Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sunday Morning

Already time flies.  I go back to work tomorrow.  There is some debate about that.  My health hasn't improved much.  It is just a cold.  I 'could' do it, but I know I would be seriously dragging my ass before the end of the day.  Flip side... it is typical for the first day of work after a week or two off for a lot the staff to call in sick.  It is a given that the kids will be crazier... a lot of the progress made in the last three months forgotten... their sleep patterns all fucked up by two weeks of parents wanting them to sleep in, in the morning... and the mysterious 'X' factor of whatever could have gone wrong in their home life will have gone wrong.  And I really hate it when my co-workers blow off these first Mondays after a holiday.  I would be pretty disgusted with myself if I didn't show up and pull as much of my weight as I could.

I commented to Husband that the way this cold is progressing... getting worse instead of better... I prolly ought to go to work and earn some money before I die.

Meh... enough thinking about work .  I have one more whole day before I need to put that albatross back around my neck.

So it is Sunday.  I usually call my aging parents on Sunday mornings but it has gotten increasingly depressing.  Both of them don't seem to have much to say...  It is futile to talk about anything of consequence.  Their hearing is bad.  Their memories are worse.  I know my mother doesn't remember that I have called 20 minutes after I hang up.  And my father isn't much better.  They don't remember but I do and I feel sad.  It is so easy to procrastinate and 'forget'.  But then two weeks stretches to three weeks and the guilt builds up... and up...

Positive... I go play Dungeons and Dragons with my older son and some friends every Sunday evening.  It is at his house so I get those sweet sweet grandbaby girl hugs.  Plus it is my only real socialization outside work.  Christmas had us cancel last week so I am looking forward to it today.  Orpah, the level 9 cleric must bring some crumbs of sanity to the madcap impetuosity that the other characters have brought to the table.

Well that is my Sunday morning.  I have that hard phone call to make, a breakfast for the man in my life and I think a big pot of chili so I won't have to cook for a couple of days.

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  1. I made chili this week also, from leftover taco meat!

    I'm glad you're getting out to socialize with your family.