Saturday, March 12, 2011

Serial Saturday NORTHWEST HUNTERS Book One, Chapter Two

Chapter 2:  Rescue

Donna walked into the office.  She had a happy smile on her face.  “You were so sweet to her.  I really like the idea of having us call her after her time with that guy.  We can reward her.  She will associate us with feeling better.”
Bob stood and stretched.  “You were listening?”
Donna laughed.  “I didn't say I was hanging up.  I just said I was going to let her talk with just you.  Pisses me off that he is only letting her orgasm once a week, other than their play time.  Sounds like a selfish bastard.”
“She won't be with him much longer.  I would not be surprised if she calls it off before we tell her to.  I personally don't like the idea of her posting nude pictures.  She is right, it can backfire on her.”
“You have her agreeing to listen to you about that.  You can delay her decision until it won't be hers to make anymore.  You are a devious, hungry, old dog to ask her to send them to you.”
“I just hope that she is wearing panties.”  Bob pulled Donna to him and swatted her firmly on her ass.  “You know you will always be my goddess.” 
Donna sighed and melted against him.  “I love you.”

Email received the next morning.

Dear Master Bob and Mistress Donna,
I enjoyed talking with you last night on the telephone. 
Attached are the pictures that Sir James has wanted me to post. 
I have a question.  Sir James punishes me by making me kneel alone in the dark for long periods of time, refusing to call me, or not allowing me to have orgasms during our play times.  It seems like he has been talking a lot about punishments lately.   
What kinds of punishments would you give me if you decide I deserve them?
Off to work.  I hope you have a happy day.
I am looking forward to talking to you later tonight.

Happily Obedient,

There was an attachment of six pictures of a small voluptuous Junie.  She looked absolutely terrified, smiling a tight artificial smile that did not reach her huge frightened eyes.  Donna thought she was wearing way too much makeup. 
She was completely nude, trying to pose in a series of seductive albeit demure positions, standing, sitting, and reclining, her legs always carefully closed.  Despite her obvious nudity, there was a quality of innocence, old-fashioned reserve, even cheesecake.  She had puffy brown cunt lips that hid her inner pink folds.  Her heavy breasts resting on her soft rounded belly and wonderful, wide hips and large, round bottom made her look like sculptures of an ancient fertility goddess.
Donna murmured, “She is a shy little nymph, a perfect little earth mother.  Can't you just see her, with her face clean, peeking out around a tree trunk, deep in the forest, ferns in her hair?”
Bob nodded.  “She is something, isn't she?  I wish she didn't look so afraid.”
“Tell her that.  After you get done raving about her body, tell her that because she looks unhappy, the pictures don't do her justice.”
“She sure is cute though and such a fine round bottom.  It will be so nice to spank.  She did ask about punishments.  Do you want to answer that one or should I?”
Donna laughed, “I think I better answer this one.”

Dear Sweet Junie,
Bob and I got your email and pictures.  You are so sweet in those pictures.  You have such beautiful body, so full and rich.  Such wonderful curves, you look like an earth mother.  How could anyone resist wanting to cuddle up to you? 
You tried so hard to smile and look comfortable but I could tell you were so uncomfortable.  Your pretty eyes looked so frightened.  I am sure when you talk to Bob; he will talk to you about that. 
You asked about punishments.  So far I have not played with many subs and I have never punished someone that had disobeyed me, so I am not sure how exactly I would react until the situation is at hand.  Bob will be overseeing my progress in topping you and being your Mistress.  Your safe words will still always be there for you to use.
I can tell you that Bob is a strong believer in immediate consequences.  My theory is that he has been training dogs for too long and deep in his heart, he still believes that the consequence for any action must be closely matched in time to the transgression for it to have the most impact.  It seems like immediacy is paramount over ritual in this. 
What he does exactly is widely variable and ingeniously appropriate to the misdeed.  Too much talking and I had both his smelly socks in my mouth all one afternoon.  Get too bratty and you will be over his knee, and realizing that not all spankings are fun in a nanosecond.  Once I was not paying attention to him and he picked me up and threw me into the lake before I knew what was going on.  Each and every one of his “punishments” fit the transgression and left me better for having experienced them.
We have been together what seems our whole lives.  I know how he ticks and usually how far to push him.  I don't get punished very often anymore.  I will be there with you.  If you make mistakes, it will be because I have made errors in your training and as such Bob has made it clear I will be sharing any consequences you earn. 

Mistress Donna

It was almost 11:00 pm when Donna saw that Junie had logged onto her computer and turned on her instant messenger.

Donna:  Sweet Junie, is it okay for me to call you now?
Junie:  Yes, Ma'am.

When Junie answered the phone her voice was dull and fogged with tears and exhaustion.  Donna did not like the hopelessness in her voice.

“Junie, is this how you always feel after playing with Sir James?”
“No, Ma'am.”
“Did something happen?”
Soft sobs came over the phone.  Donna could hear Junie trying to answer, but the words were impossible to understand.
“Slow down, Sweet Junie.  If you can't talk, just breathe and cry.  I will be here with you until you can talk.”
After several of minutes of tears, Junie managed to choke out.  “I am sorry, Ma'am, it just... it’s just...  He lied to me.  He has been lying to me the whole time.  He made me lie to you...”  Junie broke down in sobs again.
Donna felt a pang of alarm, “It’s okay, Sweetie, go ahead tell me about it.”
Junie coughed and took a deep shaky breath.  “He was really angry when he found out I had not posted the pictures.  When I told him that Bob wanted to talk to me about it first, he just lost it.  He told me he never meant for me to become your sub.  He said I was just bait for bigger fish.  He said he was playing a trick on me, testing me, fucking with my mind.” 
“He told me tonight that I can't talk to you anymore.  He said... he said...”  Junie strangled down another sob.  “He said that you guys weren't real.  That nobody would really want me.  When I tried to use the positive words, he screamed at me, called me fat and old and useless and stupid.  He is right, I have been so stupid.”
Donna put the phone on mute and called to Bob.  “Get on the extension.  That bastard has got our girl all torn up.  Honey, please just listen, she doesn't need both of us badgering her with questions.”
Donna turned on the phone again and cooed and murmured over the phone.  “You know that we are real, don't you, baby?  You know that he is wrong.  He was just trying to hurt you, make you weak, so he could control you.  You don't have to listen to that.  You can tell him no.”
Junie began to sob louder, almost hysterically.  “I can't.  He won't let me.  He said if I tried, he would hurt me.”
Donna felt the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.  All her protective instincts were running on high.  “What did he threaten you with, Junie?”
“He said he would send my pictures to my family and my work.  He said he knows where I live.  He says he knows someone in this town who would come here and hurt me.” 
Donna forced her voice to remain calm and businesslike.  “Do you think he really is capable of doing those things?” 
“I don't know.  He sounded so mad.  I don't know how he would find my family to give them the pictures, but he does know my address.  He mails me things sometimes.  And it wouldn't be too hard to figure out my work.”
“I wouldn't worry too much about losing your job.  You don't work directly with children so they probably wouldn't care about things like that.  Anyway I strongly suspect you are going to be quitting your job soon.  Are you afraid to be home alone?”
“A little, but I do live in a locked apartment building with security cameras.”
“Okay, Sweetie, but if you get scared don't hesitate to do anything and everything to keep yourself safe.  Call the cops.  Call Bob or me.  Now tell me everything you know about this James.  Personal things, like addresses, work, and phone numbers.  He thinks he is a big man, trying to scare you with threats.  We might need to turn things around on him.”
“I do know his mailing address.  He put his return address on a package he sent me one time.  I think he forgot or was feeling more trusting.  He told me later to destroy it, but I didn't.  I just wanted something to feel closer to him.  I have a phone number, but I am pretty sure it is a prepaid cell phone number.  He is a preacher or something like that.  I have a picture of him in a... um... sort of undressed and excited state.”
“His address will be more than enough and the church thing will give us lots of leverage if we need it.”
“I am not even sure his name is James, Ma'am.”
“I would not be surprised if it was.  I can tell you are calming down.  You are remembering to call me Ma'am.”
“Yes, a little, Ma'am.”
“So I am gathering that you did not know he wasn't serious about you finding a new Master and Mistress.”
“No, Ma'am.  I really thought he was serious about giving me to you.    Instead, now, I got the impression that he was thinking about using me to get to you guys somehow.  I am not sure exactly, it was just something about me being small fry, bait, trolling for bigger fish?”
“Then you did not lie.  You were tricked and I think that the trick has backfired.  You are not going to obey him anymore are you?  You are going to keep talking to both Bob and me, aren't you?”
“Yes, Ma'am.  I am terribly afraid, but nothing could stop me from talking to you.  I am a little worried that he would retaliate against you as well.”
“Don't worry about us.  We have been pretty careful about keeping our identities private.  And we have done nothing illegal and it would have very little impact on our lives if our lifestyle was made public.”  Donna laughed softly.  “Folks in town think we are pretty crazy already.  It would be the best gossip for them.”
“He said he will never let me go.”
“Do you want to be free of him?”
“More than anything!”  For the first time Donna heard anger in Junie's voice.
“Sweet sweet Junie, your submission is a gift.  All you have to do is take it back.  Without that gift, he cannot be your Master, Dom, or even your friend anymore.  He never was your friend.  Will you accept me as your Mistress?  Just for now, so you won't feel abandoned, so you won't feel lost, will you give that gift to me?”
“Really?  Oh, Mistress Donna, I want that so much.  I want it forever, but I will be happy with just for now.” 
“Junie, what are you doing right now?”
“I was pacing my apartment when I was crying, but now I am sitting on my couch, wrapped up in my blanket.”
“How are you feeling?”
“I am kind of cold.  I was all sweaty and now I am feeling chilled.  My head kind of aches and my back and bottom hurt, sting, and burn, Ma'am.”
“Keep wrapped up in that blanket.  You did not play with that bastard did you?”
“Play?  He said I had to be punished for my stupidity, for believing you, and for disobeying him about the pictures.  He made me hurt myself.  He made me hit myself over and over with a belt.  He made me repeat things, ugly things about myself.  I believe he thinks I am going to obey him.  He said he would look for the pictures to be posted tomorrow and if they weren't, he would post them himself, with my real name and address.  He said he would have his friend come visit me.  He said he owed this guy a fuck.  He said that once that guy got here, I would really learn obedience.”  Junie's voice began to tremble.  “Maybe I should just post them.”
“Let’s not worry about that right now.  Are you hurt at all?” 
“I think I am bruised.  He kept telling me to hit harder and faster.  In the end he made me use the buckle end of the belt.  He said I wasn't crying loud enough.”
“Oh, Sweet Junie, he had you totally terrified.”
Junie whimpered.  “I was so afraid he would do what he said, send my pictures to my work, people I have to see every day, or my babies.”
“Junie, even if he rented a fucking billboard and put your pictures up by the freeway, there is no reason to allow him to force you to do things you don't want to do.  Junie, sweet dear Junie, step to one side, put aside the fear and the shyness.  What is the worst thing that can happen if he does all the things he has threatened to do?”
“He could have someone hurt me, Ma'am.”
“Okay, that would be really bad.  But I believe he is full of hot air on that one.  If he was all that bad of a guy, he wouldn't be hiding from his bridge playing wife.”
Junie giggled.  “True, he always seemed very scared of her, Ma'am.”
“So you have all tomorrow off and the whole weekend.  What did you have planned?”
“Not a whole lot, Ma'am.  Bob mentioned something about exercise to help with the sad feelings.  I probably was going to sew.  I was looking forward to talking with you more.”
“Would you like to meet for lunch tomorrow?”
“Oh, Ma'am, really?”
“You pick out a nice, quiet, easy to find place and Bob and I will meet you there.  Just for a get to know you talk.”
Junie named a restaurant and gave Donna the address.  “It’s a nice, quiet, little place, and the food is nice and fresh.  If the weather is nice, we can eat on the deck maybe.”
“Okay, sweet thing, make sure your door is locked and don't answer it for anyone.  Here is my number if you need me.  Call anytime, but if you think you are in danger, don't call me, call the cops.”
“Yes, Ma'am, what should I wear?”
“Wear what you are comfortable in.  Something that makes you feel pretty.  For Bob's sake, make sure the panties are sexy.  He won't be getting to look, but at least we can have his imagination all on fire.”
Junie giggled.  “Yes, Ma'am.”
“Remember; call me if there is any problem.  You are mine now.  It is your responsibility to keep me informed as to your well being.”
“Oh yes, Ma'am.”
“First thing I want you to remember is any and all rules that you have been obeying for that bastard are null and void.”
“Okay, Ma'am.”
“I wish I could be there to hold you.  Oh, and damn it, I forbid you to communicate with that bastard James.  No email, no instant messaging, no phone calls.  Bob and I will be doing all of that.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
“Before you go to sleep, send me all the info you have on this James and be sure to include the picture.  I want the phone number too.  I think calling him at some point may be a good idea.”

After she hung up, Bob came out of the kitchen.  He looked furious.  “It was nearly fucking impossible to not jump in and talk.  But, I agree, she needed to talk to one of us, not the both of us.”
“We have his mailing address and a picture of him.  I would like to have a private detective go out and see if this is the right place.  Maybe take a couple of pictures of him at his house and maybe at his church?  It would make his asshole clench right up if he got a couple of those in his email.”
“My angry goddess, you have the vicious, devious nature to be really good at this.  You go ahead and handle this.  Just keep me informed.  I will do all the direct communicating with this guy.  He will be more likely to listen to a man.”
“Agreed, if I get right on it, we should have pictures of him, his house, and maybe his church by morning.  It will be a nice little present for him to find in his email.”
Donna had no trouble hiring a detective.  She offered a significant financial incentive to him for getting her the information she needed as quickly as possible.
She spent almost all night on the phone with him making arrangements.  Within a couple of hours the detective was able to confirm that the house address existed and the title was registered to a James Conrad.  He did a drive by of the house and ran the license plate of a large white Cadillac parked out front and found it registered to an Agnes Conrad.  There was a bumper sticker on the car for a local Baptist church.
There was a web page for the church and the pictures of the pastor matched the picture that Junie sent her, barring the fact that the picture that Junie sent her had him wearing a cowboy hat, a pair of leather chaps, a hard on, and not much else.
The detective had already sent her pictures of the house and the church. 
“He was not very careful was he?”  Bob commented as he looked over her shoulder at the things she was writing down on a yellow legal tablet. 
“I still want pictures of him and his wife in their yard.”  Donna was running on pure anger and adrenaline, that and almost a whole pot of coffee. 
“Don't take everything away from him.  We should keep him afraid of what he might lose.”
“You are right.  I just want to scare the fuck out of him.”
“That is my privilege.”  Bob's voice was low and determined.

Bob had never enjoyed writing an email as much as he enjoyed writing this one.  He had fun cutting and pasting the semi-nude picture of James into the image of the church website he had downloaded.  It was pathetically obscene.

Dear Sir James, or should I say, Pastor James Conrad,
It seems you never intended for Junie become my sub.  She tells me that you have told her to stop communicating with me.
It seems you have threatened her with embarrassment and personal harm if she does not obey you.
You have fucked with the wrong guy, Pastor James.  I know where you live.  I know where you work.  I know how much more you have to lose than our little Junie, OUR Junie, NOT yours.
Already today, I have had a private detective watching your home.  He is out there now.  Go ahead look out your window.  Wave.  Maybe you should introduce Agnes to him. 
You will have no further communication with Junie.  You will not post any pictures of her on any website.  Ideally you should delete and destroy any and all information you have about Junie, but there is no way for me to confirm this, beyond trusting you.  And we both know how trustworthy you are. 
If you try to communicate with Junie ever again, I will personally make sure that your neighborhood and your church's neighborhood are plastered with this dirty picture of you in your kinky leather pants and your pathetic erection.
If you are able to comply with this, all this will be forgotten.  Junie will go on with her life and you with yours.  No harm, no foul.
If I do not hear from you in the next hour, I will have the private detective knock on your front door.  He will suggest to you, or perhaps Agnes, that you should check your email.

Do not ever fuck with me or mine ever again.

James Conrad's answer was almost instant and panicked.  Bob was roaring in laughter. 

Oh my god, please don't get pissed or anything.  I understand.  It’s just that I already sent someone over to Junie's to scare her.  I can't get a hold of him.  He is just going to put something on her car.  I promise it won't happen again. 
Get that guy out from in front of my house.  He keeps smiling and waving.  My wife is asking questions.
I promise to never contact Junie again.  You can have her.

Still laughing Bob stood up from the computer and swept Donna up into his arms.  “You are a gem.  If there ever is something I need to do in a hurry, I will know who to call.  This guy has literally shit his pants.  Let the detective know he can go home.  Give him a big bonus.  And call Junie.  Let her know that she might find something on her car, but everything is taken care of.”
Donna gloated, “Look, he isn't talking in capitals anymore.”

When she answered the phone, Junie's voice was tired.  “Ma'am?” 
“I am sorry to wake you up so early.  I just wanted to tell you I have taken care of everything.  Bob and I did a little research and found out that this James bastard wasn't very careful.  We know his name.  We know what church he is the pastor for.  We already have been in communication with him.”
“I wasn't sleeping.  I can't sleep, Ma'am, but that's wonderful.  Is he going leave me alone?” 
“He is very willing to leave you alone in return for us not outing him to his wife and congregation.  He did confess that someone has put something on your car during the night.  I don't want you to freak out.  It happened before we could convince him of the folly of his ways.  He is scared shitless at the moment.”
Junie giggled.  “Good.  You are amazing, Ma'am.  I am so lucky to have found you.  I can't begin to thank you enough.”
“It was meant to be, Sweet Junie.  Try to rest.  We will see you soon.”
“How can I rest thinking about that?”

Junie was almost a half an hour late arriving at the restaurant.  She was wearing the same little yellow dress that she had on in the first picture she sent them.  She looked grim and frightened, but when she spied Bob and Donna sitting in the sunshine on the deck, her face lit up and she held out her hands to them as she walked up.  “I am sorry I am late...” she hesitated and looked around, uncertain, “um... Sir and Ma'am.”
Donna stood, took her hand, and pulled her into a hug.  She whispered in her ear.  “Just call us Bob and Donna in public.” 
Junie sighed and melted against Donna for the briefest of seconds and then stood back and smiled.  “Okay, Donna.”
Bob stood and pulled out a chair, his eyes drinking her in.  “Sit down, Sweet Junie.” 
“Thank you, Bob.”
“How was your morning?”
“Pretty bad.  Whoever James sent did not leave something 'on' my car.  He left something 'in' my car.  Whoever it was, broke my driver’s side window, put this in my car, and then pissed on my front seat.”  She dropped a plastic zip lock bag with a stained yellow piece of paper and a vicious looking knife in it on the table.  Junie's cheeks were scarlet and her big brown eyes were filled with tears.  “The knife was stabbed through the picture, right through my...”  She stopped, took a deep breath, and pressed her lips together, trying not to cry.
Donna scooted her chair close to Junie and put her arms around her.  “Don't worry, baby, we will fix it.  We will never let anyone hurt you.”
Junie whispered, “They wrote on the picture.  They said they were looking forward to when James sold me to them to fuck.”
Bob spoke up.  “No wonder that bastard was so scared in his email to me.  He has definitely stepped way over the line.”
Donna grinned evilly.  “I think someone is going to need a new car.  This one has too many bad memories.  And I know exactly who is going to pay for it.  Give me your cell phone, Junie.  He already knows your number.  We don't need to let him know mine.”
Junie handed her cell to Donna.  Donna dialed and then handed the phone to Bob.  Bob had a very predatory look on his face. 

The man's voice that answered sounded confused and frightened.  “Junie?”
“Oh I am sorry, Pastor James, you are not ever going to be speaking to Junie ever again.  This is Bob.  You remember me.  Don't fuck with me and mine Bob!”
“Oh god.  You said no harm, no foul.  Why are you calling me?”
“You slimy foul asshole!  Who did you send to terrorize Junie this morning?  They did a hell of a lot more than put something on her car.”
“It was just a guy I met online, one of the guys that hung in the chat room.  I knew he lived in the same town as Junie.”
“Now is the time to start confessing.  I want to know everything you told him about her.  I want to know what you have promised him.”
“Nothing.  I didn't tell him anything.”
“I think that it's time for that private detective to go visit you again.  Maybe he will start attending church.”
“Oh fuck no.  Please don't.”
“Then try and tell me the fucking truth.”
“Okay, okay.  He said I should train Junie to be a whore.  He offered to... um, punish her for me.  I told him that if he put the picture in her car he could be her first and it would be for free.”
“In her car?”
“Yes I told him to put it in her car.”
“With the knife?”
The man's voice sounded defeated.  “Yes.”
“Did you actually tell him to piss on her front seat?”
This time it was barely audible.  “Yes, I guess so.  The knife and all were his idea, but I agreed.”
Bob smiled evilly.  “Speak up; the tape recorder did not quite pick those last words up.”
James' voice was in a panic.  “You are taping this?  You can't tape this!  That's illegal.”
Bob chuckled triumphantly.  “I am not a cop, remember?  I am Don't Fuck With Me Bob.”
“Please, oh god please, what are you going to do?”
“It is not about what I am going to do.  It's about what you are going to do.  You are going to buy Junie a new car.  Something nice and sporty, make it a two seater, yellow.  Yes, I think it should be yellow and with good gas mileage and an extended maintenance package.  Nothing too fancy, a Honda or a Mazda.  Get a nice sound system and a removable hard top.”  Bob looked up at Junie's huge shocked eyes.  “Will that be sufficient?” 
Junie suddenly dimpled and whispered, “Automatic.”
“Junie says she wants an automatic transmission.”
“How can I buy her a car?  My wife will find out.  She keeps track of all the money.”
“I leave that to you to figure out.  I want all your communication regarding the car to be made to me via my email.  I expect Junie to be able to pick it up from the dealership within a month.  Make sure tax and license are all paid for too.  Now back to this problem of this friend you sent over to Junie's apartment last night.  How did he know which car was hers?”
“I have had him watch her sometimes.  Follow her to work.”
“Do you know his name and address?”         
“I know his first name, Harold, at least I think it’s his first name, and I have a phone number and email for him.  I don't know his address.”
“You are a complete fucking idiot.  This guy could be really dangerous.”
The other end of the phone was silent. 
“You better hope this guy backs off when you call him.  And you will be calling him.”
“We will be in touch.  James, I truly hope we can conclude this ugly business without anyone getting hurt.  If Junie gets hurt, you will be guilty of a crime and I will not hesitate to turn you into the police.  I could so fuck up your life.  Lucky for you, that is not my wish, despite your apparent eagerness to hurt Junie.”
“I don't know what you mean.  I never wanted Junie to get hurt.”  James voice was defensive and starting to sound angry.
“Bullshit!  You never gave a fuck about her safety.  Now it’s coming home to roost.  So hurry up, buy the car, pay off your friend, or do whatever you need to do to get him to leave Junie alone.  And we will hopefully never have to speak with you again.”
Donna leaned over and whispered into Bob's ear.
Bob laughed and spoke up one more time.  “It would be a good idea if you wrote a nice apology to Junie and sent it to my email address.”
James mumbled, “Yes, Bob.”

Bob laughed and hung up Junie's phone and handed it back to her.  “We have been sitting here for quite a while.  Let’s order something to eat and talk about something a lot more pleasant.”  He grinned at the two women sitting with their arms around each other.  Junie looked dazed and awestruck.  Her head was resting on Donna's shoulder.
Donna waved to a waitress that she had warned off a few times and ordered grilled chicken chef salads and iced tea for all of them.  After they had ordered and eaten, they talked about the food and their enjoyment of each other's company.  Bob reached over and picked up Junie's hand and asked her how she was feeling.
Junie softly whispered.  “He was a really bad person.  All that time he was just setting me up to hurt me.  If I had not found you guys, I don't know what would have happened.”
Donna smiled and kissed Junie's hair.  “Well, I think he may have learned his lesson.”
Junie giggled.  “I know he has met his match.  I will love driving that car.  I never would have thought that I was a vengeful person, but when he admitted he had told that guy to piss in my car, I just started to hate him.”
Donna frowned.  “I am not sure about that guy.  I get a bad vibe off of someone who would leave that knife and then urinate.  That smacks of criminal and rapist.”  Donna looked meaningfully at Bob.  “Honey, I don't like the idea of leaving Junie alone.”
Bob looked thoughtful.  “Junie how much time could you take off from work?”
Junie looked surprised.  “Um... I have about two weeks of unused vacation.  I have almost a month of sick leave too.”
“Let’s not use your sick leave.  But let’s plan for you to take some time off.  How do you feel about spending a fun week at a nice house in the country?  Maybe if you are lucky, you will find a new job.” 
Junie looked at him and at Donna her eyes huge and speechless.  Her eyes were filled with tears.  She swallowed and nodded.  “I... I would like that, Sir.”

As soon as they had finished eating, Donna had snuggled back up to Junie.  Pulling Junie's head to lean against her shoulder, her hands stroked Junie's hair and arms, whispering into her ears.  Bob watched the two indulgently.  “I better get you girls out of here before you make a scene.”
Once they were out at the car, Bob looked sternly at Donna.  “If I let both of you ride in the back seat, you will behave scandalously.  You should let our little girl get home with us before you totally ravish her.” 
Junie giggled.  “If I am to be number two girl here, Sir, I should ride in the back seat.”
Donna nodded, “That is true.  But somehow I think that what should happen now is for me to drive, and for both Bob and you to be in the back seat.  I don't think Bob will argue with that and somehow I think he will behave better than I would.”
Bob made a growling sound.  “No promises.”
Junie giggled happily and stood on tip toe to whisper in his ear.  “They are yellow.”
Bob reared back and looked in her eyes.  “What are yellow?”
Junie giggled, winked and gave her hips a little swish as she climbed into the back seat of their hybrid SUV.  Once they were in the car, Donna turned to look at Junie.  “Now, Sweet Junie, tell me the way to your apartment so you can pack a few things.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
Bob slid over and sat close to Junie, keeping his arm around her possessively as they drove to her apartment.  “She smells so good, Donna.  You should have told me.”
“Then you would have made me share.”
At Junie's apartment Donna handed Junie her driver's license.  Junie looked at her confused.  “Write it down, my name, my address, everything.  You should never head off into the unknown without knowing where you are going and some guarantee that they will know where to come looking for you if you disappear.”
“Yes, Ma'am.”
“Put it all in an envelope and address it to yourself.  We will drop it in the mail on the way out of town.  Normally we would have someone you trust, that you could call and tell them things are going okay, but this will have to do.  If you want, you can call someone, maybe one of your kids or a friend at work, and let them know you are going to spend the weekend with us for a job interview for a house keeping job.” 
“Oh Ma'am, I know everything will be okay.  After all the things you did to help me with S…”  She caught herself.  “…with James, I just know that I am safe with you.”
Junie quickly packed a few things in a suitcase, grabbed her laptop computer, and stood looking around her apartment.  “I feel like this is a huge turning point in my life.”
Both Donna and Bob put their arms around her, sheltering her between them.  Donna spoke softly “Sweet Junie.  If at any time you get scared, let me know.  This is a time to feel safe and happy.  If at any time you want to slow down say yellow.  If at any time you want to stop say red.  Everything that happens from now on will be because you want it to happen.”
“Oh Ma'am,” Junie's voice quivered with emotion.  “Would it be...  Could I,” Junie's voice dropped to the tiniest whisper, “kiss you?”
Donna gently lifted Junie's face up to hers and kissed her, their lips soft and almost worshiping.  The kiss was infinitely slow, teasing, the softest of tongues gently exploring, breathing soft and slow.  Junie could feel Bob's harder male body supporting, sheltering her and Donna.  She could feel his hand gently stroking her neck and cheek.  When Donna's lips left hers, she whispered softly “Thank you, Ma'am.”
“Let’s go home, Sweet Junie.”
“Yes, I would like that, Ma'am.”

Junie found herself cuddled up to Bob in the backseat of the car, his arms a wonderful, strong fortress.  It wasn't too many miles before he was pressing soft kisses on her hands, pulling her fingers into his mouth and sucking on her fingertips and then moving up her wrists.  Over and over his fingers traced the contours of her face and caressed her neck, her ears, and her lips. 
When Junie caught his hand in hers and pressed it to her lips, softly sensually kissing his palm and then pulling his thumb into her mouth, he growled and took her lower lip between his fingers and drew her face to his.  His blue eyes were sparkling with humor and excitement.  Junie realized instantly that kissing Bob was infinitely different than kissing Donna.  He was not patient.  His mouth took hers and demanded a response, overpowering her senses, taking her breath away.
When he let her up, she was intensely aware of her heart racing.  She put a shaky hand to her lips.  She saw Donna looking at them in the rearview mirror and she smiled a shaky smile.  Donna smiled back, a warm encouraging smile.  “He can be pretty intense sometimes.”
Bob had one arm wrapped up around her, holding her firmly against him, his hand gently stroking the inside of her arm, the backs of his fingers rubbing up and down along the side of her breast through her dress.  Junie could feel her nipples tightening at the sensation of his fingers on her skin and the telltale touches against her.  Bob's voice rumbled softly in her ear.  “Is it okay for me to hold you and touch you like this?”
Junie felt a shiver shake her and she whispered, “Yes, Sir.”
“Do you like how it feels?”
“Oh yes.”
Bob held her close and did not stop the soft touches on her arm and the edge of her breast as the world slid by.  Junie could feel her body slowly softening and relaxing against his warmth, waves of sleepiness slid over her.  She stifled a tiny yawn.
“Are you sleepy, Junie?”
“I am sorry, Sir.  I did not sleep at all last night.  I was too frightened and then too excited about seeing you.  I guess all the emotions kind of kept me on edge and at the same time wore me out.”
Bob continued to stroke her arm, tracing lazy circles on her skin.  “If you are tired, close your eyes.  Let yourself float.  If you fall asleep, it will be okay.”
Junie yawned again and stifled a tiny giggle behind her small hand.  Her eyes were heavy and blinking softly.  She could feel what seemed like years worth of tension slowly loosening, easing.  As her eyes drifted shut, she thought to herself of how rigidly controlled she had held herself, never letting herself truly relax.  To let go of the control would have let the loneliness pull her under.  She would have sunk below the waves of despair.  It felt so good to finally let go of it.
A deep shuddering sigh shook her.  Bob made a deep approving murmur and laid his lips on her hair.  She had no sense of the passage of time.  Junie did not move until Donna called softly from the front seat, “Wake up, sleepy heads.  We are almost home.”

Junie sat up and looked out the window as they drove down a long, narrow, gravel driveway.  Firs and cedars loomed tall on either side of the road.  Junie looked out into the rich, green, moss covered ground and tree trunks.  The dim, green depths of the forest seemed mystical, almost a temple.  She craned her neck, trying to look up, to see the tops of the trees.  “The trees are so tall.”  Her voice was small and awestruck. 
“They are second growth, but many of them are almost a hundred and fifty-years-old.  This area was logged a long time ago.”  Bob sounded proud and protective.
“Are they yours, Sir?” 
Bob had an almost shocked tone.  “Mine?  How can a man own something eternal?  I am their shepherd.  I am their servant and their worshiper.  I count myself lucky to be a part of their existence.”
Junie looked at him, her head tipped to one side.  “You love them.”
“More than you could imagine.  They have old souls.  If you listen, they have a lot to say.”
“You will have to teach me how to hear them, Sir.”

The car broke free of the deep green corridor.  The afternoon sun shone across a wide blue lake, lighting up an expanse of green lawn.  A wide, low, stone house and a second, shingled, barn sized building behind it, dominated the clearing.  There was a riot of color from the flowers that seemed to overflow around all the buildings and walkways.
Junie was transfixed by at the idyllic scene of light and color.  She exclaimed softly.  “Oh!  Oh, the pictures you sent, the ones with the puppies, did not do it half justice.  It’s so perfect.”
Donna drove around to the back of the larger shingled barn and pulled in after the automatic garage door opened.  Junie could hear the loud excited barking of dogs.  Bob laughed, “The kids are eager to say hello to their new friend.  Let’s get out and say hi to them, and then take a walk around the place.  I want to show you around.” 
As they got out of the car, the sound of barking instantly silenced.  Bob waved his hand around, “This is the garage.  I have my workshop out here and the dog's kennel is over on that side.  We keep them in there when we aren't home.”  Junie looked around at the space, inhaling the rich scents of sawdust and dog food.  Tall shelves stretched along one wall and neatly labeled boxes were neatly arranged along them.  In the workshop she could see the tools carefully hung on racks.  The whole garage was meticulously clean and organized.  Junie smiled.  This was exactly how she liked things. 
Bob opened a door and four big Golden Retrievers burst through.  Bob spoke a single word and all four sat instantly and looked at him, clearly excited to meet Donna and this new person, and yet trembling with eagerness to obey.  “Just stand still, Junie.  Don't look at them.  Don't pet them.  Act like they are not there.  They will come up and smell you.  When we walk around, just walk through them.  They will have to move out of your way.  This way they will learn you are not going to let them push you around.”
“Yes, Sir.”
Bob told the dogs, “Okay, go see her.”  All four dogs leaped up and crowded around her, sniffing her hands and legs.  When one particularly curious cold wet nose poked her between her legs, she jumped and giggled.  Bob barked out, “Bump, No!  Junie, if he does that to you again, just tell him, “No!”  And push him out of the way.  “He is our baby and still learning some of the finer points of good manners.”  He introduced the dogs.  “Sunny, Honey, Maddy, and Bump, they are our kids.  You will soon learn how to order them around.  They are pretty well behaved.  I don't tolerate spoiled dogs.”
Donna laughed.  “Spoiled dogs or women.”
Bob raised his eyebrows.  “Don't you start acting sassy.”  He spoke to Junie.  His voice was amused, but there was a hint of steel underneath.  “I would not be surprised if she doesn't get a little feisty for a while, trying to show off for you.”  He turned his attention back to the dogs.  “For now, don't pet them, don't throw anything for them, and don't give them any treats.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Come on let’s look at the yard.  I want to show off my garden.”

Between the garage and the house a large vegetable and flower garden dominated the yard.  Again Junie was impressed with the neatness and perfect organization.  Yet, there was whimsy and beauty everywhere.  At every turn there were surprises; little sculptures of fairies or animals, interesting pieces of driftwood or beautiful stones, comfortable benches and chairs strategically situated to enjoy the peace and beauty of the garden.
Junie also noticed that when they were in the garden, all four dogs instantly fell to walk sedately behind the group of three.  She stopped and looked around her.  “May I ask which one of you loves order so?” 
Donna's silvery laughter rang across the garden.  “Oh that is all Bob.  I have always loved the result, but it’s taken almost our whole relationship to learn to love the obsession.  He has a very clear vision of how things should be done.  Woe to anyone that strays too far from that vision.”
Junie's voice was soft, “I love things neat and organized.”
Donna groaned, “Oh no, not two of you.”
Bob took Junie's arm.  “Donna, didn't you notice her apartment?  It was spotless.  If you had looked in her cupboards like I had, you would have seen what a nice little compulsive she is.  She is going to fit in here perfectly.  Come on out by the lake.”  As they walked around the front of the house, Bob said a single word, made a hand gesture, and all four dogs shot past them running across the yard to the lake, like they were shot out of cannon. 
All four dogs raced to that water and froze at the edge, poised and trembling in an agony of anticipation.  Bob laughed and again said one word.  There was a huge splash as all four Golden Retrievers launched themselves into the lake.  Bob's voice was proud, “They love water, especially Bump.  He won't come out unless I call him.  I swear he would rather drown.” 
Junie stood watching the dogs as they swam happily in circles through the crystal clear lake.  She could see their bodies and strong legs paddling furiously under the water.  Junie watched in delight, a happy smile lighting her face.
They all stood in the warm afternoon sunshine watching the dogs playing.  Donna moved up behind Junie and wrapped her arms around her shoulders, pulling her to lean back against her chest.  “I am glad you like it here.  Bob and I always dreamed of a place like this.  When we retired, we put a lot of work into making it exactly the way we wanted.  We love it here and we want to share it with someone, I hope that someone will be you.”
Junie picked up one of Donna's hands and pressed it to her lips.  “I hope so too, Ma'am.”

“Walk up to the house with me, Sweet Junie.”  Donna and Junie left Bob standing by the lake watching the dogs frolic in the water, and headed up the lawn toward the house.
Donna kept an arm possessively around Junie's waist as they walked up to the house.  A wide low deck spanned the front of the low stone house.  The front of the house was dominated by wide windows.  The doors leading into the house had a whimsical decorative arch and were made of heavy, iron clad timbers.  The deck had comfortable hand crafted furniture and a built-in stone fireplace.  Junie saw a sunken hot tub made of the same stone was not far from the fire. 
Donna let Junie take her time looking at the inviting place.  “Bob makes all the furniture.  He is very talented and more than a little hyperactive.  You will find we need to keep him busy or he can get to be a pain in the ass.  I try to keep his energy focused.”  Junie nodded and giggled.
“He is an artist.  The furniture is amazingly beautiful, Ma'am.”
“He makes more than we can fit into the house.  We use it to barter for other stuff.”
Donna stopped and pulled Junie to face her.  “Are you ready for this?  Are you really serious about giving up your old life and sharing it with us?  I am not asking for a forever, now or never answer now.  I just want to see how you are feeling about this.  You have seen where we live.  I am pretty sure you have a sense of what kind of values and integrity Bob and I have.”
Junie looked up into Donna's hazel eyes.  She really looked deep and thought about her life and what she would be giving up.  She thought to herself that she would lose a lot of personal freedom and have to adjust her ways to fit with other people.  “Other people”, the very words in her mind were a soothing balm, people who already had proven a commitment to her safety, people who wanted her.  “Yes, Ma'am.  So far everything you have shown me about yourselves has been wonderful.  So far I have no reservations.”
Bob had walked up to the deck and was standing watching them.  Junie could see that the dogs had followed him, but were sitting still and obedient to one side.  They were panting with happy dog smiles on their faces as they watched their masters on the deck.
“Okay, good.  So far neither Bob nor I have any reservations either.  Junie, will you agree to give it a trial?  For the next five days, will you agree to be our sub?  You would give yourself to us to own.  You would follow all our directions.  You will still have your safe word.  You have the freedom to ask to leave at any time.  We will promise to keep you safe.  Will you agree to that?”
Bob spoke up.  “Or if you want, you can just be here as a guest.  This has all been happening fast and if you want to go slower, that would be fine too.
Junie looked at Donna and then at Bob.  She chewed on her lip, and then spoke softly, “I want the trial.  I want to give myself to you.”
Donna smiled.  “Good girl.” 

Donna gently stroked Junie’s face and smiled.  “I am very proud of you.  Take off your dress, Junie.  Take off all your clothes and kneel before me.”
Junie's big eyes got even bigger and she swallowed nervously, but she did not hesitate.  Slowly, almost ritually, she pulled the yellow dress off over her head and folded it carefully and laid it on a deck chair.  She was wearing a pretty yellow bra and panty set, with thigh high nude stockings.  She unhooked her bra and let her breasts fall, soft and heavy.  The panties and stockings came down in one push, as she slipped off her white sandals.  All were neatly folded and placed on top of the dress.
Donna's lips pressed together in a brief flash of displeasure as she noted a scattering of bruises across Junie's back and bottom, an ugly reminder of last night's punishment by that bastard James.  She pulled her eyes back to Junie's and nodded in encouragement.  
Junie's lips curved in a soft, tremulous smile and she carefully knelt before Donna, her eyes on the smooth planks of the deck.  “Don't look down, my Junie.  Look up.  Look at us.”  Bob had moved to stand next to Donna, his hand on her waist.
Junie looked up at the two, looming so close and tall above her.  Donna smiled reassuringly, “Good girl.  You are doing fine.  Keep looking at us.  We are your Master and Mistress.  You will come to love us, as we come to love you.  Obedience will come naturally because it is your nature and your obedience will fulfill you.  Junie, you will never be lonely or sad ever again.”
Junie's eyes were wet and shining.  A single tear broke free of her lashes and slowly crept down her cheek.  Donna gently touched the sparkling drop and brought her damp finger to her lips.  Donna felt her eyes fill with tears too.  “It is normal to feel emotional at special times like this, Sweet Junie.  We expect your tears.  We treasure them.” 
“Sweet Junie, as a demonstration of your obedience and understanding of your role as our possession, our servant, our lover, our child, I want you to enter into this house on your knees, naked and humble.”
Donna opened the doors and both Bob and Donna walked in and stood in a wide sunlit room.  “Come to us, Junie.  Come to us on your knees.”
Junie carefully crept toward them, slowly taking tiny steps on her knees, never taking her eyes off their faces.  Once she was at their feet, she carefully clasped her hands behind her back and waited.  Again it was Donna who spoke.  “Junie, I want you to kiss Bob's foot.  Ask him to consent to be your Master.  Promise to respect and obey him in all things.”
Junie leaned down and pressed her lips to the toe of Bob's suede hiking boot.  “Please, Master Bob, please accept me as your submissive.  I swear to respect and obey you in all things.” 
Bob crouched down and gently stroked Junie's hair away from her face.  He pressed his lips to her forehead.  “For the next five days I accept your obedience and service.  Now I want you to do the same for your Mistress.”
Junie turned and fervently pressed her lips to Donna's bare toes between the straps of her sandals.  “Please, Mistress Donna, I beg you to accept me as your submissive.  I promise to respect and obey you in all things.”
Donna reached down and put her hand under Junie's chin, lifting her up.  “Stand up, Junie.”  Once Junie was on her feet she pressed her lips to Junie's lips.  “For the next five days I accept your gift of yourself.  I accept your body.  I accept your obedience.  I promise to teach and care for you.  I promise to push you and demand from you only the best you have to give.”
A soft sob burst from Junie's lips.  Her face was wet with tears.  Donna could no longer control her tears.  She inhaled a shaky sigh and pulled Junie to her chest.  Bob moved to them and wrapped his arms around both women.  His voice was soft and deep, rich with emotion.  “Go ahead and cry, my sweet girls.”

All three held tightly to each other and swayed with the strength of the emotions sweeping through them.  As Junie's sobs calmed she became very aware of her naked skin pressing against the bodies holding and sheltering her.  She could feel Bob's hand, warm and strong, stroking her back and bottom.  Her nipples were hard and erect, pressing against Donna.  She sighed and gave a little shiver of excitement, her body sensually squirmed.  A soft little whimper of need trembled up from her center. 
Bob made a deep growling sound in his chest.  “Our new girl is very responsive.  Should we reward her for her gift to us?”
Donna traced her finger over Junie's lips.  “Yes, yes we should.  Come, Sweet Junie.  Come give yourself to us.  I promise to keep you safe.”  She took Junie's hand and led her toward the back of the house and into their bedroom.
“Undress us, Junie.  Always undress Bob first.  Always serve him first.” 
Bob sat on the edge of the bed.  Junie knelt and began to unlace his boots, she pulled them off and spying a rack of shoes in a closet scampered to put them away where they clearly belonged.  Donna laughed.  “She already knows that you want your things kept neat.”
His voice was warm and relaxed.  “A girl after my heart.  You watch out, Donna, it took you decades to learn to put my boots away right.”  Junie took a tiny second to scan the closet, shirts and Levis were hung up on wooden hangers.  A bureau stood in one corner.  She knew it would contain the same order.  There was a laundry hamper in one corner. 
Returning to Bob she slowly unbuttoned his shirt.  As she pulled the shirt from his shoulders, he reached out and cupped her heavy breasts.  Junie's voice trembled and jerked.  “Would Sir wish me to hang these clothes or place them in the hamper?” 
Bob was clearly enjoying this.  He had a happy grin on his face.  “Fold them and place them on the chair next to the closet.  I will probably put them on again later today.”  As she folded the shirt he rolled her nipple between his fingers.
“Yes, Sir.”  Junie's face was flushed and her breathing was shaky.
Bob stood so she could pull his Levi's down.  As his erection bobbed free from his boxers, Junie froze suddenly mesmerized by the swaying cock inches from her face.  “Oh, Sir.”  One of her hands started to reach to touch of its own volition.  She unconsciously licked her lips.  Donna could not help but laugh.  Junie suddenly became aware of her duties and busied herself pulling his pants off the rest of the way.
Donna was lying on the bed and Junie had to crawl up to undress her.  Bob followed her up onto the bed, his hands still curious and exploring her breasts.  Junie began to unbutton Donna's blouse and pulled it from her shoulders.  As the fabric slid from Donna's shoulders, her small breasts bounced and jiggled on her chest.  Her tiny pink nipples were tight and erect.  When Junie turned to move off the bed to put away the blouse, Donna stopped her.  “Throw them on the floor.  Put them away later.”
Donna lifted her hips as Junie slid her khaki shorts down her long freckled legs.  As she put her trembling hands on the red lace underwear, Bob spoke up.  “Stop, leave those.”  His hands on her became more urgent and directive.  “Lay down on your back, Junie.  Lay down in the middle of this big bed.  Let your Master and Mistress explore this body you have given to us.”
As Junie lay back, Donna took her hands and lay them up over her head.  “Keep your hands here like this, Junie.  Lie still and let us touch you.  I want you to use your voice.  Tell us what is good, what you like.  I want to hear your ecstasy.  If anything is not good or feels wrong, I absolutely require you to say so.  You have my permission to come as often as you want.  Remember your safe words, red for stop, yellow for wait.”
Junie stretched her arms up and finding a pillow gripped it in her fingers.  “Yes, Ma'am.  I understand.  It has been a long time since anyone has touched me.  It will be hard to be still.”
“And yet I require it.  Just relax.  Feel the feelings.  Use your voice, whimper for us, moan for us, and scream for us.  Tell us how good it feels.  Beg for more.”
“Oh god, Ma'am.  Kiss me.  Please, please kiss me.”
Junie's lips quivered under Donna's.  This time the kiss was still soft but deeper, demanding.  Donna's small, sharp teeth nipped and pulled at Junie's lower lip.  Junie could feel Bob's mouth pull a nipple deep into his mouth and he lifted up the whole weight of her breast, tugging and stretching her deliciously.  A soft, high pitched squeal broke from Junie's lips.  Donna whispered into her mouth, “Yes, yes like that.  Squeal, scream for us, Junie.” 
As Bob's teeth slowly pressed down on her nipple, Junie let out a long keening moan, her back arching and pressing up wanting more. Donna put a strong hand on her shoulder pressing her back down.  “Remember; lay still.  Use your words.  Tell us.”
Junie lay back and gasped out.  “Feels so good.  More, want more, harder.  Yes, that.”  Her voice shook and vibrated as Donna took her other breast and began to knead and nurse at her.  “Oh fuck yes.  Oh my god, that’s so good.”  Bobs hand was stroking down lightly trailing across her belly teasingly close to her mound. 
As his fingertips stroked her thighs, Bob told her “Spread your legs, Junie.  Show us your pretty cunt.”  Junie's legs opened, her knees bending, tipping her hips up, exposing her wet and shining folds.  Her thighs were slick with spilled juices.  “Good girl.  Yes, just like that.”
Bob knelt over her and took her lips in his.  Her soft cries and moans were muffled as he plundered her mouth.  His lips were hard and forceful, pushing her mouth wide, trapping her head between his hands.  He rubbed fingers across her face and then pushed two of them deep into her mouth.  “Suck them.”  Junie wrapped her lips around the digits and sucked rhythmically, whimpering softly as Donna bit and tugged relentlessly at her breasts.  
Bob pulled his fingers from her mouth and Junie gasped, her breathing ragged and deep.  Her heavy breasts heaved on her chest.  Her whole body quivered and strained in her effort to be still.
Bob stretched his length along her side and watched Junie's face closely.  Infinitely slowly, he slid his hand down her belly, lightly trailing his fingertips across her swollen and shining wet folds.  Junie's hips jerked and then froze as she struggled to hold still. 
Bob watched her face; her eyes were clenched closed, her eyebrows frowning in intense concentration.  Her mouth open, her lips stretched into a frozen circle of anticipation.  He continued his feather light touches.  Junie's frown deepened and she opened her eyes.  She turned to him, her eyes pleading.  Her voice vibrated with panicked need, she groaned out.  “Please, Sir.  I need it hard.  Touch me hard.”
Bob slid two fingers fast and hard into her, forcing them deep, twisting and curling them deep into her.  Junie squealed and cried out.  “Fuck yes.  Like that.”  Deep tremors of building tension shook her. 
Donna turned her head to watch as Bob pushed his fingers into Junie, fucking her hard with his fingers.  She moved up and whispered in Junie's ear.  “Sweet Junie, now move your hips, fuck his fingers, wiggle that pretty horny cunt of yours.  Show me how much you want it.” 
Junie groaned as she let loose of the tension holding her body still, a deep undulating surge rocked her hips.  Bob slid down and watched her cunt lunging at his hand.  He let her fuck herself, just rotating and twisting his fingers as she lunged against his hand.
Donna took Junie's hand and brought it to her cunt.  “Touch yourself, Junie.  Show me how you like to be touched.”  Donna watched, her eyes only inches away as Junie began to rub across her clit; hard, fast, little circles.
Junie began to mutter and then shout, “Fuck.  Fuck!  Fuck!  Oh god!”  Her whole body lifted off the mattress in a quivering arch as she shuddered through her climax, beyond words, her moans dwindled into a series of strangled grunts.  As she sagged back to the bed, Bob continued slowly, gently sliding his fingers in and out.  Junie's hips flexed and moved with him, soft sighs and whimpers still welling up. 

Donna hugged her and whispered, “Beautiful.  Just beautiful.”  She softly kissed Junie's slack and trembling lips.  “Bob, let’s switch places.  I want to see my girl's flower.”  Bob eased his hand from Junie.
As Donna slid between Junie's quivering thighs, she took Junie's damp fingers and gently licked and sucked them clean.  “You taste so good, Sweet Junie.”  Donna began to softly lap the spilled juices off Junie's thighs and lips, making soft hungry purrs.
Junie softly touched Donna's head, her fingers tentative and curious.  Junie laid still and trembling, soft spasms making her whole body flinch and tremble.  Donna lifted her head and looked up at Junie.  Their eyes met and Donna licked her lips and winked.  “Good, keep your hand on my head, use both hands if you want.  Go ahead and guide me.  Tell me with your words and sounds how you are feeling.”
Junie's voice was hoarse and foggy with lust.  “Oh yes, Ma'am.”
Donna spread Junie's cunt lips wide and blew gently across the moist fragrant flesh.  She felt Junie's fingers tense and relax, almost involuntarily.  She began to lick in long smooth strokes around Junie's thighs and outer lips, placing long, deep kisses to her flesh, sucking and biting at her outer labia.  Junie squealed and jerked under her lips, her fingers in Donna's hair trembling with each new sensation. 
When Donna slowly sucked Junie's inner labia into her mouth and began to pull and nibble on them, Junie's hips lifted from the mattress and her hands spasmed pushing Donna's face against her, pushing her clit against Donna's mouth.  Junie gasped out.  “Oh nice, nice, nice.” 
Donna felt Bob's hands on her hips, lifting her up, moving her knees under her, raising her ass up for him.  She could feel his fingers toying with the waistband of her red lace panties, she gasped and moaned against Junie's cunt as he pulled the fabric tight against her cunt and rubbed it back and forth across her soaking cunt. 
Sliding the panties to one side, Bob slid his cock into Donna and lunged deep into her.  He leaned over her back and, holding still, he growled into her ear, “I like this, fucking you, looking deep into Junie's big brown eyes as you drive her crazy with your mouth.  Yes, Junie, keep looking at me while I fuck your Mistress.”  He began to slowly sensually grind his cock deep in Donna's cunt. 
Donna sucked on Junie's tender flesh, slowly pulling her clit into her mouth and trapping it between her teeth, her tongue flicking, whipping the hard nubbin.  Junie began to babble, “Oh god.  Oh, Ma'am.  Oh yes, yes, yes.”  
Bob began to thrust long slow deep thrusts, holding tight to Donna's hips, still looking down at Junie's face.  “Good, Junie, scream for Donna.  Give us your ecstasy.”  Junie let go of Donna's head with one of her hands and grabbed one of her large nipples and crushed it, twisting and pulling as she cried out with her climax. 
Donna did not relent, she slid her fingers deep into Junie and, turning and wiggling her fingers, continued to suck and bite at Junie's clit.  Junie's scream strangled and burst out louder, her hips thrashing and convulsing.
Bob began to thrust hard and fast, pushing Donna's face into Junie with the force of his hips.  Donna was groaning and tense under his hands, her whole body rigid and quivering, he could tell she was close.  He whispered in her ear.  “Go ahead, baby, come when I come.  Right when I come.”  He wrapped his fist in her hair and lifted her face up from Junie's cunt.
Bob growled out between clenched teeth.  “Watch her face, Junie.  She wants to come now.  You can see it.  It’s almost more than she can bear.  But she knows she has to wait.”  With each word he was slamming into Donna's cunt, grunting out the words.  “See, how, each, time, I, fuck, her, how, her, eyes, bulge, out, her, lips, quiver, her, teeth, clench?  Watch, her, face, when, she, comes!”  Bob tensed and growled out.  “Fucking bitch, take it!  Come now!”  He lunged deep, flooding her with his essence, groaning and thrusting with each spasm of his cock.
Junie watched as Donna's eyes rolled up and then shut.  Her mouth was open and gasping out loud deep groans with each of Bob's lunges, her whole body spasming and collapsing on top of Junie, her face pillowed on Junie's soft breasts.  Bob eased himself out and moved up to lie on the bed beside them, lying on his side, watching them with sleepy relaxed eyes.   
Junie cradled her face and stroked her hair.  “Oh, Ma'am, thank you.”  She could feel her cunt still trembling and contracting in soft aftershocks of her passion.
Donna raised her face up from Junie's breasts and smiled a shaky grin.  Her face was still wet from Junie's juices.  Junie gently eased Donna off to one side and wiggled down.  She gently began to kiss and lick at Donna's face, cleaning up her sweet nectar.  A soft happy “mmm” sound bubbled up from her lips.
Donna laughed, “Like that don't you?” 
Junie blushed and nodded.  “Yes, Ma'am.  I do.  I liked you kissing me down there.  I have never been able to orgasm from oral before.  I wasn't sure if I could.” 
Donna stroked Junie's face and smiled lazily.  “I am glad you liked it.”

Junie blushed again and looked up at Donna, “Ma'am, I need to go to bathroom, if that would be all right.”
“Go on, take care of yourself.  You will find a basin by the sink and a wash cloth.  Fill it with warm water and come back.  You can wash Bob and me off.”  Junie's eyes lit up and, placing one last little kiss on Donna's face, she scooted off the bed and almost scampered into the bathroom.
Junie came back with the basin and placed it on the night table.  She crept up to Bob and softly kissed him on the cheek and began by washing his face.  She carefully washed his chest and arms, taking care to thoroughly clean his hands.  Each place she wiped clean, she left scattered kisses on.  She slowly worked her way down to his cock.  She sent a cautious look at Bob and then Donna, and then she carefully washed him clean, solemnly leaving little damp kisses behind as she went. 
Refilling the basin with warm water she went to Donna and, with a little more confidence, she washed her face and gently wiped her neck and breasts, leaving a trail of soft kisses as she worked her way down to where Donna was still wearing the red lace panties.  Junie gently pulled the panties down Donna's long legs and gently urged her legs apart. 
Junie slowly carefully spread Donna's folds, studying and exploring as she gently washed away Bob's creamy white come that seemed to ooze out continuously.  Junie inhaled the rich smell of Donna's flesh and Bob's come.  Junie licked her lips and looked up at Donna.  “Would it be permitted...?”  Junie felt herself blush and strangled down an impulse to giggle.  “... permitted to, um, taste?  Please?” 
Donna smiled tenderly.  “Do what you want, Sweet Junie.”
Junie curiously, tentatively touched her tongue to Donna's soft folds, carefully stroking and licking.  The taste was similar to hers yet subtly different.  She quickly caught a droplet of come as it oozed from Donna's opening, rolling the taste around in her mouth, analyzing it.  Deciding it wasn't bad at all, she gently pushed her tongue deeper, looking for more.  Donna trembled and sighed.  “Good girl.  Yes.  Keep doing that.” 
Bob moved down to watch.  “Don't just put your tongue into her cunt, Junie.  Move it around.  Lick the whole area and then dive in and fuck her with your tongue a couple more times.  Good girl, that’s right.  Now feel her thighs trembling, listen to her breathing and the way she is making those little moans each time she breathes out.  That means it’s time to move up to her clit.  Spread out her cunt lips, lick it soft at first, just a feather’s tickle, she wants more, but tease her a while.  See how she lunges up at you with her hips.  She is telling you she wants more, harder.  Lick harder with the flat of your tongue.  Stick your fingers up her, start with two, move them around inside her, twist and make a 'let your fingers do the walking' kind of movement.” 
Donna was groaning continuously.  Bob continued to direct, “You are doing great.  Listen to Donna, you can tell you are doing a good job.  Suck her whole clit into your mouth and lightly bite it.  Keep rubbing it with your tongue.”  Suddenly silent, Donna arched her whole body, making a quivering bow above the bed.  “She is going to come soon.  She is right on the edge.  She is waiting for me to give her permission.  Keep doing exactly what you are doing, don't stop, in fact do it harder, she likes it that way.”
Donna began to make strangled pleading sounds.  Her hands were frantic on Junie's head.  She grated out through clenched teeth, “Bob, can't! Fuck!”
Bob had an edge to his voice.  “There is no can't, bitch.  Wait for it.  Keep licking, Junie.  Bite her clit.  Bite it harder.  I want to hear her scream.”   
Junie cautiously bit down, her tongue still flicking and rubbing.  Donna cried out, a wail of pain and struggle for control.  Again Bob growled, “Wait for it, bitch.”  To Junie he whispered, “When she comes, keep doing all this.  Do not stop until I tell you to stop.”
Bob took Donna's hands in his off Junie's head and held them tight in his.  “Okay, bitch, come for me.  Come for Junie.”  Donna yelled Junie's name as she finally let herself fall over the edge, a long wailing release of pent up ecstasy.  A soft gush of warm juices surged out, wetting Junie's face.  “Keep it up, Junie.  Keep her going.”  Donna's whole body was jerking; she wailed and then groaned a long series of strangled yelps.  Junie had to hold tight to Donna's hips to keep from losing her place. 
Donna gasped, “Fuck, it’s too much.”  Mindlessly struggling against Bob's hands, her hips jerking away from Junie's continued bites and licks, she started to sob.
“Don't you fucking dare stop, Junie.”  Bob put an iron strong hand on the back of Junie's head, grinding her face into Donna's cunt.  Suddenly Donna arched again, a soft, almost surprised whimper broke from her lips and she began to convulse under Junie's mouth, long shudders of pleasure repeatedly shaking her whole body. 
Bob let go of Junie's head.  “That’s what we were looking for.  Good girl, Junie.  Gently now, real gently, just lick very soft until she is completely limp.”
It took a long time for Donna to stop tensing and jerking at each gentle lick that Junie stroked across her sensitive tissues.  Junie was very aware of how her lips and tongue ached. 
Finally Donna reached down and pulled Junie up to hold her close, snuggling up close.  Her eyes were sleepy and happy.  Donna's voice was foggy with exhaustion, “Are you all right, Junie?”
Junie realized her eyes were filled with tears, and a sob bubbled up.  “I guess so.  It’s just I feel... um... confused... I think that scared me a little.  I was afraid I was hurting you.  It was all pretty intense.”
Donna held her close and cooed, “Oh, Sweet Junie, it was intense, exactly like I need it to be.  Bob knows what I need.  I need someone to push me like that.  Sometimes, I don't think I could come without him there to tell me to.  He knows what I am capable of almost better than I do.  You did fine.”  Donna's whole body gave a little shiver, an echo of her climax.  She gave a little giggle.  “Better than fine.”
Bob stroked Junie's back.  “I may have been showing off a little.  I did not mean to frighten you so soon after coming to visit.  I promise not to frighten you again until tomorrow or the next day.”  His voice was teasing and yet, underneath, there was a promise. 
Donna yawned and turned to him, pulling him into her arms, kissing him gently.  “I might get in trouble for saying this, but perhaps our Master was also demonstrating who ultimately is in charge around here.”
Bob laughed, “You like getting in trouble.”
Donna yawned again, “Too sleepy to want trouble, Sir.”
Bob gently kissed her forehead, “Junie was not the only one who was awake all last night.  Take a nap, darling.  Junie and I will get something together for dinner.”  He pulled a soft blanket up over Donna and gestured for Junie to follow him as he crawled out of the bed. 
Junie silently gathered Donna's clothes up off the floor and folded them up, laying them neatly on a chair in Donna's closet.


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