Thursday, April 21, 2011

More bullets...

  • ·         Lay low… lay very low when Master is working on his taxes. 
  • ·         When Master says that you should get a bucket and drill a hole in the bottom to water your new apple tree… it does NOT mean you have permission to touch his drill... or drill bits… who knew?
  • ·         All one has to say is “my car acted funny when I tried to start it” and you automatically get a new battery and he is doing research on serpentine belts.
  • ·         Saying… “It is eleven o’clock.  Have you fucked your bitch recently?” …can lead to some very rough and very satisfying sex.
  • ·         It is heartening how a sunny day can brighten your whole outlook.
  • ·         It’s funny how the rules at the grocery store never change.
  • ·         When Master insists you call him Master in public… it makes your heart flutter.
  • ·         I noticed the other day that my one year blogging anniversary came and went last month without me even noticing.
  • ·         Dungeons and Dragons DM’ing is fun.  The story does not need to make sense.  The players will make it make sense.  Object too big to fit through door?  They will figure out how it got in there.  Monster did not eat the body?  They will decide that the monster was full, or vegetarian, or prefers its meat aged… or… players are just too fun to watch.  I am starting to create improbable scenarios just to see them find some absurd explanations.
  • ·         Seeing your new granddaughter smile at you for the first time is pure magic.
  • ·         You can make a really good salad with cooked barley.
  • ·         My tomatoes are dying.  Something dug up the one of the four nasturtiums that did germinate.  My strawberries are happy.  My apple tree is still looking happy.  (Still crossing my fingers.)


  1. A gopher probably ate your tomatoes....used to suck mine down like spaghetti. i'm glad i'm not the only geek that still likes D&D!!! Huzzah for the Bullets!