into his pocket and handed her a pair of brand new bright yellow gardening gloves.  “Look, they match your outfit.”
Junie pulled on the gloves and looked dubiously at the mower.  She had never even used one of these hand push lawn mowers, and the lawn around the house seemed to stretch on forever.  Bob watched her face and laughed.  “Just mow around the edges.  I will be on the riding mower.”
Junie nodded and bracing her legs, carefully keeping them apart, she gave the mower an experimental shove.  It moved forward sluggishly, the blade started to spin, a sparkling spinning whir.  Bob nodded.  “You will figure it out.  It’s about keeping up a rhythm, the blades have a momentum.  Once you get them spinning, it will be easier if you keep them spinning.”
It was not easy at all.  The weight swinging from her nipple clamps swung violently every time she pushed and then pulled back the mower.  Each step she took made the plug in her ass shift.  It did not help that she had to strain to push the mower, forcing her to tense her stomach and pelvic muscles, tightening them around the vibrator in her cunt and the intruder in her ass.  The varying vibrations in the egg seemed to catch her mid stride and at least once she had to stop and stand half crouched, breathing through her open mouth, as the high setting almost pushed her over the edge.
Junie was not used to heavy physical exercise.  It did not take long for the muscles in her arms to start to ache and then burn.  She tried to keep up a steady rhythm, to keep the blade spinning, but it was nearly impossible.  Each time she saw the blade starting to spin down she would whimper and shove again, wanting to avoid the struggle to get it up to speed again. 
Bob was riding around and around the property, dragging a larger version of her mower behind a small tractor.  She could feel his eyes on her each time he rode past her.  When she could not push the mower one more time, she stood over it, gasping for breath, glaring at it, flexing her arms to relieve the burning.  Bob brought the tractor to stop near her and called, “Time to take a break.”
Junie felt herself jerk her eyes to him, still angry over the failure of her strength.  “Thank you, Master.”  This time the calmness was gone, her voice was exhausted and slightly acid.  She pulled off the gloves and threw them down beside the mower in a jerky violent gesture.
Bob's eyebrow arched.  “Go take a break, Junie.  Go lie down on the lounger.”  Junie marched up to the deck, walking tall and straight, not caring if the pins on her labia caught between her thighs as she walked, ignoring the painful jerks and yanks on her flesh. 
Junie almost threw herself down on the lounger, intensely aware of the anger rising up inside her.  Junie rarely allowed herself to feel angry, preferring to avoid confrontation.  This was a very alien feeling and she was too tired to fight it.
Bob stood, looking down at her, their eyes locked together.  Junie stared hotly back at him until feelings of confusion and fear beat back the anger and her eyes faltered and shifted.  Bob nodded wordlessly and walked into the house.  He returned and handed her a tall glass of water.  Junie was instantly aware of being intensely thirsty.  She drank down the whole glass and stared at the bottom, wishing that there was more.  This time her words were genuine, “Thank you, Sir.”
“Stand up and grab the back of the lounger.  Stick your ass out.”  Junie quailed for the briefest of instants, realizing that this was going to be a cycle; pain, pleasure, frustration, work, and finally exhaustion.  As she pulled herself to stand, she wondered how many times she could go through this before she snapped and ran away.
Again she gripped the back of the chair, her eyes staring at the swinging weight that seemed intent on tearing her nipples off.  She idly took in how her shoes were stained green and blades of grass were stuck in the sweat and sunscreen on her legs.  Junie made no effort to stifle her yell of pain as he struck her ass with the crop.  Her voice was both resigned and angry as she barked out, “Thank you, Master.  Please hit me again.”  Bob did not relent until she was sobbing brokenly, all anger gone from her voice.  Her words a confused blend of begging for his blows mixed with pleading for mercy.
When he told her to turn around and put her hands behind her back she was sobbing almost hysterically.  He snapped her sharply three times on each nipple, alternating between each one.  This time Junie did not find peace, twisting and jerking, she screamed her ‘thank you’ almost incoherently with each blow. 
Bob's voice was neutral, again in that conversational tone “Lie down on the lounger again.” 
Between sobs Junie begged, “Please sir, I have to go pee.”  Her voice was almost childlike. 
Bob pointed away from the house.  “Piss in the woods, bitch.”
Junie was shocked into silence and looked at him unsure if she had heard him correctly.  Then she seemed to shrink into herself.  She slunk off the deck, walked out past the edge of the lawn and into the woods.  She crouched, pulled the crotch of her panties to one side, and peed. 
As she returned to the deck, there was no pride left in her walk, just a struggle to minimize the jerking of the pins and the swing of the weight on her nipples.  She lowered herself onto the lounger and looked up at Bob, her eyes accepting but filled with sadness. 
His eyes met hers as he removed the clamps.  Her mouth made a soft circle and she wailed.  It felt like her nipples were on fire.  His fingers felt like rasps scraping the skin off her as he massaged her flesh, each roll of her of her flesh between his fingertips forcing another wail from her.
“Your nipples are getting very sensitive.  I kind of like that.”  A tiny part of Junie's mind, perhaps the last scrap of sanity she had left, thought that this relaxed conversational tone of Bob's was the most frightening of all. 
As he replaced the clamps, Junie's voice was a terrified squeal.  “Thank you, Master.”
After he massaged the blood back into her labia and replaced the pins he held up the wand vibrator.  “I would not suggest pushing so close to the edge.  You don't seem to be quite as in control of your emotions as last time.” 
Junie watched as he put the wand to her, wondering why she had not gone numb.  It seemed each time he touched that thing to her it was more intense, her clitoris as sore and sensitive as her nipples.  It did not take very long before she was gasping and pushing away the vibrator, her hand almost spastic in her rush to slap it away.
While Junie had not allowed herself to stray too close the limits of her abilities, it seemed to take far, far longer for the urge to come to subside.  Junie found herself franticly turning off the egg buried in her cunt when the random setting started buzzing on high.  “Please, Master, could we put it on another setting.  It almost got me.”
“Put it on medium for now.”
“Thank you, Master.”
“You know what’s next.”
Junie nodded sadly and headed back to the mower.  Pulling on the gloves she gripped the handles of the mower and went back to work.  It hurt like hell; her nipples were in constant agony, almost eclipsing the sensations coming from her cunt and ass.  Junie gritted her teeth and focused on mowing, soft whines of pain leaking out of her, with each shove and pull back.
This time the rhythm seemed to become a refuge, and she let it flow over her, like the pain.  Numbly pushing and pulling, her breathing flowing with the work, each exhale a soft moan of pain, Junie lost all awareness of anything beyond her body and the whirling blade of the mower.  She did not notice when Bob turned off the tractor and came to stand beside her.  She did not stop when he spoke to her, and she looked up at him startled and disoriented, when he put his hands over hers, forcing him to stop.
“Junie. Stop!”
Junie stood swaying looking at him, her eyes puzzled, her arms hanging at her sides, her body drenched in sweat.  Her breathing still held the rhythm of the work, whimpering softly with each exhalation, completely unaware of herself.
“Go up on the deck.  Take a break.”
Her awkward, straddle legged walk, was almost natural now.  Again everything seemed to move in slow motion.  Her body still felt on fire but her mind was numb.
When Bob handed her the glass of water she greedily drank it down and was up and standing ready for his crop before he told her to stand.  Oddly she felt excited, almost impatient.  Junie tossed her hair and looked over her shoulder at Bob, her anticipation apparent.
As the crop struck her ass it hurt.  Junie was pretty sure it hurt worse than the last two times; her scream of pain rang out across the lawn and echoed back from the trees.  Yet when she spoke, her voice was calm, almost jubilant.  “Thank you, Master.  Please may I have more?”  There was no question in her mind.  She wanted more.  She arched her back and reached out with her ass, her body begging for the blow, craving everything her Master wanted to give her.
When Bob told her to stand and face the crop, she smiled and eagerly arched her back.  “Yes, please hit them.  Hit this fucking bitch's nipples.”  He struck once and she stopped, covered her breasts with both hands and hunched over, suddenly struggling against the unexpected orgasm that seemed to come out of nowhere.  Pulling her panties to one side Junie yanked the egg out and stood shuddering and fighting.  It took a long time before she stood again, a soft trickle of blood coming from the corner of her mouth from where she had bitten her lip.
She took a long shuddering breath.  “I am sorry, Master.  I did not expect that.”  Tucking the egg back inside of herself she once more put her hands behind her back.  “Thank you, Master.  Please start again.”
Bob reached out and wiped the blood from her chin and put his fingers into his mouth.  “Junie, how are you feeling?”
“Feeling, Master?  I am feeling happy.  Please hit me.  Hit this bitch's nipples.”  Her eyes were glassy.
“No we don't need to do that anymore.”
“No?”  Her tone was confused.
“Lie down on the lounger, Junie.”
“Yes, Master.”  Junie moved languidly, lying down.  Bob left her nipple clamps on but unwound the vibrator control from the chain connecting them.  He removed the clothespins from her labia and massaged them, carefully avoiding any contact with her swollen red clitoris.  Junie sighed and squirmed under his touch. 
Her eyes looked startled as he pulled off her saturated panties and removed the still vibrating egg.  Her whole cunt looked swollen and red.  “I am going to take you now Junie and when I tell you to come you will come for me won't you?”
“Oh yes, Master.  Fuck me, please.”
Bob kicked off his shoes and pulled down his pants.  Junie's eyes were locked on his.  Lifting the end of the lounger up, he adjusted the legs so it was high, raising Junie's ass higher than her head and flipping her over, he pushed into her cunt from behind.  “You will come only when I say, every time I say.”
Each thrust pushed the butt plug into her ass.  Her nipples shot stabs of agony from rubbing on the plastic cover of the lounger cushion.    Junie could not move, her legs did not touch the ground.  Each lunge into her was exquisite agony.  Again she found herself fighting with every fiber of her soul to keep from coming.  Junie found herself babbling.  “Thank you.  Thank you.  Oh god.  Fuck. Fuck.  Fuck!  Fuck!”  Each exclamation was louder than the next.  Bob reached under her and released the nipple clamps and growled.  “Now, bitch.  Come now!”
For the briefest second the world stood still.  Junie froze as the white hot agony shot through her and she teetered on the cusp of her climax.  It was like her body could not believe it was finally permitted.  Bob reached down, grabbed her hair and lifted, pulling hard, forcing her to arch her back and gripped one her nipples, jerking it cruelly.  Junie lifted her head and grated out a long whining whimper as she let go and fell, her body convulsing, her cries growing louder in her ears as her ecstasy built instead of diminished.
Bob rode her bucking body hard and fast.  Each thrust forcing another long grunting spasm from her, her cries hoarse and primitive.  The endless clenching spasms of her cunt around him sent him over the edge.  He lunged deep, his whole body quivering, pumping his come deep into her.  Junie's legs went rigid and then she let out a strangled scream and went limp.
Junie's only movement as he eased himself back and forth inside her cunt was the repeated clenching of her muscles around his slowly softening cock.  Her hair lay over her face and her hands lay limp and motionless; the only response to his slowly corkscrewing the butt plug from her ass, was a slight tremor in her thigh muscles and an echoing jerk in her fingers.
Bob gently called her name.  “Junie, Junie, wake up.”
It was a measure of her lesson that she almost instantly lifted her head, her eyes bleary and her voice fogged with exhaustion.  “Yes, Master.”
“Get up, Junie.  Walk into the house.  Go to your bedroom.”
“Yes, Master.”
For a few seconds her legs waved helplessly, unable to touch the deck, her brain unable to process what needed to be done.  Bob lowered the end of the lounge chair and once her feet touched down she seemed to find her bearings.  Bob smiled softly to himself.  Her strides still held the awkward widened stance that she had adopted when the clothespins had held her labia painfully pinched and stretched.
Junie walked right past Donna, apparently oblivious of her presence and staggered into her bedroom.  Once in her room she stopped and stood, waiting for her next directive, incapable of any initiative of her own.
Bob followed her into her room and unfastened her bra and let it fall down her arms to the floor.  Pulling her hair back from her neck he gently kissed the corner of her neck.  A shiver shook her whole body.  “Get on the bed, Junie.”
Junie climbed onto the bed and lay on her back.  Her eyes found his and waited.  Bob sat down and touched his fingers against her clitoris and pressed down.  “Come for me, Junie.”  He smiled in triumph as she arched and convulsed under his fingers.
He pulled a blanket up over her.  “Sleep, Junie.”  Her eyes snapped shut.
As he walked from her room her sleepy voice followed him out. “Thank you, Master.”
Junie was disoriented when she woke up.  Donna was shaking her shoulder.  “Wake up, Junie.  Come on, you've had a long enough nap.”
At the sound of Donna’s voice, Junie tensed and then for an instant shrank away from her touch.  Just as quickly she stopped and softened under Donna’s hand but her voice was soft and reserved, “Oh, I am sorry, Ma'am.  Did you call me?”
Donna gave her a puzzled look and then smiled gently.  “Over and over, you were totally zonked out.” 
Their eyes met briefly and then Junie’s slid to one side.  She tried to sit up and lay back groaning, “Oh man.”
“A little sore?”
“A lot sore, Ma'am.”  Junie’s eyes were looking anywhere but at Donna.
“Come on.  Get up.  Climb into the shower.  Some hot water will help.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”  Junie gritted her teeth and levered herself out of the bed.
Donna was in her bathroom and already had the hot water running.  Before she let Junie get into the water, she handed Junie two white tablets.  “Just aspirin.  It will help.  Drink all the water.”
Junie obediently swallowed down the medicine and drank down the whole glass of water.  “What time is it, Ma'am?” 
“Almost 6:00, go on get in the shower.”  Junie felt a brief spasm of anxiety.  She had not thought about what to make for dinner.  But it passed quickly.  As she woke up more and more, she was becoming increasingly aware of a euphoric sense of calmness.  She was aware she was smiling as she let the warm water wash over her stiff and aching muscles.  The needles from the shower stung her nipples and she looked down and saw they were swollen and red. 
When she got out from the shower, Junie took inventory of her body.  Her ass was scored with numerous welts and red marks and she suspected some of them would turn black by the morning.  Her nipples were swollen and almost raw.  Her cunt seemed unchanged but her clitoris seemed amazingly hypersensitive.  Her whole body felt like she had been beaten with a stick.  Junie knew that in the morning, moving would be a trial.

Bob was in the kitchen as Junie came out of the bathroom, naked and drying her hair, on the way back to her bedroom.  She froze, her eyes locked on his, suddenly unable to move.
His eyes casually slid down her naked body.  Junie found her nipples hardening into painful knots, her cunt warming and moistening.  She knew that her flesh was swelling.  Automatically she turned to face him, her legs spreading apart, her face flushed. 
Bob kept her trapped with his gaze.  His eyes burned into her.  Junie could feel her heart beginning to race and a soft tremble shook the backs of her legs.  A soft whimper shook her as she felt a tremor shake the muscles in her cunt.  It seemed like the vibrator was somehow back inside her.
“Junie.”  His voice caused her to start and shiver.
She had to swallow before she could speak.  In a soft whisper she responded.  “Yes, Master.”
“Go get dressed.”
Junie instantly turned and disappeared into her room.  Her words of, “Yes, Master, thank you, Master,” hung in the air after she left. 
Donna spoke to Bob from where she was sitting at the table.  “I don't think she even noticed I was here.”
Bob walked to her and stroked her hair.  “It's necessary.  She could not truly have two Masters.  Her subservience to you will have to come through me.  Having you train her was confusing to both of you.  It put our circle at risk.”
“I know.  She is responding to you very quickly.  I thought she was going to orgasm from you just looking at her.”
“If I had told her to, she would have tried.  Did you watch us today?”
“Yes.  You had her twisting.  All her senses seemed overloaded and then you made her push the mower.”
“What really broke her was when she asked to pee and I told her to go to the woods.”
“What do you have planned for tonight?”
“We will start with a brief respite, a little soothing and gentleness, and an acknowledgment of her progress, then a harsh push on her limits.  She has not really broken yet.  I will need your help with this.  We will blindfold her and put on headphones.  She will not know it is not me.”
Donna lowered her eyes.  “As you command, my Master.”
Junie was wearing a set of soft sweats and her green stained athletic shoes when she came out.  She still had a dreamy look, her movements slow and lazy.  She seemed to only have eyes for Bob. 
The table was set with a simple cold meal.  There was a big green salad, the salmon salad that Junie had made the night before, sliced cheese and a big plate of toast.  Junie smiled happily.  “Dinner looks wonderful.”
Bob grinned.  “It was easy.  You did a lot of it yesterday.  I bet you are hungry.”
Junie looked thoughtful, a tiny shy smile on her lips, her eyes locked on Bob's.  “I guess I ought to be, but for some reason I don't feel very hungry.”
“You had a big day.  You need to keep your strength up.”  Bob served her some salad, topping it with salmon and cheese.  He handed her a piece of toast.  “Eat.”
Junie picked up her fork.  “Yes, Sir.”
Donna looked over her plate.  “How are your stiff muscles, Junie?”
Junie looked up from her plate; her eyes glanced at Bob and then turned to Donna.  “They feel a little better, Ma'am.  The aspirin helped a lot.  Thank you.”  As she said thank you her eyes darted to Bob.
Junie ate a small bowl of strawberries but shook her head at the cream.  “No, thank you.  I really don't feel very hungry, Master.” 
Donna stood up.  “Come on, Junie, let’s hurry up and clean up this mess.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”  Junie stood but looked at Bob uncertainly as she picked up the dishes off the table.  When Bob stood, Junie froze for a brief second, her eyes following him out the door.  She took a step to follow, and then stopped herself.
Donna put her arm around Junie.  “Don't worry, he is going to check on the dogs and he said something about turning on the hot tub.  A nice long hot soak would be just the thing for your sore muscles.”
Junie looked distracted, her eyes returning to the door that Bob had gone out.  “Yes, Ma'am.”  Junie turned and began to wipe off the counter, her eyes avoiding Donna.
Donna watched Junie, her head tipped to one side.  It was clear that Junie had completely moved all her allegiance to Bob.  Donna expected that.  She knew it needed to happen.  But she had not expected this avoidance.  Junie appeared almost fearful of her. 
Donna was tempted to push at this fearfulness, to toy with Junie's feelings.  She wasn't sure if she wanted to reassure Junie, to try and soothe her fears or to just indulge a sadistic impulse.  She knew that curiosity had a great deal to do with it.  She pushed away the impulse.  Bob had a plan and he would be very displeased if she interfered. 

When the door opened and Bob walked in, Junie's whole demeanor changed.  She stopped all movement and stood very still, her eyes locked on him.  She had a happy, eager look on her face.  All her focus was on waiting for his words, his look.
Junie quivered when Bob spoke, each word sending a shiver down her back.  “Hot tub is going.  Junie, get us some towels and come on out.” 
“Yes, Master.”  Junie darted off toward the linen closet.
Junie was standing by the hot tub, still dressed in her sweat suit, a stack of towels in her arms, when Bob and Donna walked out to the deck.  They had both undressed in their room and were talking as they walked out.  “She is learning balance too.  It’s possible that she links you to her experiences this morning.  Your conversation with her happened almost immediately before I started with her.  She most likely still senses her need and affection for you and I have cautioned her to remember her role.  But it’s important to remember she is not thinking very much at all.  She is functioning on almost pure emotion now.”
Both of them stopped and smiled at Junie.  Bob praised her, “Good job, Junie.  I am pleased you are already standing here.  Go ahead and put the towels down over here and take off your clothes.”
“Yes, Master.”
Bob and Donna climbed into the water and sat side by side facing toward the lake.  When Junie had taken off her clothing, she stood with her eyes on Bob.  He held out his hand and when she took it he urged her into the hot tub.  “Sit here by me, Junie.” 
The water was hot, a lot hotter than Junie was used to for a hot tub.  She felt her heart beating hard and when her nipples sank into the hot water she gasped softly.  Bob wrapped and arm around each woman with a broad grin.  “I truly am a lucky Master.” 
It did not take long before Junie's heart was racing and sweat rolled down her face.  Bob's arm held her down deep in the water and she was reluctant to move away from his embrace.  Junie found herself breathing in short puffs trying to pull the cool evening air into her lungs.  “Getting a little too hot, Sweet Junie?”
“Yes, Master.”
“Go ahead and get us all a big glass of water.  Put lots of ice in them.”
Junie crawled out of the hot water and swayed suddenly dizzy when she first stood up.  She took a deep breath and headed to the kitchen, her progress a little crooked as she tried to keep her balance.  She was out in just a minute with three tall glasses of water and ice.  She knelt and offered the tray to Bob.  He took a glass and handed it to Donna and took one for himself.  “Thank you, Junie.  Come on back in.  If you get too hot just put an ice cube in your mouth and suck it.  It will help.”
Junie set the tray within easy reach and climbed back into the hot water.  This time it was a lot easier, the heat of the water no longer a surprise.  She could feel her muscles relaxing.  Taking a sip of the icy cold water she sighed and snuggled up under Bob's arm.
The ice cubes did help.  When her glass got empty, Bob sent her back to the kitchen to get more.  They all three sat for a long time, not speaking, watching the dark blue evening sky turn purple and then black.  They sky was filled with stars and the crescent moon was rising in the sky when Bob stood and spoke softly.  “That’s enough of this.”

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