Friday, March 18, 2011

March Questions: Three

Our little monkey asked...

How much physical damage is too much, for you? What are your limits on that? How much is too much? Where do you and yours draw the line? Bad bruising, welts, drawing blood, marks lasting a few days , or a few weeks, permanent scarring? What are your feelings on this topic? Does you master have limits on how marked up he will make you?

I will answer the last question first... Master is in charge of all limits of the play and resulting marks and he has a strong, clear dislike of any kind of marks.  He likes the red glow and lately seems to be interested and very much enjoying "lighting up" certain specific portions of ones anatomy.  But bruises, blisters, etc... anything that is there the next morning are viewed with a frown and narrowed eyes.  (LOL... at times I feel like he blames me when that happens.  As if I intentionally lose control of my capillaries.)

My personal preference?  I love the lingering pain that comes with the bruises and welts, but don't necessarily like the way they look.  Though, sometimes I like looking at them because it reminds me that Master IS the one in charge and CAN do such things to my body.   

I don't care much about a little blood, but I think a lot might freak me out.  I know that the few times I have seen intentional permanent scarring on other people, I flinch... it offends my aesthetic.  Perhaps if it was prettier??? But it seems like the scars are irregular, asymmetrical.... just not pretty.  I am enough of a princess to want it to be pretty.   


  1. Yeah, I agree about scarring. Nice answer...


  2. Thank you. I happen to agree about the permanent scarring, also.

    W used to look at me like that, as if I had bruised on purpose. I appreciate you and your unruly cappilaries being so forthcoming.

  3. In my opinion, more that "red" is "dead"! I would NOT like to be responsible for intentional marks!!


  4. i feel the same way about the lingering bruises and welts; it seems, though, to actually creep Master out sometimes, when He leaves really visible ones!