Thursday, March 3, 2011

The bitch is broke...

The little snot nose monsters have gotten their revenge... and I am home with a sore throat, runny nose and a head that apparently weighs about a hundred pounds.  Master forced a bunch of cold medicine down my throat and made a wry comment as I blinked at him bleary eyed...

"My bitch is broke."

My answer was sniff, sniff, cough.  Wisely he just kissed me on my forehead before he went to work.

I finally updated the stuff on what she is writing now.  I took down the first half  because it was getting too long.  Jen finds herself sold and moved to a new training center... so far she finds herself immersed in an intensive language program... and for the first time begins to have inklings of how different the society she has found herself in is from earths.  She is an unwilling stranger in a strange land.

My publisher and I have parted ways… on good terms… still friends.  He did not have the time or resources to devote to developing his business and I was beginning to wonder if I really wanted to hang onto that elusive term, ‘published’ when in reality is was just a handful of books sold and no money made. 
When I just “gave it away” on public sites like Literotica, thousands of people read my stories.  I got all kinds of encouraging feedback and made some amazing friends in the process.  When I was “published” hardly anyone ever saw my stories and it was beginning to feel like I was the proverbial tree falling in the forest.

Sure I would love to be famous.  Sure I would love to make buckets of money off my talent.  But in reality, I don’t have the time to devote to market myself and there is the conundrum of writing erotica and not being able to admit that publicly and maintain my job… catch twenty-two… need to make money… need job… can’t quit job… can’t keep job and be public about dirty stories. 
So for now, I have decided to go back to posting stuff on Literotica .  I am going to put my “Northwest Hunters” books back up a chapter at a time.  

And I plan to put those same chapters up on my blog every Saturday.  We can call it Serial Saturday.


  1. oh ye-ay! i love cereal on Saturday (grins)


    (why was my word verificaion peedu?

  2. hope you recover soon, and we ill look forward to your stories. Mick

  3. O, cool!! I'm glad you'll be sharing your stories on the blog - since apparently blogs are all I read anymore... sad but true.

    O, and i hope you get well soon.