Thursday, January 1, 2015



An impossible number... when I have my birthday this year I will be sixty...  another impossible number.

It did not arrive with a bang.  Both husband and I were sound asleep hours before midnight.  I've been sick... nothing major but I am very low energy, my voice is hoarse and I occasionally cough up something frighteningly similar to those talking green balls of goo you see on the Mucinex commercials.

Husband says I have given it to him... but beyond sleeping a lot (and he always sleeps a lot) I haven't seen any symptoms.  But now it is all about him...

He took me out for breakfast this morning... I think he decided to do that because he can see how I am waking up tired.  I had a veggie omelet made with egg substitute, dry whole wheat toast and fruit instead of hash browns.  I feel so virtuous. 

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