Friday, April 29, 2011

More bullety goodness

More bullets…

·         So the universe chooses to make a joke… if you think your neck hurts try a pulled pectoral muscle… it will help you gain perspective.  And of course the glorious pratfall on the playground must have made the whole cosmic audience roar… even the squirrels were laughing.
·         That strange sound that roused me briefly in the night… that made me dream of machines and electric generators was a sex toy with a funky on off switch… and Master heard it too and was PISSED.  (I guess he turned it off twice last night.)  (One carefully schools ones expression to contrition… gawd, it was hard not to laugh.)
·         It was announced at an emergency meeting yesterday as a cost saving measure all teaching assistant (including mine) hours of work will be cut a half hour a day next year.  I can adjust… but there are others at my work that will be seriously in trouble.  Why oh why is it so hard to fund schools? 
·         I suspect that everyone at work will be in a seriously pissy mood today.  If they come to work at all.
·         Spring… the season of sprains… I have two people who sit around my office, one in a arm sling, the other all booted up… “light duty” the bane of my life.  They can’t deal with kids… but aren’t sick enough to stay home.  They are clutter and so hard to figure out how to keep them busy.  If I give them my paper work to do, they fuck it up.  Even if they don’t fuck it up… I have to check to see if they did.  And of course… you know who gets to make up the slack… who gets to deal with those kids????
·         I think William and Kate are a lovely couple.  I can’t be happier for them.  I am sick to death of all this stupid media crap… good lord can’t someone shut all those people up?  Or maybe we could just relegate all this “pseudo-news” to some special 24/7 Anglophile channel.  They actually had a piece about commemorative jelly molds on the national news the other day… seriously???
·         I hope Master gives me permission to go get my nails done today… they are turning into Saber tooth claws… it is getting hard to type… and um… other stuff.
·         My toy from Eden Fantasies arrived… testing in progress. 

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  1. about having them make centers? Or folder games? Is boring enough to teach them to never break or sprain anything again and is busy work that cannot be messed up. You never know what kid might really respond to the folder game stuff. Esp when its so carefully colored, and cut out, and glued....oh takes *hours* of time. Hours. about research on topics which relate to your kids to have ready for teachers too lazy to read research ?
    Or...finding appropriate internet sites that relate to current IEPs. Though, really..ask me anything and i could do that. :)
    That place is a miserable bitch to get published in. If they do, great. In the meantime, you get ready made lesson plans without having to do it all yourself.
    They could use for help.
    Or...were you just looking for someone to commiserate? In which case i'm making a pot of coffee for you now. i miss teaching but not the crates of work i toted home weekly because i wanted to be that elusive perfect "Dedicated" Teacher.