Sunday, January 11, 2015

Lots of Little Things

I have lots of little things on my mind. 

Slowly, oh so slowly, I am getting better.  My boss, who had been out sick for a few days, made some grand statement about how he feels totally better.  He said he felt the demons leave his body at some precise time the evening before.  I was tempted, but I refrained from saying, "Were you in the bathroom then???"  My demons don't seem to be making any dramatic exits, but they are weakening.  I shall triumph!!!
I grow tire of ellipses.  If I am going to write, even if it stream of consciousness, I should practice my punctuation skills.  I am challenging myself.  Each sentence shall have a subject and verb and you will know when the sentence ends even if the thought does not.

I have rediscovered porn.  'He' had indirectly caused me to stop looking at porn by making a broad pronouncement that the reason my old, and much more loved, lappy had died was the porn or nasty viruses acquired at those dirty, dirty places.  It made me paranoid enough to avoid the dingier corners of the interwebs with this newer, shiny persnickety piece of technology.  But recently while perusing other people's blogs and linking from their blogs to other people's blogs, I found a blog that if filled with little gifs of all kinds of kinky, sexy things.  (This dirty girl is keeping her fingers crossed that this new computer does not catch anything too nasty.)  But, to return to the original thought, I remembered why I like porn.  It makes me horny.  I like feeling horny.  I like it a lot.

Speaking of porn, I had this really weird dream last night.  It was one of those typical, 'naked in public dreams'.  I know I was trying to be cool, like 'naked is normal' but then I noticed that I had this great big penis.  And there I was trying to be cool, like it is 'normal' to have a penis and a vagina.  To tell you the truth, I think it would be cool to have both, though I don't think 'He' would agree.

Tomorrow is another Monday.  Facing forward toward another five days of emotionally damaged children.  I think my favorite moment of last week was taking a little boy who wouldn't stop kicking things (thankfully, not me or other people) out of the playground and systematically kicking nearly everything we could find for an hour and a half..  If you can't beat'm, join'm.

I roasted some beef shanks until they were wonderfully dark brown caramelized and now they are simmering to make perfect rich brown broth for our favorite beef, barley and vegetable soup.  'He' pronounced that the soup will cure my cold. 

I am writing every day, but it is hard to focus on any one thing for long.  The only thing that seems to hold my attention for any length of time is a very dark, abduction and torture thing.  I have nine more chapters of "Jigsaw Puzzle Girl" before I need to decide what I want to story I want to post next.

Well that is all I can think of for now.         

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