Friday, January 2, 2015


Husband has this thing he does... he spends some amount of time out of the room... outside smoking, hanging out in the bathroom (he seems to be in there a lot of the time) or messing about on the computer and then he wanders into the room where I sit.  I am usually busy on my computer but I do have the TV on...  I listen... I glance up now and then.  Sometimes I even watch. 

He picks up the remote and without even checking to see if I am watching searches through all the options and eventually changes the channel.  Usually I don't mind... I rarely am very invested in a show but here is the kicker. 

He leaves.  He does not stay and watch.  Seriously.

It is a source of great amusement on my part.  He gets irritated when I giggle as he walks out of the room.             

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  1. ...and I look in the freezer this morning... he not only buy Vanilla, he also bought Java Chip. Evil, evil man undermining my virtuosity.