Saturday, January 3, 2015

Jigsaw Puzzle Girl... an explanation

In 2008 I wrote a long erotic BDSM themed story called Northwest Hunters.  When I submitted it to a small publisher he had me break it into three different books.  I ended up titling the three books "Joining the Circle", "Finding Happiness", and "Ending Evil".  The publisher was a great guy but never really got off the ground and we ended up parting ways.  (If you look over in the right hand side of this blog you will see a section titled "Links" and if you click on "where you can read my stories" it will take you to Literotica where all three books are available to read for free if you are curious about reading them.  Caution... Literotica posts my stories alphabetically so they are not listed chronologically.) 

The series was about a couple in their 50's who were seeking a submissive female to serve them in their home.  They found Junie and things were looking pretty good, but then there was a serial killer that was stalking Junie.  He is caught before he can hurt Junie but there was another victim, a young girl named Monica who was in her early 20's.  He had assaulted her, torturing her with a knife but do to fortunate circumstances she survived.  She was a key to the capture and was a critical witness in the trial of the killer.  She fell in love with the FBI agent, David, who was in charge of the case and was many years older than her.  He had fallen in love with her too but had refused to consider the possibility of ever acting on that love, believing it was the circumstances of the case, he was too old... etc.  In the last book of Northwest Hunters a small subplot is how Monica overcame David's reservations and he ends up proposing.  They drive off into the sunset.

I ended up writing a story about Monica and David and their particular challenges; how they overcome their issues of age difference and PTSD called "Jigsaw Puzzle Girl".  I plan to post a Chapter now and keep an eye out.

What you can do for me is if you see any mistakes or inconsistencies or just have a constructive suggestion, please feel free to leave me a comment.  I haven't had an editor in years and I do my best, but I seem to have singularly large blind spot for my own mistakes.     

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