Monday, March 21, 2011

We can make it better... better? Stronger... Faster.

I am so... so... so happy with my Master.  While I was away at the Kinkfest... he was working on fixing my poor tired 'puter.  It took a couple of days... a new hard drive... (that is the stronger... faster thing).  And bigger too I guess... a lot more gigs.  Something called a dongle... dongull?  Whatever... part of me wonders if you should put a condom on something with a name like that before you poke it into your universal port.

Anyway... all my software is the same... my stories are saved... and backed up on discs as well.

I must say... that my time at the Kinkfest was tinged with a smidgen of heartsick panic.  I cannot count the number of times I had thought about how it had been a while since I had backed up my stuff... how many "round to its" I had promised myself... and then when my baby died... the sinking feeling of failure was horrid. 

So I am back... I will put up Serial Saturday tonight after dinner probably. 

See you all soon.


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  1. YAY!! And it sounds like you'll have lots to blog about!