Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So Master is aware that my neck has been bothering me… and has started his own campaign to cure me.  If I hear, “stand up straight” one more time I may scream.  Right now I am glaring at him with my arms crossed stubbornly across my chest and my lips are twitching… I “lift those shoulders” “put down those arms” “hold up the head” over and over and fucking over again.

But I am not accustomed to being straight… straight feels crooked.  Straight is fatiguing.  Straight starts to hurt.  I unconsciously start to sag… my shoulders come down and fold forward just a fraction… my forehead tips down… just a little.  I do NOT do it on purpose.  I am NOT defying him.  I WANT to stand up straight… I just forget.  I get tired. 

And he catches me.  Want to know what is worse than having to be told to “stand up straight”?  It is being “manually adjusted” in the meat department of the grocery store.  Or it is being told to stick your nose straight up into the air for a period of 15 minutes as punishment for a lapse in posture obedience.  It really makes my neck hurt and my stinkin’ progressive lenses make everything blurry if I try to peer down my nose.  Grrr…


  1. I sense a posture collar in someone's future.... ;)

  2. Holy Shit...Don't tell your Master about sephani's suggestion. I tried one think you're fatigued now.

    I will sometimes get W's thumbs jammed into my back between my shoulder blades and spine when I'm at the computer. That's my clue to sit up straight.