Sunday, March 6, 2011


It has come to my attention that March is question month.  If you wanna know something... ask in a comment or drop me an email at  I will do my best to answer or at least poke fun at the silliness.

Saw these at the grocery store.  I found them inspirational.  A cross between Bimbo and elite.  Not just any bimbo, the ultimate bimbo.



  1. Lmao. The ultimate bimbo. I just want to chew their little heads off...

  2. I see the Bimbo trucks on the road all the time, Lol.

    Here's my first question...Do you prefer a question for you to answer , or poke fun at?

  3. Okay, I got one. Poke fun if you must lol.
    Did your relationship with your Master start off vanilla, or have you always had the dynamic you have now?