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Serial Saturday NORTHWEST HUNTERS Book One, Chapter Three

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Chapter 3:  Settling in.

As Junie walked out to the front of the house, she looked around and really took in the space for the first time.  Wide picture windows spanned the front of the whole house.  The whole front of the house was open, with a couch and pair of matching chairs arranged around a fireplace on one side.  Smooth stone floors and handcrafted furniture made the space warm and inviting.   A bar with stools separated the large kitchen on the other side.  Junie ran her hand along the top of the beautiful dining room table. 
Bob pointed toward a doorway leading off the kitchen, “There is a pantry on that side, and the office is over there.”  He pointed toward the living room side. 
“It is a nice space, Sir.  It is inviting.  I need my bag from the car.  What I want to change into is in it.  Is it okay to go out naked?”
“Sure it’s fine to run around naked.  No one has a place on the opposite side of the lake.  It’s all national forest over there.  We run around naked all the time.  Sometimes there will be someone in a boat, but Donna just waves.” 
Junie giggled and headed out the door.  Bob called after her, “Remember don't let the dogs push you around.  The sooner they accept you as boss, the better they will behave around you.”
“Yes, Sir.”
All four dogs were draped around on the front deck.  They jumped up and came to meet her, but Junie ignored them and walked briskly to the garage.  Bump tried to pull his rude dog greeting again, but Junie barked “Bump, no!” and shoved his big head away.  As she did that, all four dogs backed up a few steps and let her by. 
On the way back she grabbed her clothes off the chair on the deck.  “Where is my room, Sir?” 
“I guess we will put you in the guest room for now, but later we will show you the space we were thinking about converting into a suite for you.”  He led her to a small room that held a double bed, a chest of drawers and a desk.
Junie quickly changed into a clean pair of pink panties and a matching bra.  Pulling on a soft knit pair of shorts and matching tank top, she padded out into the front of the house in her bare feet. 
Junie paused and looked around the kitchen grinning in delight.  “Oh Sir, I feel like a girl in a candy store.  I could make anything in this kitchen.”  She washed her hands and began to explore, making happy coos and giggles of happiness.  She noted that there was a glaring lack of prepared food.  She absolutely crowed with delight when she opened the door to the pantry. 
Neatly arranged and labeled, most of the food was purchased in bulk and stored in glass containers.  Junie turned to Bob who had been watching her indulgently.  “Sir, would I be far wrong if I guessed that this is all organic?”
Bob nodded, “We try to buy locally grown and organic as much as possible.  It’s all part of treating our mother with respect.”
“Were you and Donna ever vegetarians, Sir?” 
Bob laughed and shook his head.  “We tried it for a while but it drove me crazy.  I started dreaming about steak and bacon.  We try to avoid beef and pork, and buy organic.  We eat a lot of venison.  I liberate a deer now and then that becomes a little too in love with my garden.  I have to confess a weakness for bacon.”
“Liberate, Sir?”
“I… um... I free its spirit to move on to a higher plane?”  Bob had an impish grin on his face.  “Just don't tell the game warden.”
Junie giggled, “Your secret is safe with me.  What is the plan for dinner?”
“Plan?  There is a package of venison steak thawed out.  Donna may have had something planned but I would like to let her sleep.”
“I will figure something out, Sir.”
“That’s what I was depending on.”
“Sir, did I see rhubarb in the garden?  I could make a crunch for dessert.” 
“You did.  How about I go pick something to make a salad with and get some rhubarb for you.”
“That would be awesome, Sir.  I would like some chives and basil too, if you could please, Sir.”  Junie stopped and put her hand over her mouth. 
“What’s the matter, Junie?”
“Am I being too bossy?”
Bob laughed.  “No not too bossy.  I did offer to do it.  Don't worry if you get too bossy, I will paddle your bouncy butt.”
Junie froze and then gave Bob a grin.  “I think I will look forward to that, Sir.”

Junie opened the refrigerator and exclaimed with delight, a bowl of morel mushrooms sat right on the top shelf right next to the package of venison.  Putting on some brown rice to steam, she quickly cut the venison into bite sized chunks and put it to marinate with a little dry wine and olive oil.  The chives and basil went in as soon as Bob brought them in.  
Bob sat at the kitchen bar and watched happily as Junie cooked.  “I don't get to cook with wild mushrooms very often.  Did you pick them, Sir?”
“It was a lucky find on one of the walks with the dogs, a gift from the earth.”
She quickly put together a fast crunch topping with oatmeal, honey, whole wheat flour and spices.  She diced up the rhubarb and poured the topping over them.  She slipped it in the oven.  There was no ice cream or whipping cream, so she made a quick recipe of custard to pour over the crunch. 
All it took was a quick rinse to make a quick salad of spring greens. 
“What time do you want dinner served, Sir?”
Bob looked at his watch.  “Let’s let Donna sleep another half hour and plan on eating a little while after she wakes up.”
“That would give me time to take a quick shower, Sir, if that would be okay.”
“Perfectly okay, perhaps I might join you.”
Junie flashed her eyes up at him and dimpled up.  “How could I refuse?  My Master's wishes are my commands.” 
“You are a tempting appetizer but on second thought, I will take the dogs out for a quick walk and feed them their dinner.”
Junie put on a silly pout, sticking out her lower lip, “As you wish, Master.”
Bob arched a brow.  “You really are a flirt.  Go take your shower.”  He gave her a firm swat on the bottom.
Junie yelped and giggled, heading off to her room, her hand rubbing her stinging butt.  She quickly showered and washed her hair.  Pulling her yellow dress back over her head she headed back into the kitchen. 
She put the morel mushrooms to sauté in butter and olive oil and set the table with the pretty handmade stoneware she found in the sideboard.  Finding a vase she went out into the garden and picked a handful of Nasturtiums and made a simple arrangement.
When the mushrooms were done she pulled them from the oil and butter and arranged them on a platter.  The rhubarb crunch was done and she turned off the heat and let it stay in the oven to keep warm.
Bob came in and smiled.  “Things look nice.  You look pretty.”  He walked up and pulled her into his arms and rubbed his face into her damp hair and then leaned down and kissed her neck.  “I like how you fit right in around here.  You take pride in what you do.  Dinner smells delicious.”
Junie snuggled up close to him, “Thank you, Sir.  I hope it tastes as good as it smells.”
“I am sure it will.  Let’s go wake up Donna.”
Donna had curled up into a little ball under the blanket.  Bob had a soft look on his face.  “She always curls up like that, like a puppy.”  He gently stroked Donna's hair out of her face and called her name.
Donna blinked and stretched; a happy smile lit up her face.  “Oh, I feel so good.  That was just the right nap.  Not too long.  Something smells good, cinnamon?”
Bob spoke up.  “Junie has been busy.  She is a whirlwind of creativity in the kitchen.  She even made dessert.”  He pulled the blanket off her and pulled her out of bed.  “Get up sleepy head and get ready for dinner.”
“Sounds wonderful.”
Junie looked toward the other room, “If it would be permitted, I will go finish up in the kitchen while you get ready, Ma'am.  All I have left is to cook the venison and put the food on the table.”
“Go on then.”
Junie quickly seared the venison in the oil left from the mushrooms, careful to not overcook the lean meat and then added the mushrooms at the last minute.  She made a bed of the brown rice and served the venison and morel mushrooms with the butter sauce over the top.  She quickly pinched a couple of the nasturtium blossoms for garnishes and sprinkled some chopped chives over the top. 

Dinner was a huge success. Donna raved about the mushrooms and venison.  “I have trouble keeping the venison moist like this.  You are a better cook than I am.”
“Thank you, Ma'am.  I love cooking.  I read cookbooks a lot and I love to eat.  I am just happy to have people to cook for.” 
“Well I am guessing you will be doing a lot of the cooking around here.”
“That would make me a very happy girl, Ma'am.”
“I plan on keeping you a very happy girl.”
Junie swallowed and nodded.  Her eyes suddenly grew big and solemn.  “Would you like dessert now...”  She paused and stumbled over the words, “...Sir and Ma'am.”  She giggled a nervous sound.  “It is hard to talk to you both and say both words.  I guess I will get used to it.”
“It all will take some getting used to.  I do want you to continue to use Sir and Ma'am when you speak to us.  It is a good habit.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
“I think we will take a walk.  We will eat dessert later.”
Junie picked up the plates and began put them in the dishwasher.  Donna stood impatiently at the door.  “Leave that.  It will be dark soon.”
Junie hesitated, frowning at the kitchen for a second.  She sighed and turned to follow Donna and Bob.  It was hard to walk away and leave the kitchen a mess.  “I should really stay and clean this up, Ma'am.”
Donna's voice was instantly cool and crisp.  “Junie, I said leave that.”  She turned and headed out the door.
Junie flinched and spoke up, “Yes, Ma'am.  Sorry, Ma'am.”  She trotted to catch up with Donna and Bob as they headed toward the driveway.  They took long brisk strides and Junie had to hurry to keep up. 
As they got onto the driveway, Junie became painfully aware she was bare footed.  The gravel of the driveway stabbed into the soft bottoms of her feet.  She was not used to going without shoes, she limped as quickly as she could, regretting her distraction and hurry to obey, that had her forget her sandals.  She did not say anything and tried to keep the expressions of pain her face.  She could sense Donna's impatience.
Both Bob and Donna walked quickly, hand in hand, their long legs swinging briskly as they walked down the long driveway.  Junie had to almost trot to keep up with them, forcing herself to ignore the pain in her feet. 
It was a warm late spring evening; the first stars were just starting to show in the fading sky.  Deep between the tall firs and cedars it was already pitch black.  After what seemed an infinity of walking on knives, Bob and Donna stopped and waited for Junie to catch up.  Donna spoke, her voice still held that crisp cool tone, “Junie, when I tell you to stop doing something, trust it is because I have a good reason.  Do not try to dissuade me.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
“Your hesitation, your reluctance to obey immediately resulted in your forgetting to wear shoes.  It appears you have suffered a pretty natural consequence.”
Junie's lips turned down and she agreed sadly.  “Yes, Ma'am.”
“There is a trail into the woods here.  Bob and I know it by heart but it will be too dark for you to see.  We will help you but you must relax and let us guide you.”
Junie peered into the darkness, “Yes, Ma'am.”
“This will help you.”  Donna reached into her pocket and pulled out a blindfold and covered Junie's eyes.  “You won't be trying to see with your eyes.  I don't need to tell you to leave it there.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
Junie gulped and nodded, suddenly enveloped in total blackness, she realized how much she had been able to see in the starlight.  She felt Bob take her hand and Donna's hands on her shoulders.  Bob spoke for the first time.  “Just follow me.  It’s not too far.  If there is anything to step over I will tell you.  Trust us.  We won't let you fall.”
Junie felt herself led off the gravel and onto the cool smooth pine needles and leaves of the forest.  Her sore feet could sense the textures of moss and small branches, her ears could almost hear the echo of her heartbeat reflecting from the tall trees.  On two occasions Bob helped her step over logs, his soft murmurs loud in the silent forest. 
It had not seemed like a long distance, maybe a hundred yards when Bob brought her to a stop.  “Just stand there, Junie.  I am going to take your dress off.”  She felt his hands pull the dress over her head and then he unclasped her bra and removed it.  Last he eased her panties down and helped her balance as she lifted her feet out of them. 
“Good girl.”  He took her hands again.  “Carefully step backwards until you feel something against the back of your legs.”  He eased her back until she felt a firm cool ledge pressing against the back of her thighs.  “That’s right.  I want you to lay back.  Donna and I will help you slide back and lay down.”  She could feel their hands easing her up and onto a wide flat surface.  It felt cool and damp against her skin.  “Don't move, and for now I want you to not speak.”
Junie heard the soft scraping strike of a match and smelled the scent of burning wax.  Listening carefully she could hear the sounds of Bob and Donna moving around her.
Donna placed Junie's hands crossed across her chest and spread her legs a few inches apart.  She smoothed her hair out, her hand lingering gently, almost lovingly on Junie's face.  “I am glad you bathed, it is good to come here bare of the artifice of makeup.  I am going to remove the blindfold but I want you to stay still.” 
Junie felt the blindfold slip from her eyes and she blinked, the half dozen thick white candles surrounding her seeming almost blindingly bright.  She could see Bob standing at her feet and could sense Donna at her head.
Bob began to speak, his voice soft and normal, “I want to introduce a friend to you.  She is Junie.  She has promised herself to us.  If she proves worthy she will become one of our circle.”  Junie tried to look around to see who he was talking to, but as far as she could tell it was only Bob and Donna there with her.  “We beseech you to lend your strength and patience to her spirit, calm her heart, teach her acceptance, and give to her your pride of self and eternal wisdom.”  He placed his hands on the surface of the wood she was on.  “Thank you for your gifts and your love.  We exist to serve and protect.” 
Bob smiled down at Junie's big eyes, “That’s all.  I just wanted to introduce you to my friends, the trees.”  He held out his hand.  “Sit up, Sweet Junie.  Let’s get you dressed and go home now.”
Donna stroked her face.  “You did well, daughter.  Bob loves his rituals.”
Junie sat up, she looked down and realized she was on a carefully smoothed off top of a huge tree stump.  It was easily six feet across.  Bob was picking up the candles and blowing them out one at a time.  He left one burning and helped Junie down from the altar formed from the base a huge tree.  Once she was on the ground, Junie turned and placed her hands on the remains of a huge tree.  She looked up at Bob with awe. 
“This one's spirit moved on long ago, Sweet Junie.  It is a lesson that our bodies are mortal but our spirits are eternal.”  He took her hand and, picking up the last candle, he led her to a small cedar sapling.  “Perhaps he lives on here or perhaps here.”  Bob touched Junie's forehead, a gesture of love and reverence. 
Bob kept the last candle burning as they walked through the woods.  They made their way back to the road and when they were once more back on the cruel rocks, he blew the candle out.  “Wait a few seconds.  Your eyes will adjust and you will be able to see the road.”  Soon the road began to show, a river of silver gray between the deeper darkness of the trees.  Bob and Donna set off.  Junie clenched her jaw and trotted off after them, turning her mind away from the cruel stones as they stabbed and cut at her feet.

Junie sighed in relief when they reached the house and she could step onto the cool grass.  Her feet really hurt from walking on the sharp gravel of the driveway.  She thought to herself that she hoped that she would never have to do that again.  She grimaced.  She knew herself well enough to know it would never be easy to walk away from an unfinished task.  Already her fingers were itching to finish up cleaning in the kitchen. 
She obediently followed Bob and Donna up to the house.  As they walked into the house she could not help but take a step toward the kitchen.  She stopped herself, a quiet thought bringing her to a halt.  Bob had mentioned calm, patience, and acceptance.  All qualities she knew she needed.  “Ma'am, what is your desire for me now?”
“What would you like to do, Junie?”
“I would like to finish cleaning in the kitchen, Ma'am.”
“And if I told you ‘no’?” 
Junie's eyes flashed to Donna's face, a pang of discomfort and alarm making her lips tremble.  “I would obey.”  Her voice shook.
Donna raised a brow, her eyes measuring Junie's anxiety.  “I am learning about you, Sweet Junie.  I am learning what makes you tick.  Do not panic.  I will let you finish your cleaning, but first I want you to sit and let me look at your feet.  Are you injured?”
Junie sat and pulled up one of her feet to look at the bottom.  They were dirty and stained with green grass stains.  “I don't know.  They do hurt, Ma'am.”
“Go and wash them with soap and water.  Scrub them good.  Then come back and show me.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
Bob headed back out.  “You girls have fun.  I am going to let the dogs in and then I am going online to check on some stocks and email.”

The hot water and soap felt soothing but she found two small cuts that stung as she scrubbed.  She came back into the front room and sat on a chair and held her feet up for inspection.  “There are a couple of little cuts, Ma'am.  They are not bleeding.”
“Show me.  Sit on the floor and put your feet in my lap.”  Donna had a small first aid kit on the table.  Sitting at her feet, Junie lifted her feet into Donna's lap.  “Good girl.  This will sting.”  Donna opened a small envelope and took out a disposable alcohol swab.  She rubbed the cuts, cleaning them thoroughly.  The cuts stung, but worse was the ticklish feeling of having Donna's hands on her feet.  Junie pressed her lips together, forcing herself to breathe slowly through her nose.  Her legs trembled but she managed to hold her feet still.
Donna looked at her puzzled.  “It can't hurt that bad.”
Junie gritted her teeth, and gasped out.  “Not hurt, Ma’am, tickles.”
Donna arched an eyebrow.  “Ticklish?”  She ran a nail up the center of one of Junie's feet.  It was more than Junie could bear, her whole body convulsed and she jerked her foot away.  She instantly put it back. 
“I am sorry, Ma'am.  I don't know if I can keep still if you tickle me.”
“And if I told you to?”
“I will do my best to obey, Ma'am.”  Junie's eyes looked panicked.
Donna laughed, “I am so going to love tormenting you, Sweet Junie.” 
Junie swallowed, “Yes, Ma'am.”

Donna quickly put band aids over the little cuts.  “Go finish up in the kitchen.  Dish up two small servings of the crunch.  Bob isn't much of a one for desserts.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
As Junie finished cleaning up in the kitchen, Donna brewed a small pot of coffee.  “Take a cup to Bob in the office and come back.  He likes it black.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”  Junie carried the cup into Bob.  “Mistress Donna said to bring you this, Sir.”
Bob looked up from the screen, “Oh nice.  Thank you.  Tell Donna I will be done with this soon.  I am just checking on some investments before the exchange closes.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Donna was waiting at the table when she came back.  “How do you like your coffee, Junie?”
“Black will be fine Ma'am, but just a half a cup please.  Master Bob says he will be done soon.”
Junie was putting the bowls and her coffee cup into the dishwasher and turning it on when Bob wandered into the kitchen.  He put his arm around Donna and asked, “How was the crunch?”
Donna leaned into him, “Very good.  Not too sweet at all and the custard was delicious.  You missed out.”
“Perhaps, but I wasn't in the mood for dessert tonight.”  His smile turned feral.  “Let’s show Junie the basement.”

Donna drained the last swallow from her coffee cup and licked her lips.  “Yes, let’s.  Come, Junie, we haven't shown you the rest of the house.”
The stairs leading down to the basement were narrow and turned twice.  Donna commented, “If Bob had made one more bend in this stair it would have had to be a spiral.” 
The basement was largely unfinished.  The walls were undressed natural stone, the floor smooth cool slate tiles.  Heavy beams held up the ceiling.  Junie could see a set of stairs leading down to the access door from the outside and a wall with two doors in it on the far side.  A large fireplace dominated one wall. 
Junie barely noticed these things; her eyes were locked on the furnishings.  Ropes and pulleys hung from the rafters.  A heavy hand hewn X-shaped frame was placed in front of the fire place.  A straight backed wooden chair and a padded saw horse looking thing stood next to a rack holding a row of floggers, crops and paddles.  A narrow almost prison looking cot was pushed into one corner.  Handcuffs dangled ominously from its corners. 
Bob and Donna stood watching Junie as she stood frozen, her eyes scanned back and forth.  Junie swallowed convulsively and turned her eyes back at them.  Donna reached a gentle hand and stroked Junie's face.  “Only what you want.  We have told you that this is what we want.  I hope we want the same things.”
Junie had to swallow again.  “I want to try, Ma'am.”  A tiny giggle of nervousness bubbled up, almost a whimper.  She choked it down, catching it in her throat, taking a long shuddering breath.  “I am afraid though.”
Donna lifted her chin and looked deep into her brown eyes.  “Of course you are afraid.  This is a scary looking place.  But you are curious, too.  You want to find out about this.  You want to know if the feelings you have, these cravings you feel, if your darkest fantasies are what you truly want.”
Junie gazed mesmerized into Donna's hazel eyes.  She nodded mutely.
Donna took Junie's hand and led her into the room.  Her voice was penetrating hypnotic, “Look, Junie.  I know you think about being tied.  I know you wonder what it would be like to be spanked, whipped, tested to your limit and then beyond.  I want to do that for you.” 
Donna took Junie's hand and ran her fingers over the beams of the cross.  “You know what this is.”
Junie nodded, “I think so Ma'am.  It’s what they call a St. Andrew's cross?  I have seen pictures on the internet.”
Donna pressed her body against Junie's back forcing her to press her body against the wood.  Taking both Junie's hands in hers she lifted and spread them, holding them up against the wood.  “Spread your legs Junie; spread them as wide as mine.”  Donna's legs were spread wide.  Junie struggled to match her stance, but Donna's legs were much longer than hers. 
Junie realized she was breathing in short gasps, she could feel the wood pressing against her, the middle of the X pressed into her just under chest, her breasts were crushed against the wood.  The muscles of her inner thighs quivered with the tension of being spread wide.  She was intensely aware of Donna's body pressing against her, trapping and sheltering her. 
Bob moved around them and she realized he was measuring her.  Measuring how high up her hands could reach and how wide her legs were spread.  She met his eyes as he moved around the back side of the cross.  He grinned and winked.  “Do not look so frightened, Sweet Junie.  You know this is what you want.”
Junie took a deep shaky breath.  “Yes Sir.”  She tried to smile.
Donna eased up on her pressure and let Junie's arms down.  She murmured into Junie's ear, “Good girl.  Go ahead and move your feet back together now.”  She softly kissed the curve of Junie's neck. 
Bob continued.  “This is just a look round and a chance for me to get some measurements.  I built these things with Donna in mind and she is about six inches taller than you.”  He looked at Donna.  “I want to see how she fits on the bed.  I am going to need to modify some handcuffs or maybe add a length of chain.”
Donna kissed Junie's neck again and whispered.  “You heard your Master.  Get on the bed and lay on your back.”  She moved away, freeing Junie, urging her toward the narrow cot.  As Junie crawled up onto the thin mattress she realized it was covered in plastic and under it was a solid base.  It was like lying on a thinly upholstered table. 
Bob pulled her arms up over her head, “Scoot up Junie, scoot up until your hands are at the top corners.”  He took each of the handcuffs and snapped them around her wrists.  Junie felt the prickle of goose flesh spread down her arms as the cold metal touched skin. 
Bob moved to the foot of the bed and grasping her ankles pulled her down until her arms were stretched, the metal from the cuffs just starting to press into her flesh.  Her dress was pulled up to her hips.  Again he measured.  Donna sat on the edge of the bed and stroked Junie's arms, looking down at her face.  “You look so sweet and vulnerable right now.  How are you feeling?” 
Junie gazed up into her Mistress's eyes.  Her voice was breathless and quivering.  “My heart is racing, Ma'am.  I... um... feel scared and... um... very excited.”
“Excited?  Tell me about that.”
“My thoughts are racing, Ma'am.  I keep wondering what will happen next, what you are going to do to me.  My... my skin feels tingly, all pins and needles.  My pussy is hot and wet, every time you touch me it clenches.  I keep wishing you would kiss me.”
Donna leaned down, her lips hovering above Junie's.  She breathed softly, “Nice.  You excite me too, Sweet Junie.  My thoughts are racing too.  There are so many things I want to do to you.  It is difficult to make up my mind.  Each thought leads to a dozen more.  We will have so much fun together.  My pussy is just as hot and wet as yours.”  Junie whimpered and raised her face up but Donna barely let their lips brush against hers and pulled away. 
Bob unlocked the handcuffs and ordered, “Turn over on your belly and put your hands back up to the corners, Junie.”  He refastened the cuffs.  This time he did not pull her legs down, instead he lifted up her hips, “Up on your knees, raise your ass up high for me.  Spread your knees wider.”  Again he measured, “You are doing great.”  He slid his hand over her bottom, pushing her dress up to her waist, toying with the waistband of her panties.  He murmured, “Very pretty.  Very, very sexy.”  His fingers lightly stroked across the saturated cloth between her legs.  A quiver of excitement shot through Junie's frame. 
Bob chuckled, moved up and freed her hands.  “We are not quite done here.  Come to the foot of the bed and stand with your feet apart.”  Junie felt oddly disoriented and almost like a sleep walker.  She let him help her up and guide her to where he wanted her.  Bob pushed her feet apart and then holding to her waist he pushed her face down to the cot.  “Keep your legs straight and bend at the waist.  Yes like that.  Keep your back arched.  Show off that beautiful ass.” 
Again he pushed her dress up, his hands caressing her ass.  Slowly he slid her panties down, just past the full curve of her round cheeks.  He gripped them in his hands, digging his fingers into her orbs, squeezing and pulling them apart.  Junie could feel the cool air on her moist folds as he exposed her.  He pulled harder and Junie felt his thumbs spreading, opening her puckered brown star.  She breathed through her open mouth, forcing herself to relax.  Bob's voice was a deep growl.  “Very, very pretty.”  He let go of her and slowly stroked his hands across her wide fleshy bottom.  “Pretty and oh so spankable.  You want me to spank you don't you Junie.”
Junie's voice wavered, almost a whisper, “Yes, yes Sir.  I want that.”
Donna moved up to lie next to Junie's head where it rested on the bed.  Her face inches from Junie's.  “Let me hold your hands and look into your eyes.  Let me share this with you.”  Junie gripped Donna's hands and found herself sinking into Donna's eyes once more. 
Bob spoke softly, his hand still moving in warm soothing circles across her skin.  “This is about learning Junie.  We will start light and work our way up.  I absolutely require you to tell me if things get too hard.”
“Yes Sir.”
The first swats were light and barely stung.  Bob kept a steady rhythm of swat, caress, and swat again, carefully covering the whole area of Junie's bottom.  Keeping up the same predictable pace, he began to increase the force of each blow.  Junie began to blink and gasp with the stinging blows.  Bob praised, “You are doing a good job standing still, Junie.  Your bottom jiggles very nicely and your skin seems so eager to turn pink for me.”
Soon the sounds of his hand striking her flesh were loud pops, each one forcing a soft yelp from Junie.  Donna's eyes were intense and fascinated; she began to lightly kiss Junie's panting lips in between each blow.  “You are doing good Junie.  We are very pleased with you.”  It seemed to Junie that the sound of his hand was echoing through her mind.  A loud crack and then a heartbeat later a searing pain would cut through her conscience.  She found she was tensing in anticipation, rising up on her toes, her ass cheeks clenched.
Bob stopped and began to gently stroke her stinging bottom.  “Junie I want you to stop anticipating.  I want you to keep your bottom relaxed and soft.” 
Junie's voice was hoarse with unshed tears.  “Yes Sir.”  She forced herself to relax, breathing deeply through her open mouth. 
“Good girl.  I will wait until you are relaxed each time.  This is where we all learn about what you are capable of.”
Donna continued to kiss Junie's face, whispering, “So good, such a good girl.  I am so proud of you.”
This time the force of the blow lifted Junie right up onto her toes and she wailed and then for the first time sobbed.  Donna whispered, “Good girl, give me your tears.”  Her tongue was soft and warm, licking up the salty drops from Junie's cheeks. 
Bob spoke, “Okay, Junie, we are almost done, only ten more just like that.  Relax, good girl.” 
Donna whispered.  “Count with me, Junie.”
Somehow the knowledge that there was an end in sight made the last ten blows bearable.  Junie sobbed and choked as she counted with Donna.  After the last one Bob continued to stroke and caress Junie's bottom.  His touch moved to her thighs, slipping through the moisture that had spilled down her legs.  “You are very wet, Junie. This is very erotic for you isn't it?”  His fingers moved up and slid into her. 
A whimpering sob bubbled up, “Yes, oh god, yes.” 
“You want me to fuck you don't you, Junie?”  His fingers were lunging deep into her, his thumb strongly rubbing her clit. 
“Yes, yes fuck me.  Please, please fuck me.”  Her words were a strangled groan.  She could hear him putting on a condom and as he slid deep into her from behind, she felt herself stretch and accommodate him.  “Oh Sir, it’s been so long since I have had a cock in me.  Oh god, that feels so good.”
Bob growled and lunged against her, his fingers digging into her hips.  She could feel him push against her still stinging throbbing bottom, his cock deep inside her, nudging the very deepest part of her with each thrust.  Each plunge to her depths wrung a soft squeal from her lips. 
Donna took her mouth in hers, seeming to feed on Junie's cries of excitement.  Junie felt her body tensing and could feel the sweet tight feeling building in her legs, her cunt tightening almost unbearably around Bob's cock.  She pulled her lips from Donna's and whimpered.  “I am going to come.”
Donna spoke sharply.  “Junie, fight it.  Hold it off.  It’s time to learn to control it.  Wait for permission.”
Junie gasped and nodded, her hands clenching Donna's hands in desperation.  Donna whispered, “Don't tighten up, Junie; try to relax.  Breath through your mouth slow deep breaths, feel the orgasm building but don't let it go.”  She softly kissed Junie's cheeks and lips.  “You look so fucking hot.  Every time that big cock fucks into you, your whole face spasms with ecstasy, you mouth quivers, your pupils expand, and your sweet hot breath fills my mouth.”
Junie felt her whole body shaking with her impending explosion; deep warm tingles were crawling up her legs.  Just when she thought she could not keep it at bay, Bob grunted and lunged deep, snarling, “Fucking come now, bitch.  Come now!”
Junie tensed and arched, her whole body shuddering and jerking.  A red light flashed and lit up her brain.  Beyond words she groaned loud and deep into Donna's mouth.  It seemed an eternity of soft spasms and sweet aftershocks with Bob gently easing himself slowly back and forth, savoring their finish, before she could find her words, “Oh my fucking god.  Thank you. I have never in my life felt anything like that.  Thank you, Sir.”  She kissed Donna reverently.  “Thank you, Ma'am.”
Bob pulled out and pulled her panties back up.  “You are very welcome, little lady.”  He carefully removed the condom and sat on the bed next them.  Junie instantly moved up to take him into her mouth, licking and sucking him clean.  A soft happy moan bubbled up from her throat.
When she was satisfied that he was completely clean she sighed, “Thank you again, Sir, I like to do that.”
Bob chuckled.  “I am glad you like it.  I have to admit, I fucking love it.” 
Donna stroked her hair.  “You were awesome, Sweet Junie.  Your face is so expressive.  You did a good job controlling your orgasm.”  
“Thank you, Ma’am.  But if Bob had not said for me to come when he did, I think I would have failed.”  Junie felt a wave of sleepiness.  She stifled a yawn and then giggled.  “I think you guys have about fucked me to sleep.”
Donna smiled and kissed Junie on the forehead.  “Let’s get ready for bed.  It’s been a very long day.”
All three snuggled up in the master bedroom, Bob in the middle, his arms around both Junie and Donna as they cuddled up on either side.  He gloated, “I feel like a very lucky Master.”  Junie lay drifting, half awake, fighting off sleep for as long as possible, savoring the joy of being held, of actually, finally sleeping with someone again.  Her heart swelled with love and happiness.

It was still dark when Junie woke.  She was on her side; intensely aware of Bob spooned against her back, his arm around her, one of her breasts cupped in his hand, his fingers idly tugging at her nipple.  She stretched and trembled, each tug making her cunt clench.  She twisted in his arms, turning to face him.  Her voice was soft whisper, “Good morning, Sir.”
He put his fingers to her lips, hushing her.  She gently untangled herself from his arms and eased herself out from under the covers and tiptoed to the bathroom.  Bob was standing outside the door as she came out.  He pushed her back in and followed her inside.  His voice was soft as he leaned over the toilet, peeing with a relaxed matter of fact attitude that defused any shyness that Junie was feeling.  “Good morning, Junie.  Let’s try and let Donna sleep.  She is not such an early morning person.” 
“What time is it, Sir?”
“It’s a little after 5:00 am.  Do you want to sleep some more?”
“Not really, Sir.  I usually wake up around this time most mornings.”
“Me too; let’s go make a pot of coffee.” 
Junie tiptoed into the guest room and pulled on her knit shorts, tank top, and almost as a second thought, her athletic shoes.  Her feet were still sore from yesterday.  She brushed her teeth and ran a quick comb through her hair.
Bob was in the kitchen, dressed in jeans and a khaki work shirt, grinding some coffee beans as she came in.  Once the coffee was brewing, Bob invited her out to help feed the dogs.  “It’s something you will end up doing a lot so you might as well learn how to do it now.”
Bob showed her where the food was and how to make the retrievers sit and wait.  “Always feed Sunny first.  He is boss dog.  He would be very insulted if you fed anyone else before him.  He would feel forced to bully them to put them in their place.  Feed the girls next and Bump last.” 
After they were done eating he let them out and they took them for a quick walk.  “I have taught them to piss and shit out in the woods.  Sunny will still mark some around the property, especially if one of the girls is in season, but other than that they are all pretty good about it.  It saves on having to clean up after them.  I think it helps keep the coyotes and bears off the property too.” 
Together they walked back up to the house.  Bob sat on the front porch with the dogs.  “Bring us some coffee out here, Junie.”  When Junie brought the two steaming cups out, Bob was briskly brushing Sunny's coat out with a curry brush.  Junie set the cup down next to him.  “These guys shed more or less all year round.  I try and keep on top of it or it gets to be a huge chore.”
“They have beautiful coats.”  Junie sipped her coffee and gazed out over the lake.  She was a little surprised when Honey quietly walked up and very gently pushed her nose under her hand, gazing up at her, clearly begging to be petted.  Junie spoke softly to Honey, “Hey, pretty lady.”  She looked at Bob.  “Is it okay to pet her, Sir?”
Bob looked up.  He grinned.  “That one is a pest sometimes.  She loves attention.  She is pregnant and I think the hormones make her even more demanding.  Go ahead and pet her.”  Bob looked thoughtful and handed Junie the curry brush.  “Better yet, go ahead and brush her coat.  Tell her 'stand', she knows what that means.  I will go get another brush from the garage.  It will be nice to have someone to share this chore with.”
Junie held the brush and told Honey to stand.  Honey promptly stood up, her tail wagging softly, clearly happy to be brushed.  When Bob came back with a second curry brush, Junie exclaimed, “She really likes being brushed, Sir.” 
“Like I said, she loves attention.  You could pull her ears and she would beg for more.”
Junie continued to brush Honey, cooing to her.  “Yes, you do.  You love attention.  I can tell.  It’s written all over your pretty doggy face and your soulful brown eyes.  When I was pregnant I wanted more attention too.  We brown eyed kids got to stick together.”
Bob laughed out loud.  “Brown eyed kids.  I like that.”
Junie giggled.  “Should I call you Daddy, Sir?”
Bob's blue eyes sparkled.  “You do love flirting with me.  But no, I think we will save that for fun and games.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Junie patted Honey briskly.  “You are all done, pretty momma.  Let someone else have a turn.”  Bob was brushing Bump so Junie called to Maddy.  Maddy stood and looked at Bob and then at Junie. 
Bob looked up.  “That one is not so easy to make friends with.  She is the most willful of the four.  Just call her.  Tell her to come.  Don't ask her to.”
This time Junie put a little more weight and edge to her voice.  “Maddy come.”
Again Maddy looked at Bob.  Junie heard Bob growl under his breath.  Maddy's ears and tail drooped and she slunk over to Junie.  Junie stroked Maddy's head.  “Don't be so stubborn.  We are going to be great friends.  You will see.”  Junie began to brush the soft smooth golden fur.  When she was finished she lifted up Maddy's chin and looked deep into her eyes.  “See that wasn't so bad.”
“Could I refill your coffee cup, Sir?”
“That would be nice, but first take a cup into Donna.  It’s getting close to the time she usually wakes up.”
“Yes, Sir.”  Picking up his cup she headed in.  Carefully balancing a cup on a saucer she walked silently into the bedroom.  She hesitated for a minute, unsure if she was supposed to wake up Donna or just leave the cup for her to find. 
She carefully put the coffee on the night stand and looked down at Donna sleeping, curled in her habitual little ball.  Her long red hair had pulled loose from its usual braid and was tousled around her face.  Junie sank down to her knees beside the bed and rested her chin on her arms, gazing into her Mistress's face. 
It was not long when Donna opened her eyes and smiled sleepily.  “Hey there, Sweetie.  What a nice thing to open my eyes to first thing in the morning.  Give me a kiss, pretty girl.”
Junie leaned forward and gently pressed her lips to Donna's.  “Good Morning, Ma'am.  I have brought you a cup of coffee.”
Junie piled up some pillows and handed the coffee to Donna once she sat up.  “Master is waiting for another cup, Ma'am.  I will be right back.”
“Good girl.”
Junie practically scampered out with Bob's coffee.  She gave a little curtsy.  “If there is nothing Sir requires at the moment, I will go and serve my Mistress.”
Bob laughed.  “Oh aren't you having fun!”
Junie giggled and nodded enthusiastically. 

When she got back to the bedroom Donna was in the bathroom.  The door was open and Junie could see her pulling out the rest of her braid.  “Please, Ma'am, could I brush your hair?” 
Donna looked startled and then nodded.  “Yes, I would like that.” 
Junie lovingly brushed out the long red hair, “Are you planning to shower this morning, Ma'am?” 
Donna looked thoughtful.  “Yes, I think I will.  I think we are planning to head to town to do a few things.  I might as well shower now.”
“Would Ma'am allow me to bathe her?”
Donna looked down at Junie, her smile getting wider, she repeated, “I would like that.”
Junie giggled in delight and stripped off her clothes.  Starting the shower running she stood to one side and then followed Donna in.  The tiled shower was large, with plenty of room for two and a built in bench to sit down on.  Junie took the hand held shower head and began to wash Donna.  She slowly sensually massaged the shampoo and then the conditioner into Donna's hair. 
After that she carefully lathered Donna, she asked, “Would Ma'am like me to shave her?”
“That would be sexy as hell.”
Junie giggled and took the safety razor and shaved Donna's armpits, and then kneeling between her legs she lifted one of Donna's legs and spreading moisturizer across the tender flesh, she meticulously shaved her perfectly smooth.  Each place she shaved, she boldly kissed and licked, checking for any invisible stray hairs.
Donna gasped and shivered.  “Yes, sexy as hell.”  But as soon as Junie was done shaving she pushed her face away.  “That is enough, Sweet Junie, go on and shave my legs and let’s get something together for breakfast.”
After Donna exited the shower Junie hurriedly cleaned and shaved herself.  “Thank you for letting me help you in the shower, Ma'am.  It made me feel very happy to serve you like that.”
“You are going to spoil me rotten.”
“That would be a privilege, Ma'am.”
“Well this soon to be spoiled Mistress is in the mood for oatmeal.”
“With raisins, Ma'am?”
“Yum.”  Donna sat down in front of the mirror and picked up a comb. 
“Could I braid your hair please, Ma'am.  I haven't had a chance to do a nice French braid since my girl moved to her Father's.  You have such pretty hair.”  Donna happily handed her the hairbrush.

Bob and Donna sat at the table and sipped coffee as Junie made breakfast.  As Junie sliced the loaf of dense whole wheat bread for toast, she asked, “Did you make this bread?”
“No, we buy it at a local organic bakery.”
Junie tasted a thin slice and made a face.  “It would be better if it was fresher, Ma'am.”
Donna looked at her quizzically.  “We will be going to town this morning.  We can stop by the bakery.”
“Ma'am, I know how to bake our bread.”
“Oh I see where this is going, Junie, why did you talk around this so?”
Junie looked uncomfortable.  “Um...”  She took a deep breath.  “I am sorry, Ma'am, I guess I am afraid that I sort of take over things, especially when it comes to house things.”  Her voice was dwindling down to a stammer.  Her face was red.  “I am afraid I might start getting... um, bossy?”
Donna stood up and took hold of a handful of Junie's hair, turning her face up to hers.  “Do you honestly believe I would let you ever get away with any disrespect in this house?”  Her tone was glacial.
“N... no, Ma'am.”
Donna forced Junie down to her knees.  “Then trust us, Junie, stop being afraid.  Trust us to help you be a better person.  I promise to keep you on such a fucking short leash that you will never ever get too far over any line.  If you have a question, ask it respectfully.  We will either say yes or no and you will obey.  Do you understand?”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
Donna let go of Junie's hair and stroked her face.  “Good girl.  Now go make my oatmeal.”
Junie smiled a tremulous smile and scrambled back to her feet, “Yes, Ma'am.”

As Donna sat back down, Bob leaned over and kissed her.  “That was very good, my goddess.  Her insecurity comes from her fears of her own weaknesses.  She fears failing us, failing herself.  She needs to know you will be there to protect her from herself.” 
Junie listened as she finished up breakfast, wondering to herself why she found his manner of speaking about her like she wasn't there so comforting.  All she knew was the clamor of indecision and nervousness that had come up when she was talking about the bread was gone.  In its place was a kind of a calm focus.  Junie smiled softly to herself.  She knew she would probably still experience the same little episodes of nervousness and shyness.  But right now, with the clear memory of her Mistress's hand in her hair, her strong icy voice telling her exactly what to do, Junie knew that she wasn't alone in her struggle with her demons. 
Junie felt her eyes fill with happy tears and took a deep shuddering sigh.  Instantly Donna's eyes turned to her, measuring and assessing.    Their eyes met briefly and both smiled.  Junie silently whispered, “Thank you.”  Donna nodded and turned back to Bob.
As Junie put the oatmeal, toast and juice on the table, Bob had a notepad and a pen and was writing down some things.  “I want to stop by the hardware store and get some things.  It’s Saturday, the farmers market will be going.  We should stop by there and see what’s new.”  He looked up at Junie, “The main reason for going to town is to get AIDS tested.  They have the rapid oral test available at our doctor's clinic.  I made a call yesterday afternoon and they say we can just walk in.  We can get results in less than an hour.” 
Donna looked at Junie with a serious expression, “Bob and I have decided to trust that you have told us the truth that you have not had any sexual partners in the last year.  Are you willing to trust the same for us?  It will be your decision.  There is always the chance that someone is not being truthful, and is infected.  It takes up to six months for someone to test positive.”
“Of course I believe you, Ma'am.”
“All this is probably unnecessary but it’s a good demonstration of all our commitment to keeping each other safe.”
Bob looked at his list.  “Anything else?”
Donna added, “Let’s stop by the co-op and see if there is anything there that Junie needs to stage her coup in the kitchen.”
“My coup?”
“Your take over, your domination of the dishwasher, your dictatorship all things delectable.”
Junie blushed and giggled, “My seduction of all things succulent?”
Bob groaned and roared, “Stop, stop now.”
Junie kept giggling and bounced in her little curtsy, “As you command, my Master.”  She quickly bustled around the kitchen, cleaning up the last few dishes and wiping off the counters.  “Is there anything specific that you need me to do around the house before we go to town, Ma'am?”
Donna looked thoughtful.  “Not that I can think of.”
“I will do some light cleaning then, Ma'am.  I will be ready to leave whenever you call.”
Bob stood up.  “Good breakfast, Junie, thank you.  I am going to take a shower and shave.”
Junie paused and grinned.  “I could come help, Sir.” 
Bob grinned a lusty leer.  “I would not get anything done all day with you running around naked.  Let me take a rain check on that.”
Junie put on her silly pout face and then grinned.  “Rain check on file, Sir.” 
Bob put on a mock look of concern.  “Why am I getting the feeling that you will hold me to my words?  I am going to be constantly in debt to you, aren't I, flirt?”
Junie's face was suddenly serious, “Sir, you and Donna have already given me so much, that there is no way I could even the balance.”
Bob gathered Junie into his arms.  “Sweet Junie, we were just joking around.  There is no way to measure human relationships.  We are all giving and taking all the time.  It is too complex and subtle to measure.  In some ways, you know that better than I.  As a natural submissive you know how much the act of giving, serving, submitting feeds your soul.  It is why you were so sad and lonely.  You had no one to give to.”
Junie sighed and melted into his arms, letting his words flow over her.  She rubbed her face on his chest and inhaled his scent. 
Bob lifted his head and looked down at her.  “Are you listening to me?”
“Oh yes, Sir.”  Junie repeated his last few words, “That’s why I was so sad and lonely.  I had no one to give to.”  She squirmed against him.  “Just thinking about giving, Sir.  Yes, giving and giving and giving.”
Donna looked up from the table.  “Junie, let him go get a shower.  You are going to wear him out.”
Junie jumped back.  “I am sorry, Sir.”
“Apology accepted, flirt.”

Junie kept herself busy, changing sheets, dusting, sweeping.  At Donna's prompt, she carried out the recycling and the small amount of garbage that was not recyclable to Bob and Donna's hybrid SUV.  She was in the basement putting a load of laundry in the washing machine, when Donna came in.  “We will be leaving pretty soon.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
Junie ran upstairs and pulled on the slacks and light blouse she had laid out for herself.  She ran a quick brush through her hair.  She looked at herself in the mirror, toying briefly with the idea of putting on makeup.  She muttered to herself.  “No time for that.”

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