Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Hard to believe it is already 21 days into this new year.  I am still managing to get some writing done almost every day.  Today I started scribbling on a little note pad when I would get a few free seconds here and there in the course of my day and I remembered how that cognitive shift would help me get over the rough spots of a day at work.  And oddly with a pencil and little notepad, with the sounds of upset children echoing off the rafters, the ideas flowed better than they have in a quiet house sitting in my most favorite of happy places.  Perhaps comfort is not the best catalyst for creativity.

Speaking of comfort... "He" really got under my skin yesterday.  It had been a good morning.  Comfortable.  I had slept well, my cold felt finally, completely gone.  It was garbage day, so I busied myself carrying all the garbage out to the cans.  At the bottom of the kitchen garbage can there was some really noxious liquid and I commented to "Him" as I was washing the container out, "Man there is something really stinky here."
And rather than sympathizing with me for having to do the dirty job, he said in a very accusative way, "Well, don't put the bag in it when it is wet."  He was seriously sarcastic and nasty.

Surprised by his tone, I turned from where I had put the clean can upside down over the sink to dry while I was at work and defensively said, "I wasn't going to.  Look, the can is drying out right now."

And rather than compliment me for the wisdom of my actions, "He" went "MMMM HMMMM" in a manner that indicated that he somehow did not believe a word I was saying. Nothing gets my back up quicker than being accused of lying, or being deceptive, nothing. 

What the fuck?

I got up in his face and said, "Exactly what do you mean by talking to me like that?" 

And that gigantic asshole went, "MMMM HMMMMM" again.

Looking back, I can tell he was wanting to goad me into a fight.  And "He" loves to fight.  And I don't often give him that very often anymore.

I left for work without another word spoken, but the tension was at max.

And I have been extremely cool ever since.

Because I can be a seriously passive aggressive bitch.

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