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"Jigsaw Puzzle Girl" Chapter 3: The Honeymoon

Chapter 3: The Honeymoon

Monica woke in a happy and energetic mood.  David was already up and in the shower and she debated sneaking in and peeking at him.  She found herself curious to look at his body, wondering what he looked like.  She thought back to last night and smiled happily at the memory of the soft rush of sensation that his kiss had caused in her body.  Impulsively she reached down and gave her vagina a little approving pat.  For the first time since she had been hurt she did not feel somehow angry at and afraid of this part of her anatomy.  For so many months after the rapist had taken that knife and cut at her she had been in so much pain and horror that it seemed like her injured parts had just acted to remind her of her of her trauma. 

Then later, even when the pain was finally gone, she had somehow blamed herself for putting herself at risk.  She had gone to that hotel room to meet someone she did not know.  She would have willingly had sex with him, but that was not what had happened.  Intellectually she knew she did not deserve what had happened but somehow she could not help but feel if she had not wanted that sex, than this all wouldn’t have happened.   She had been so guilty and ashamed that she rejected the whole idea of being sexual ever again.  She wondered if that is one of the things that made David so easy to love.  He was so safe, so strong and masculine but completely off limits sexually.  He was the FBI agent who had been in charge of her case, the one who had pursued the man who had hurt her and in the end, shot and killed him. 

David was dressed when he came out and Monica jumped up and gave him a hug.  “Good Morning!”

He laughed to see her sparkling smile, “Now that is the happy girl I like to see.”

“I told you I was just tired.”  She grinned impishly, “I almost came and got into that shower with you.”

David stopped and looked at her, his eyes shifting a little nervously, “You could have if you wanted.”

Monica’s eyes glinted, “Someday I will.”

First thing Monica called her gynecologists office and left a message that she wanted to start a prescription for birth control pills.  His receptionist said the doctor was on rounds at the hospital and that she would have him return Monica’s call.  On impulse she called Junie and told her that they had gotten married and asked her to tell Bob and Donna thank you one more time for all their kindness.   

After breakfast, David pulled into a big store parking lot, and asked, “Do you want me to come with you?”

Monica looked over at him, “Um… yes, most of the time but there might be a little while when I would want to… um… buy some girl things.”

“Sure, we can split up for a while.”

Monica found her hand naturally slipping into his as they walked through the parking lot.  “I just need to get some underwear; those were something Junie didn’t sew for me.  And I would like another nightgown.”  Then she paused, “I also need some… um… female hygiene products.”

“And that will be where we part ways.”  David looked at her, “Do you need anything else?  Shoes or a coat?” 

Monica shrugged, “I only have these shoes and I don’t have a coat with me.”

“If we are going to be walking on the beach we should get some of those.  Pretty Girl, please don’t get all worried about this, I want you to get what you need so you will be comfortable and feel pretty.”

Monica took a deep breath and smiled, “Okay, we can get those too.”

David grinned and commented, “When we get to Louisiana, I am going to take you out and get you some cowboy boots, and a belt with a big buckle.” 

“If that is the customary clothing of the people of your land, your new queen must bow to tradition.”  Monica squealed with laughter when his fingers dug into her side. 

She tried to tickle him back but he just stood there with an eyebrow arched.  He drawled, “Sorry, Pretty Girl, not ticklish there.”

“Okay then, where are you ticklish?”

David chuckled, “I am not talking.”

“I will find out eventually.”

“I suspect I will enjoy your searching.”

Monica ran her fingers up and attacked his armpits, but he stood there grinning and shaking his head.  She stepped back and ran her eyes up and down his body.  David held up his hand and shook it warningly.  “Not in the parking lot, young lady.  You will have to take me home to have your way with me.” 

Monica giggled, whirled around and skipped toward the store.  She called gaily over her shoulder, “Come on, we have to go spend your money.”

He grinned and shook his head, “Our money, Pretty Girl,” and strode along behind her.

Monica had a pair of good walking shoes, a soft hooded parka, and some warm socks in her cart and was heading into the lingerie department when David looked around at the bewildering display of racks of bras and panties and put on the brakes.  “You are on your own in here, Pretty Girl.  I will meet you up front.”

Monica grabbed the front of his shirt and stood on her tiptoes and kissed him lightly on the lips, “Okay, see you soon.”  She quickly picked out a package of cotton bikini underwear and then began to look through the racks of night gowns.  She had picked out a cotton, neck to ankles little girl thing when a pretty lavender slippery nylon number caught her eye.  Shyly she picked it up and smiled, it was daringly low cut with spaghetti straps and lots of lace.  There was a tiny matching thong that came with it.  On impulse she put the cotton one back and dropped the sexy lavender peignoir in the cart. 

Monica’s cell phone rang and when she answered, it was her gynecologist.  “So, Miss Bond, what is this I hear about you wanting a birth control prescription?”

She had a pretty good relationship with her doctor and she could hear his bantering tone.  “That is Mrs. Durant to you.”

Her doctor’s voice turned surprised and then neutral, “Mrs. David Durant?”

Monica gave her phone a hard stare, and then responded, “Of course!” 

She could almost hear the doctor thinking and trying to find something appropriate to say that would be both professional and yet communicate his surprise and perhaps reservations.  He cleared his throat and then volunteered, “Well I have to confess, that totally came as a surprise.  I guess I should say congratulations.  So I gather you two are already married?”

“Yes, yesterday.”

“So how did it go?”

“The ceremony?  It was small, only a couple of close friends.  Nothing fancy.”

“I guess I deserve that.  As your surgeon I do have a professional interest.  Have you had intercourse, and if so, how did that go?”

“No, not yet.  We are taking our time and going slow with that.  I am understandably a little nervous and David has been completely understanding.  And I need to do something about birth control first, anyway.”

“Yes, of course.  I will call in a prescription to… where are you?” 

Monica laughed, “Just call it into Walmart.  I am shopping at one right now.”

“Monica, I am sorry if I sounded a little taken aback.  It just was unexpected.  Going slow with the sex is a good idea.  Get some lubricant, and if you have any severe or persistent pain or bleeding call me right away.”

“I know.  It kind of came as a surprise to me as well.  But I really love him and that is what is important.”

“Monica, if there was ever a girl that deserved some love it is you.  We all really got to like you a lot here.  We will miss you.  I heard that Card was killed up in Washington.  I am glad you are moving on and finding some happiness.”

“I will keep in touch and let you know how your work is holding up.”

“You will be fine.”

“Thank you for all your help.  I know I wasn’t always the best patient.”

“Never once did I think you were anything other than a miracle.  The fact you fought with me was a good sign, it showed you were not going to let this destroy you.  Not many women could have gone through what you did and come out the other side as strong as you have.”

“You know up until a now I wouldn’t have known what you mean about me being strong, but I think I am starting to get it.  But I have to go.  David is waiting for me.  If you call that scrip in right away, I will be able to pick it up while I am here.  Put the pills in my maiden name.”

“I will get right on it.”

Monica slipped her cell phone back into her purse and headed over to the pharmacy department.  She put a package of sanitary napkins and a tube of lubricant in the basket as she went through.  As she waited in line she looked at the rack of condoms and thoughtfully chewed on her lip.  On impulse she slipped a package into the basket under the feminine hygiene products, hiding them next to the lubricant.  She could feel her face heat up and she looked around nervously. 
She stood on her tip toes and looked around hoping to see David and waved her hand wildly when she saw him looking toward her.  Her heart jumped when she saw him grin and walk her direction.  When he came up she stood on her tip toes and whispered, “My doctor called me back.  I can pick up the birth control pills here today.”

He looked surprised, “That was fast.”

“Almost as fast as you can arrange a wedding.”  She drawled, “Not that we are rushing anything.”

David shot her a look and raised his hands up, “Guilty, you have caught me red handed.  I am a rusher and I throw myself onto the mercy of the court.”

Monica shook a finger at him, “Rushers will be prosecuted to full extent of the law.”

David stood with her as the check out lady rang up all her purchases.  Monica felt her face flush with embarrassment again as the lady put the lacy night gown, lubricant and condoms in the bag.  She jumped and tried to hide her red face when David leaned down and whispered softly, “Now who is rushing things?”

Monica gulped and shrugged, looking up at him through her lashes, and then giggled, “Um… I kind of hoped you might not notice?”

“Don’t think you can sneak anything by me, Pretty Girl.  I am a trained observer.”

As they walked out to the Cadillac, Monica put on an exaggerated pout, “Not fair, you can tell when I am lying and now I can’t even sneak around.”  

“Honesty is the best policy.”  David put her purchases in the car and then always the gentleman opened her door for her.

Monica started to get into the car but then froze and stood back up and looked up into his face.  Abruptly aware of what she was really up against, she exclaimed, “But then, how can I surprise you with anything?”

Her new husband roared with laughter and pulled her to him in a bear hug, “Do not worry, Pretty Girl, you surprise me all the time.”

Monica felt herself melting up against him, soft and boneless, letting her body drink up the sensation of warmth and closeness.  She rubbed her face against his chest and inhaled his scent.  She could feel tips of her small breasts harden and tingle, and she gave a slow deliberate grind against his hard body.  To her delight she felt his arms tighten and pull her tighter against him.  She tipped her head up and smiled a soft happy smile.  She whispered softly, “This is so cool.”

His voice was a soft murmur, “What is cool?”

“This, always before when I would touch you, you would pull away.  Now you push back.  And… and…”  She swallowed and blushed, “… and I can feel myself getting… um… turned on.  I had not felt that since before I woke up in the hospital.  I was a little afraid I might not be able to.”

David gave her another squeeze, “Well, Pretty Girl, you always turned me on.  That was why I would pull away.  You were scaring the hell out of me, always touching me, leaning against me, putting your arm around my waist.  It made it really hard to keep my resolve that you were not for me.  I would be all sane and in control and then you would be up against me and you would feel so good, smell so good.  All that steely willpower would start to melt away.”

Monica sighed and then whispered, “You say the sweetest things.”

He looked around the parking lot and then up at the sky, “It’s the romantic surroundings.  I am always inspired by parking lots.  But it looks like rain, so let’s get this show on the road.  As much as I love this place, I had hoped to find a nice romantic little hotel where we can look out over the ocean.”  He gave her a soft kiss on the forehead, gently unwrapped her arms, and pushed her into the car.  Monica felt a little pang of frustration as she felt his body move away from hers. 

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