Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Questions Answered

Little Monkey (aka Kelly) asked “Do you prefer a question for you to answer , or poke fun at?”

Oh that is a hard one.  One could posit that even poking fun is an answer of sorts.  

Lil asked, “Did your relationship with your Master start off vanilla, or have you always had the dynamic you have now?”

That is a question that leads to long stories.  Master and I have been together for a very long time, well over twenty years.  We will be looking at our twenty-first wedding anniversary this May and we dated and cohabited for a year before that.  We have only acknowledged and accepted the labels of Master and slave for about the last three.

So yes in the beginning we were vanilla… if you look past his naturally intrusive, controlling, argumentative, judgmental... um... oops dominant personality and my intense sexual attraction to bossy, controlling assholes.  And you joined me in my suppression and deep dark secreting of my dark and violent sexual fantasies.  Then of course we were vanilla. 

But he would boss me around and I would try to tell him he couldn’t do that and we would fight and fight and fight and he would push and push and push until I would surrender… and then the sex would be so good.

It took me venturing into the fine art of writing down some of those dark sexual fantasies to actually do some research via reading other erotica for me to finally put names and words to what we were doing and how I was feeling.  (See… translate “asshole” into Master and it all makes sense.)  And the more I learned the better it fit.  I started to use those words and names into use with ‘then’ husband and he very quickly slipped into the role of Master, and the more he felt empowered, the more I felt the submission.

So long story short… we had “a” dynamic and we were vanilla???  But even then, way back in the beginning, if you dug deep enough into the ice cream container, at the bottom of the creamy white yummy stuff, you would have found a strata of  nuts and ribbons of fudge, all it took was a strong arm and a paddle to stir it all up into the tasty mix we have now.

Keep the questions coming...  


  1. "if you look past his naturally intrusive, controlling, argumentative, judgmental... um... oops dominant personality" Alpha was peering over my shoulder and I had to poke Him and point out this sentence lol.
    Thanks for answering my question!

  2. Let's see, xantu "magic"...that means I get three wishes, um, er, questions,right?

    Does your Master know your deepest darkest sexual fantasy? have you shared that with him?