Saturday, March 5, 2011

Serial Saturday NORTHWEST HUNTERS Book One, Chapter One

Welcome to Serial Saturday.  What follows is the first chapter of my novel, Joining the Circle.  It is the first of a trilogy about Junie, Donna and Bob.

We are all hunting for something.  Junie was hunting for a Master and a place in the world where she could feel truly needed.  Bob and Donna were hunting for a submissive, a pet, a slave to share their idyllic world, someone to own, train, and love.  Sam Card hunted women to feed his dark hunger for blood and the thrill of the kill.  David Durant hunted Sam Card, determined to stop him before he killed again.  Monica just hunted for love.  Can they find what they search for before it is too late? 

Chapter 1: Making Friends

            The bus ride home from work seemed even worse than usual.  Junie felt lucky that she had a seat and tried to shrink up as best she could.  She hated it when the bus was crowded and she had to sit next to someone else.  It made her intensely aware of her size.  Her oversized bottom always was just a little wider than the seat and frequently pressed up against the stranger next to her.
            It brought up all her issues.  Junie had been intensely shy from childhood.  Nervously she hid her face in the book she was reading.  Her fingers gripped the lacy, hand crafted book cover that hid the lurid scene of a woman being ravished on the cover; and eagerly escaped from the crowded bus.

            As she got off at her stop, her cell phone made its familiar nagging tones.  Junie’s lips turned down.  There was no question who it was.  It had to be James, “Sir James,” she corrected herself aloud.
            Junie struggled with ambivalence.  There was a time when she would have answered eagerly, happy with any contact from him, but now, lately, this long distance Master/slave thing was not as much fun.
            In too many ways it wasn’t enough.  Not only did James live halfway across the country, but his personal circumstances made it impossible for it to be anything more.  So it was all the phone calls, computer chatting, and unsatisfying webcam foolishness.  Somehow these little forays into the lifestyle served only to make her aware of what she did not have, could not have.  And it made her crave more; suffer more from loneliness than she ever had before.
            And lately James had changed, Junie no longer felt like he cared for her like he had in the beginning.  There was a distance and an almost scary feel to the things he wanted her to do, and it was bad scary, not good scary.  Junie had tried to talk with him about it, about needing more, feeling lonely, longing for the feel of real arms around her.  His response had been impatient, even angry that her difficulties with shyness kept her home in front of her computer, afraid to go out and do any of the things he had directed her to do.  He began to pressure her to agree to anonymous sexual contacts with strangers, men he would find and send to her apartment.
            So far Junie had refused to consider anything so dangerous, dangerous and, deep down in her heart she could not help but think, pathetic.

            Junie opened her phone and answered, following the strict protocol, “Greetings, Sir James, your slave obediently awaits your command.”
            As usual his voice was impatient, “How come it took you so long to answer?”
            Junie made a face, “Your slave begs your forgiveness.  Her bus was late and crowded.  It would have been difficult to speak discretely.”  It was a lie, but she found herself lying to him more and more often lately.
            James exploded, “Jesus Fucking Christ, I don’t give a fuck where you are!  If I call, I fully expect you to answer promptly!”
            Junie winced and held the phone a distance from her ear.  How come she always got mixed up with men who yelled?  She tuned him out.  It wasn’t like he had said anything new lately.  Mechanically she repeated his daily instructions and threw in a few perfunctory, “Yes Sirs,” now and then as she walked up to her tiny one bedroom apartment. 
            She was standing in front of her refrigerator staring at a half eaten four layer chocolate fudge cake when he yelled again, “Are you listening to a word I have been saying?”
            Junie jumped, her shoulders coming up around her shoulders, “Sorry, Sir, your slave was a little distracted.”
            His voice took on that exasperated, exaggeratedly patient tone that she was starting to loathe.  “Are you ready to listen now?”
            Feeling guilty, Junie spoke quickly, “Yes, Sir.”
            “I was saying I want you to go to your computer and read the email I sent you today.  It has a link to a personal ad I want you to look at.”
            This was new.  “A personal ad?”
            “You are all the time bitching about feeling lonely.  This looked like something that you might be interested in.”
            His email had a link to a popular alternative personal site and Junie read over the advertisement of a couple looking for a sub.  The words caught her attention.  There was an intensity mixed with just a note of humor.

Northwest_Hunters:  Experienced Dominant 50 and wife 52, retired professionals, able to devote full time to the right sub.  Him:  5'11” 200 lbs, non drinker, non smoker, SSC, honest, sarcastic, cruel, perfectionist, control freak, sick sense of humor.  Her:  52, tall, slender, switch, bi.  Loving, generous, strict, funny, bold, creative.   

Looking for:  Sister/slave/sub/pet/toy, age 35-50, large sized women welcome but must be fit and healthy, looks less important than brains.  Must be single and willing to pursue a long term relationship, and if we prove to be compatible, willing to relocate.  Good communication skills, honesty, no smoking, light drink, no illegal drugs.  Must be bi or willing to engage in sexual activity with both male and female owners.   Absolutely must be willing to completely submit mentally and physically to a Dominant and willing to respect the authority of his alpha sub.

For: Serving both a Master and a Mistress in bondage, spanking and other impact play, role play, name calling, forced masturbation, blindfolds, gags, erotic denial, hair pulling, rape fantasy games, forced oral, anal, toys.

Hard limits:  sex with animals, blood, potty stuff (sorry we will not piss or shit on anyone), liars, married people, nut cases, republicans.

Short term goal:  Online relationship, exploring and getting to know each other, learning each other’s limits.

Long term goal:  Live in 24/7 D/s relationship in our rural home.  We are outdoors people, have dogs, travel several months a year.  Must be willing to share in day to day household chores.

Junie’s imagination spiraled.  It sounded a little too good to be true.  There was no way they would be the slightest bit interested in her.
James’ voice over the cell phone, resting forgotten against her ear, startled her, “Well, you gonna answer it?”
A wave of shyness made her voice reluctant, “Do you think I should?”
Once more his voice took on those tones, like he was talking to a child or a head case.  “I sent you the fucking email.  What do you think?”
Junie could not help but think that he was either yelling, lecturing, or talking down to her in that condescending tone almost all the time.  The small flash of anger gave her the courage to say, “Okay, I will then.”

They had been looking for over two years.  There had been lots of responses, a few promising, most ludicrous.  If it had not been for his sick sense of humor and her patience, they would have quit a long time ago.
Getting a sub had been Donna's idea.  For years she had been sub to Bob, but had fantasies about having a sub of her own.  She had had several female lovers, but nothing that lasted and she wanted to involve Bob in this.

Junie's answer to their ad looked much the same as many of the others.  She was in her mid-forties, divorced, kids moved in with dad in their teens, not much experience in BDSM, but curious, very curious.  She had read a lot about the lifestyle.  Was looking for a Dom, but had not thought much about what it would be like to serve a Domme.  She stated she had never had sexual experiences with another woman, but was bi-curious and open to that as well. 
She lived in the northwest, about a hundred miles from where they lived.  That was a plus.  Close enough to meet easily for interviews and play dates, but far enough that they wouldn't need to have any of those uncomfortable moments of accidentally running into each other if things didn't work out.  She had not worked much when her kids had been growing up and now worked part-time in a school records department.
Donna had answered her back.

What do you think it would be like to be a submissive to a couple?  Why did you get divorced? 
What do you need to feel fulfilled in a relationship?
 Looking forward to your response,
Northwest_ Hunters

Donna attached a picture of Bob and her that had been taken the summer before when they had been out kayaking.  One of their Golden Retrievers was leaning against their legs.  Bob had his arm around Donna, they had both been laughing at the camera, and if you looked close you could see Bob had Donna's breast in one of his hands.  She and Bob looked their ages, but were athletic. Neither one was particularly handsome or beautiful, but they had an easy, happy look on their faces.

Junie wrote back,

Thank you for answering my reply to your ad.  I am not sure what exactly it would be like being a sub to both a man and a woman.  I know I would try very hard to learn and obey both of you.
I got a divorce because my husband left me for a younger woman he met at work.  He said “No hard feelings, Junie.  I just fell out of love with you.”  I couldn't really blame him.  I had not been very happy in our marriage... it was boring... I spent all my energy and time on the kids.  
Fulfilled?  I think I need to feel valued, needed.  It’s like everyone in my life has just sort of moved on and left me behind and I am no use to anybody anymore.  All my life I took care of everyone and now they all don't need me anymore.  I am tired of feeling unimportant.


Dear Applicant Junie,

If we choose you to be our sub, you would be expected to obey your Master and Mistress in all things; what you wear, where you go, who you socialize with, your manners, and decorum.  You would be expected to serve both of us sexually.  You must agree to not engage in any sexual contact with outside people without prior permission from your Master and Mistress.  For our own entertainment and your training you would be expected to submit to being tied up, whipped, and tortured (both physically and sexually). 
Prior to any commitments, we would give you a safe word.  We would negotiate your limits and respect them, but if your limits do not fit our needs we may not be compatible.  
We would provide room and board.  You would be expected to cook, clean, and do other household chores.  You would have a reasonable allowance, but if you have any major expenses or debts you would continue to be responsible for them. 
You would be free to leave this relationship at any time.  We reserve the right to end this relationship at any time.
Do you think that this kind of relationship would be one that would make you happy?
I can promise you that if we get this far into our relationship, it will be because we value you, want you, and find you important.  It would be my responsibility as your Mistress to make sure that you feel this, believe this, revel in this every second of your service to me and Bob.

Mistress Donna

Bob wrote:


I know that Donna sent you a picture of the two of us.  I want you to send us a picture of yourself, just a nice normal everyday picture.  Wear the type of clothes you feel comfortable and attractive in.  I want the picture to show your whole body.  In addition I want you to write an accurate description of your body. 
I know that Donna has tried to outline the expectations we would have for you in our house as clearly as possible.  I would direct you to the original personal ad I wrote.  Is there anything she has listed or in the things I listed ( pain, role play, name calling, bondage, spanking, forced masturbation, blindfolds, gags, erotic denial, hair pulling, biting, rape fantasy games, forced oral, anal, toys) that you think would be impossible for you to do?  It is extremely important for you to be honest both with yourself and us.
Is there anything that we have not listed or mentioned that you would need, absolutely require, in order to be happy and fulfilled?
Last; are you currently in a sexual relationship with anyone?  If yes, please describe it and talk a little about how it would be to have to end it. 
Remember it is absolutely required that you be honest with yourself and us.  If there is no honesty this cannot work.

Master Bob.

Both Bob and Donna knew that these letters came on a little strong.  But they were trying to weed out some of the posers.  Usually they never got an answer back from these letters. 

Junie wrote back,

Dear Mistress Donna,
Ma'am, I am going to answer your and Master Bob's letters separately.  If this is in error, please correct me. 
Obeying you as to what I wear:  As your submissive I would obey you in all your wishes, but in honesty I must admit I am very shy publicly and if the clothing you chose for me was revealing, I would have a great deal of difficulty.  I would not defy you, I would try to obey, but I fear I would panic and fail you.
Obeying you in where I go:  Day to day that would not be a problem.  But I am a mother and if one of my children was sick or injured I would have to be able to go to be with them.  I would also like to be able to visit them from time to time.
Obeying you in who I socialize with:  I am very shy.  I do not have any close friends at the moment, just a few old friends I keep in touch with via email.  There is no one I would need to socialize with. 
Obey in manners and decorum:  I would strive to behave in the manner you demand. 
Obeying you by not having sexual contact with outside people without prior permission from your Master and Mistress:  Once more, my shyness is what I deal with.  I have not had a sexual relationship with anyone for several years.  I have had a couple of online friendships.  Obeying this would not be a problem
Obeying in being tied up, whipped, tortured (both physically and sexually):  I would try, but I don't know how much I can take.  I know I want to try.  The whole idea is very exciting to me.  Knowing I would have a safe word makes me feel braver. 
Obeying in performing household chores:  Here I smile, I was married and a mother for years and years.  Taking care of a house is one of the things I love to do and feel most confident in.  I love to cook and always have taken pride in my home and my yard. 
I have no major expenses other than my car payment.  If I could no longer maintain that payment, I would sell my car. 
If I may ask, if I moved and became your sub, would I still be permitted to work and if not, would you provide health insurance?  That is the primary reason I work now.
Your statement that you could end the relationship at any time is a little frightening to me.  When my husband left me I was very lost for a while.  I guess I need to know that if you were dissatisfied with me, you would tell me and give me opportunities to improve before you threw me out.  I am sorry, Ma'am, I am just frightened of being abandoned again.
I hope I answered your questions to your satisfaction.  I tried very hard to be honest.


Dear Master Bob,
Attached is a photo of me taken last summer.  I am wearing a summer dress on my way to my daughter’s graduation.  I do not often wear dresses, but I liked the way I looked in this picture.
Describe myself, starting at the top:  I am 5'2” tall and weigh 165 lbs.  My hair is salt and pepper, but I keep it dyed black (my original color).  It is straight and I wear it in a shoulder length bob.  I would change my style if you directed me to.  I have big brown eyes and I think they are my best feature.  I have a heart shaped face and a small mouth.  My teeth are kind of crooked and not as white as I like.  I think I am cute, but I am not very confident about my appearance.
I have narrow shoulders and large breasts, (38DD).  My nipples are large with large aureoles, they are brown colored.  I have a small round fat belly and big round fat butt.  My pussy hair is mostly gray.  I tried to dye it to match my hair, but it did not work so I have shaved it off.  I have average length legs for my height and small feet.
I am healthy.  I have no ongoing health issues other that I am premenopausal.  I do not have any issues around that other than I have irregular menstrual periods and have had a few hot flashes.  I do not take any medication.  After the birth of my third child I had a tubal ligation and would not need birth control if we are to have intercourse.
Sir, the list of things I would be expected to do is one of the reasons I answered your ad.  I have been fantasizing about things like those since I was a young girl.  Just reading those words makes me tremble.  My body is very responsive sexually, but it seems like I need intense stimulation to reach orgasm.  None of them are impossible.  I have not done all those things, but I know I desperately want to try them all.  I am not sure if I will enjoy them all, but if I felt like I was serving you, making you happy by doing them, that would be more than enough.
Things not listed?  Things I would have to have?  Nothing comes to mind at this time, but if I do think of something I will tell you as soon as possible.  I think I am a little overwhelmed thinking of the possibilities of being a sub to you and Mistress Donna. 
I am not in a physical sexual relationship with anyone at this time.  I am in an online relationship with a man, a Dom.  I will refer to him as Sir J.  He has been training me, but is married and cannot meet me in person.  He knows I want more and have been lonely and unhappy.  He is the one who told me about seeing your ad for a sub and recommended I answer it.  He is aware that I may end up terminating our relationship, but I was close to doing that already.  I was getting sick with wanting what I could not have.  


Bob opened the attached photo and looked at the petite plump woman in the photo.  She was wearing a yellow sleeveless dress and had a soft close lipped smile on her face.  Her huge brown eyes made her look almost childlike.
“Donna, look at her.  She is cute as a bug.  And her little body looks so lush.”
Donna ran her hand over the back of his neck as she stood behind him.  “Lush?  Looks like you could drown in those boobs.  I would like to see those big brown eyes full of tears.”
Bob laughed a soft carnivorous chuckle, “You like?”  He reached behind him and ran his hand up between her legs, feeling the heat and wetness.
“I like.”
“What should we ask her next?”
“I want to know more about this online Dom, this Sir J.  Make her tell us what he makes her do.  See if she can have him email us.  I want you to talk with him.  And I want to hear about her fantasies.   Have her talk a little about her personality, how she deals with frustrations, what she thinks her strengths are, what really pisses her off, what her hobbies are.”
“We should talk a little about ourselves too.”
“I wonder if it is too soon to start instant messaging with her?” 
Bob laughed, “You just want to cyber with her.”
“Maybe, but I also want to see how she thinks without so much time to craft her answers.”
“Let’s hold off on the cybering.”

Bob wrote to Junie:

You did well sending me your picture and answering my questions.  You are indeed very cute and voluptuous.  Both Donna and I find you very attractive. 
How long have you been in this online D/s relationship?  How often are you in contact with him?  What have you told him about us?  Tell me what things you do together.  Tell me what have you done together that you like, and what has not been successful.
I would like to talk with Sir J.  You have my permission to give him my email address.  Ask him if he would be willing to email me.

Tell me about your sexual experiences.  How old were you when you first had sex?  How many lovers have you had?  What kinds of things have you done?
You mentioned your fantasies.  Tell me one of your favorite sexual fantasies. 

Master Bob

Donna wrote:

Dear Sweet Junie,
You did a very good job answering our questions.  I know we came on a little strong, but we don't want to start spending a lot of time getting to know someone, only to find out that their expectations are different from ours.
It is important for you to talk about what you will need as we get to know you.  Your needs are important too.  Both Bob and I intend to take our time getting to know you, and letting you get to know us.  We will exchange emails for a while and then talk over instant messenger.  If things are going well, we will talk on the phone after that.  And then perhaps we will meet in a neutral place for some safe conversations.  All this will progress at a mutually agreed upon pace.  We would not engage in any sexual contact, or BDSM play, until we are all sure that we are ready for that level of intimacy.
I see from your response to Bob that you want more than an online relationship, that you want and crave being with your Master.  I assure you that, while we will take it gradually, we want this as much as you.
Both Bob and I are curious to learn more about you.  How do you deal with frustrations?  What are your strengths and weaknesses?  What really pisses you off?  Do you have any hobbies?
Bob and I are both retired.  We live on a nice, big piece of land and have a lovely home, looking over a lake.  We raise Golden Retrievers and travel a few months a year.  We do not have any children.  Sadly, that was not something I could give my Bob.  (I understand and respect your commitment to be there for your children if they need you.)  We enjoy being in the outdoors; kayaking, fishing, and hiking.  Bob enjoys gardening, carpentry, and stock market investing.  I am interested in reading, writing, computers, and politics.
If things work out, and we decide to ask you to be our submissive, we would expect you to not have a job outside our home.  We would provide medical insurance and, if you choose, Bob could advise you in investments for a retirement income for you.
We would officially employ you as a housekeeper/house sitter.  I suspect you would find that your disposable monthly income would be comparable to what you make now.  You would be able to keep your car and I would encourage that.  Having a job title would make it easier to explain to your family why you are living with us.
Junie dear, as you get to know us, you will learn we are loving and loyal people.  We would not “throw you out” without good reason.  The only things I could think of that would result in us asking you to leave, without a chance to fix things, would be dangerous or illegal activities.  (drugs, assault, arson, theft, etc.)  Hopefully we will have had a chance to get to know you well enough that these would not be an issue.
If you have any questions about us, please feel free to ask.  We would be glad to tell you anything that would not compromise our privacy at this point.  Bob and Donna are our real first names.  I really hope Junie is yours.  I like it a lot.
I would like to be able to talk with you via instant messenger.  I am going to add you to my IM friends list. 

Mistress Donna

Junie wrote back:

Dear Master Bob,
I am happy you liked my picture.
Re. my relationship with Sir J.:
I have been talking with Sir J. for almost a year.  We met in a chat room.  He is only able to play with me via web cam and telephone about once a week, but we are in daily email contact, telephone, and instant messaging. 
I have told him everything that has happened so far.  In fact, at his request, I have forwarded a copy of your emails (without your names or address) and sent him a copy of my responses. 
When we web cam, he has me masturbate with a vibrator while he talks to me on the phone.  Sometimes he makes me put clothes pins on my nipples and labia.  Other times he has me hit my body with a belt or a small wooden paddle.  He has punished me by having me tie my hands together and spend all day naked, in my apartment, kneeling in a corner. 
Sir J. gives me assignments like to go to public places and do exhibitionist things.  This is most difficult for me.  I just can't do this.  I am so shy, I freeze up and panic.  I am halfway home before I realize that I have failed.
He also wants me to post nude pictures of myself on the internet.  I have been afraid to do this so far, but I can tell he is getting impatient with me. 
I have sent an email to him about you wanting to talk to him.  I gave him your address.  He said he would contact you.
My sexual history:
I was a shy child and teenager and did not date or have any boyfriends until I was out of high school.  I dated some boys in junior college, and did some necking and petting, but I did not have intercourse.  I was a virgin when I met my husband.  We dated for several months before I let him have sex with me.  We used condoms and for a few months that worked fine, but eventually one broke.   I got pregnant.  I was 19.  He was 22.  We got married. 
My husband was the only man I had sex with until I was 35.  He was having an affair with a woman at his work and we had separated.  I had gotten a temp job as a secretary for a bookkeeper during tax season.  My boss was pretty aggressive.  I was very inexperienced and emotionally vulnerable.  He did not take no for an answer and I was not very good at saying no anyway.  It did not last very long.  He was married.  He did not call me once I started working somewhere else.
My husband and I tried to work things out for a few years but he continued to have affairs and our divorce was final when I turned 40. 
Our sexual relationship was pretty normal.  We mostly had oral and vaginal sex.  It was pretty predictable.  I never had any trouble having orgasms, but it all seemed kind of boring.  We did have anal a couple of times, but he hurt me a lot and I started to say no.  We never did anything 'kinky'.  I asked him once if he would spank me and he acted like I had lost my mind.  I was too shy to ask again.
In the last four years I have had online cyber sex with a lot of different people in chat rooms.  I read a lot about BDSM and started to frequent chat rooms for people in the “lifestyle”.  I met Sir J.  He is the only person I have web-cammed with. 
Fantasies:  No one has asked me to write down my fantasies before.  I have had fantasies about being enslaved and tortured all my life.  Even when I was a little girl, before I even knew about sex, I would pretend I was captured by “bad” men.  They would chain me up and beat me.  I was maybe 14 when I realized the excited feelings I had, when I thought these thoughts, were sexual.
There is one fantasy that I think about most often.  I am kidnapped and held prisoner.  I am tied up and forced to have sex with dozens of men.  At first I resist, fight back, but they whip me, torture me, starve me, and use other mind washing techniques. 
Eventually I break and start to cooperate.  They rape me orally, vaginally, and anally for hours on end.  Sometimes they make me rape other women they have kidnapped, either orally or with a strap-on.  I am in agony and terror but soon, to their vast amusement, I cannot help but have endless orgasms. 
Soon I am a slave to them and my appetites.  I become an insatiable slut, begging for more and more violent and depraved sex and humiliation.  I beg them to whip me and force me to fuck myself with objects or put on shows with other captive women.
Sir, after reading over this, I feel kind of embarrassed, but you said I have to be honest for this to work.

Red faced and obedient,

Junie wrote to Donna:

Dear Mistress Donna,
My name is June, but all my life people have called me Junie.
I got your invitation to add me to your instant messaging.  I accepted.
Frustrations?  Generally I don't get too frustrated.  If there is something or someone I don't like, I usually just avoid them.  I try not to think about it too much.  Sometimes, I think I blame myself too much for when things don't go right around me, rather than get frustrated with other people.
Strengths:  I am smart and patient.  I have a good sense of humor.  I am clean and very organized and work well without supervision.  I am a bit of a perfectionist.  (that can be both a strength and a weakness :))  I like physical contact and am a very cuddly person.  (I very much miss having someone to sleep with.  I would hope that I could sleep with you and Master Bob sometimes.)  I like sex and am very responsive and generous sexually. 
Weaknesses:  I struggle with shyness.  I hate going to new places or meeting new people.  I think that is how I ended up in chat rooms.  I sometimes panic and run away from new situations.  I tend to giggle when I am nervous.  I tend to eat when I am lonely and sad and it seems like I have been lonely and sad a lot lately.  It shows in the fact that I have gained a lot of weight in the last few years.  I sometimes fantasize that a strict Mistress or Master would put me on a diet and exercise program.
What really pisses me off?  I know I hate it when people lie to me, or are unfair or selfish.  I hate people who mistreat children or animals.  I don't like it when people are sloppy or messy with things I am responsible for.  I don't like to be around people who complain all the time.  I don't confront people though, I just try to ignore it or fix it later. 
Hobbies:  I like textile hobbies.  I sew clothing and make quilts.  I knit and crochet.  I like cooking and gardening.  I enjoy the outdoors, but have not spent a great deal of time camping or hiking.  I like watching movies and cruising the internet.
Questions for you:  When you travel, will I stay home or travel with you?  Would I have a room of my own?  How much room would I have for my personal belongings?  I would like to have room for a sewing table.  Would you let me sleep with you sometimes?  For sex will we use condoms or would we get an aids test?  Do you live near a town or city?  
I am a little curious about you and Bob's relationship.  You say he is dominant to you.  Is he your Master?  Would you be my sister-sub or my Mistress?  I do not think I could ever top anyone and would be happy to be the lowest girl on the totem pole.  I guess I need to be more patient and you will teach me my role. 


Junie's online Dom was surprisingly quick to email Bob and Donna.  Bob had not expected him to be very cooperative in losing his relationship with Junie.  He read the brief email.



Bob looked at the email.  “Jesus, this guy is an ass.  What’s up with the all caps?” 
Donna looked over his shoulder, “He just wants to make sure people are listening.  I bet he has one of those voices that sound like he is yelling all the time.”

Bob wrote back:

I am pleased you agreed to talk with me about Junie.  She tells us you are the one who told her about our ad, that you suggested she contact us.  I am curious why you did that?
Junie says you have been training her.  What kinds of things have you been teaching her?
Is there anything you think I should know about Junie?


Bob grimaced at the wall of capitals.  What kind of a jerk would write all in capitals?



Donna wrote back to Junie:

Dear Junie,
What a wonderful pair of letters.  You did a great job answering both my and Bob's letters.  I will answer both of them here.
Bob has been in communication with Sir James.  It is okay if you want to tell him how things are going with your getting to know us.  I am impressed that you were careful to not share our names or addresses.  It shows a level of respect and discretion that is encouraging.  If things progress to the point that we want this to change, we will talk to you about this.  At this point our friendship is too new for us to presume to tell you what and what not to do.
Only two lovers?  It is sweet that you are such an innocent.  Do you ever wonder what you may have missed? 
Your fantasies are not unusual and yet very sexy.  I like the fact you fantasize about being forced to have sex with women.  I like the idea of seeing you in a strap-on.
When we travel, we would take you with us some of the time, and some of the time you would stay home and take care of the house.  Perhaps you could use that time to visit with your children or even take a vacation of your own.
You would have a room of your own, with an attached area that would have plenty of room for a desk and a work table.  You would not need to bring any furniture but if you have some special pieces that have emotional meaning, we could discuss that.
Sweet, sweet little Junie, if I care enough to make love with someone, I certainly would want to hold them, caress them, soothe them, and sleep with them.  Bob feels the same way. 
Safe sex?  Personally I would prefer to not have to worry about barriers.  I like to taste and feel the juices of my lovers; it is an important part of love making for me.  I want to taste you, drink your wonderful nectar.  I want to eat Bob's come out of you.  Both Bob and I are very careful. We would require you to take an Aids test.  We would take a test at the same time so you could feel safe as well.   
We live about an hour from the Seattle metro area.  We do not often go clear into the city, preferring to support our local community.   But it is close enough if we need to have the big city experience. 
Bob and I?  We met when we were young.  We have been together for almost twenty-five years.  It has been in the last fifteen or so years that we have gotten more interested in the BDSM lifestyle.  I very much crave pain and humiliation, and seem to need it to fully enjoy my sexuality.  Bob is very good at meeting those needs and it turns him on very much to beat me until I come.  He is very good at ropes and likes to tie me up.  I can't wait to see you in bondage.  Your big breasts all tied up, the ropes cutting into your soft skin.  I am getting myself all turned on thinking about you.
Bob is not my Master in the purest sense of the word.  He is dominant.  I treat him with respect.  But he respects my opinions and allows me equal say when it comes to running our household and marriage.  He does have the final word if there is a difference of opinion.  I call him Bob, unless we are playing and then I call him Sir.  You would be required to call him Sir or Master at all times.  You would be required to call me Ma'am at all times.
I have always been bisexual and Bob has been very supportive of my need to have sexual relationships with women.  He loves to fuck with two women at the same time.  I fantasize a great deal about being a Dominatrix to a woman.  You would be my dream come true.  I would love to be strict with you.  Diets, exercise would only be the beginning, but I would not want to make you skinny.  I love your big breasts and butt.
Yes, you would be on the bottom, but also in the middle and sometimes on the top.  My imagination is running riot with me, so many possibilities, and so many positions.  Oh sweet Junie, I do so hope that things work out with us, I am already starting to fall in love with you, or at least the idea of having my way with you.
I will see if you are on tonight and maybe we can talk over IM.

Mistress Donna

Donna felt a rush of excitement when she saw that Junie had logged on to instant messaging.  She laughed at herself when she realized her heart was beating fast and her face felt hot.  She shook her head.  It would be stupid to get too worked up now.  This was a long way from being a sure thing. 
Donna:  Sweet Junie, are you there?
Junie:  Ma'am, yes I am.  How are you?
Donna:  Happy to be able to speak with you.
Junie:  You make me blush, Ma'am.  I just hope I will be what you want.
Donna:  Oh sweet Junie, I want you already, but we must take our time.  Rushing into things can be a mistake, and I so want this to work.
Junie:  I want that too, Ma'am.
Donna:  You have never made love to a woman?
Junie:  No, Ma'am.  I often think about it.  I touch myself and taste my fingers. I think about what it would be like to make love to another woman's beautiful flower with my mouth.  I very much want to try.  Sometimes I have dreams where I have a penis and I am making love to a woman.  They are some of the most erotic dreams I have. 
Donna:  You are making me feel very hot.  Do you think about what it would be like to have a woman go down on you, lick you, suck your clit into her mouth, fuck you with her fingers or a toy?
Junie:  I think about it, but it's always been hard for me to accept pleasure from someone orally.  I sort of froze up when my husband would go down on me.  I wonder if I could relax and enjoy accepting oral pleasure from anyone.  I would like to try.  It excites me to read your words, Ma'am.
Donna:  Are you touching yourself now?
Junie:  No, Ma'am.  Am I supposed to be?
Donna:  No, not now, but later after we are done, if you want to... would you think about me lying between your legs worshiping at your beautiful cunt? 
Junie:  I could do that, Ma'am.
Donna:  I would like that.  When you touch yourself, whisper to me, tell me how good it feels, tell me where to lick and how hard.  Right before you come, beg me for it and make yourself wait just a little while, and then after you come, thank me.  Think about me coming up and kissing you with your sweet juices all over my face, and then wrapping my arms around you and holding you, sleeping with you all night.
Junie:  Oh god, Ma'am.  I feel like I am going to cry.  I need to be held so badly.  It's been so long.
Donna:  I know, sweet baby.  I would be there now if I could.  I hate the idea of you being lonely and sad.  I promise that you will never feel that way again once you come to live with me and Bob.
Junie:  I would do anything to have that, Ma'am.
Donna:  We all would.  Tell me about your day.
Junie:  My day, Ma'am?  I went to work.  I work four days a week, filing in a big records room and converting hard copies to a computerized data system for the school records.  I work by myself most of the time.  It is not very challenging.  The worst thing is that the files they send me are terribly disorganized and difficult to work with, one of those frustrations you asked me about.
Donna:  It doesn't sound like you like it very much.
Junie:  I don't hate it, Ma'am.  It is just kind of boring and lonely.  Seems like lonely is a consistent theme for me.  I am lonely and shy both at the same time.
Donna:  Don't you see your children?
Junie:  This is hard to talk about, Ma'am.  I have three children.  My oldest is 25 and my youngest is 18.  None of them live with me.  When they were teenagers they all chose to live with their father.  He courted them with money and things I could not provide, like cars, cell phones, and trips. We are on good terms and I do see them, but not very often.  The two oldest boys live out of town now, one is in the military and the other is in college.  My baby girl is just starting college locally and just doesn't seem to have much time for me right now.  I am sorry about how long it took me to answer.
Donna:  I was beginning to wonder if I had lost you.  Kids grow up.  I guess I had never thought about it before.  It must be hard after devoting your life to them.
Junie:  Yes, Ma'am.  It is hard, but I know they love me.  They are good kids.  They just have their own lives now.
Donna:  Do you have any pets?
Junie:  No, Ma'am.  I live in a tiny apartment that does not allow pets.  I like dogs.  We had the sweetest black lab when I was married, but he got the dog when we divorced.  He was pretty old and has passed on.  I think I would like helping with your dogs.  You say you raise them.  Do you have puppies sometimes?
Donna:  Ooh, a puppy lover.  You and me both, I am a sucker for puppies.  We have a litter about once a year.  One of our girls is expecting.  We bred her a couple of weeks ago.  She should be due around the middle of July. 
Junie:  You are right about me loving puppies, Ma'am. 
Donna:  We have four Golden Retrievers.  They have the run of the house.  It makes for dog hair in everything, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  One of the reasons I need a live-in slave.  Cleaning up the dog hair is making me crazy.
Junie:  That is too funny, Ma'am.  You must let me help you with that.  Would it be alright for me to ask what I would wear when I am working?
Donna:  Sweet Junie, that is why we are talking.  We are getting to know each other.  I want you to ask questions.  In fact I demand that if you think of a question, you ask me it.  For everyday wear, you would be expected to wear normal clothes.  But Bob has a fetish for women's panties.  He will choose your panties.  You will have a huge collection of panties.  He is always buying more panties.
Junie:  Ma'am, if this is presumptuous, correct me.  But you said I should ask.  Fetish?  Do you mean he wears them?
Donna:  Oh my god, that cracks me up.  I am laughing out loud.  No, fetish might not be the right word.  He likes to look at them on women.  He likes to spank me with panties on and he loves, absolutely loves to yank them up and give me a wedgie with them, forcing them up in the folds of my pussy.  He likes to make me suck on them after they are all soaked up with my pussy juice.  I think I will love sucking on your panties.
Junie:  I am sorry, Ma'am.
Donna:  Don't be.  It was a normal question.  Most people would think that a panty fetish meant he wanted to wear them.  He likes boobs too.  I don't have very big ones and he has been staring at your picture like a starved man.
Junie:  Ma'am, would he like another picture?  I have a nice one where I am wearing a nice black lace bra with cleavage, lots of cleavage, and you can see my nipples through the lace.  Or one with my boobs bare?  You could surprise him.
Donna:  You would make his day.  He would be thrilled and, I have to admit, so would I.  I like boobs a lot too.  I can't wait to latch onto yours, you little sexy girl.  Lucky you have two, one for me and one for Bob.  Start with the bra one.  We will ask for more, later.
Junie:  I will send it along as soon as we are done talking.  Ma'am, it is getting late and I have to go to work in the morning and if I am going to.. um... play with myself as per your instructions I should... um... get busy?
Donna:  Oh, you little flirt!  You know what you are doing to me.  Send the picture and then get to work or should I say play?  Remember to thank me when you come.  Say it now.  “Thank you, Mistress Donna.”
Junie:  Thank you, Mistress Donna.
Donna:  Good girl.  Good night, Sweet Junie.  My arms will be around you all night. 
Junie:  Good night, Ma'am.  Thank you, Ma'am.

Donna opened the picture.  Junie was standing holding a camera up and taking a picture of herself in a big mirror.  It showed her from the waist up.  She had on a transparent as smoke bra and was holding her heavy melon sized breasts up with her other arm.  She had a serious look on her face, like she was concentrating on getting the picture just right.  Donna wished she had been smiling. 
Donna could see her aureoles and nipples clearly through the lace.  Her aureoles were easily as big as the palm of her hand and it looked like her nipples were as big as finger tips.  Her cleavage was deep and inviting.
“Hey Baby, I have a surprise for you.  Come see.”
Bob came in from the other room where he had been reading.  “Did you make her do that?”
“No, she offered.  I was telling her how you liked her boobs, and she asked if she could send this to you.”
“Have you been cybering with her?”  His voice was gruff and mildly threatening.
Donna was quick to recognize that Bob was in one of his moods.  “No, Sir, we were just talking about sex, not pretending to have sex.  But I did tell her to pretend I am the one making love to her when she masturbates tonight.  Do you want to read what we said to each other?”
“Yes.”  Bob sat down at the computer and scrolled back to the beginning of their chat.  The small chat window overlaid the picture of Junie in her bra. 
Donna moved to kneel between his knees and smiled up at him.  “Could I, perhaps, make this even more enjoyable, Sir?”
Bob sighed and nodded, some of the tension going out of his face.  “Yes, I think that is exactly what I would like.”  He finally smiled.  “Such a good girl, always thinking of my comfort.”
Donna did not reply.  She carefully unzipped his pants and worked out his cock.  Bob rose up and eased his pants down a bit so she could reach his balls.  He let out a second sigh as she reached and took them in her hand and began to massage them. 
Slowly and sensually she began to lick the length of his shaft and then sucked the length of his slowly growing cock into her mouth.  Bob had a fairly big cock and it was hard for her to hold the whole length of him in her throat for long.  Bob put a hand on her face, giving her subtle guiding nudges, controlling her pace and depth, gradually urging her to increase her tempo.   
Donna worked her tongue and lips along the length of him and when he grew too long for her to hold comfortably, she added a hand pumping up and down his shaft as she bobbed up and down over his large head.  She made a soft deep growling sound in her chest as she felt his head swell and his belly muscles tense. 
Bob moved his hand from her face and tangled it in her hair.  He grated out, “Here it comes, bitch.”  And, gripping her hair in an iron grip, he lunged up and forced his cock deep into her throat as he poured forth shot after shot of come.  Donna let her mouth fill and then let it leak out the corners.  When he shuddered and spasmed the last time, she pulled back and opened her mouth, showing him how full he had left it.  “Good girl.  Swallow it down and get back on it.  I am not quite done reading.”  Donna gulped it all down and bent to take him back into her mouth, gently massaging and sucking on his slowly ebbing erection.
When he was done reading, Bob looked down at her and stretched his legs.  He stroked her hair.  “I am really starting to get a good feeling about this one.”  Donna made a soft grunt of agreement as she kept slowly licking and sucking on his semi-erect cock.  “What next?” 
Donna slowly, reluctantly let his cock slip from between her lips.  “Phone?  I would love to hear her voice.”
“We need to take enough time so we have a chance to get to know her.”
“True, but I want to move fast enough to keep her a little overwhelmed, thrilled.  I want her thinking of little else.  The key to her is making her feel wanted, desired.  You should write back and tell how looking at her breasts made you feel.  Tell her how you would hold her in the night.  Let her feel your lust for her.”
“That shouldn't be too difficult.  It was just like having my lover’s lips around my cock.”
“You old dog.”

Sweet Junie,
I read your talk with Donna.  I like that Donna has been calling you Sweet Junie.  I hope it is okay with you if I call you that too. 
I was so surprised and overjoyed by your gift of that wonderfully sexy picture.  Your breasts look delectable.  I could eat you up.  I cannot wait to hold you in my arms, to sleep with my head resting on those beautiful pillows of yours, your nipple in my mouth, my hand trapped between your thighs, warm and cuddled up all night long.
I see that Donna told you about my love for panties.  I think it all started with the catalogs.  As a kid there was nothing like porn available, and I always was playing with myself while looking at the lingerie section of the Sears catalog.  Here I am all these years later, still finding myself looking at naked pictures of women and thinking about what kind of underwear they should be wearing. 
I am all hard thinking about being able to decorate your wonderful round ass with lace, silk, latex, leather, rubber, satin, fur... oh, my mind is reeling with possibilities.  When we get more trust, you will have to send me your mailing address so I can send you some to wear for me.
I know that you have never been spanked or flogged other than what you have done to yourself when Sir James has directed you to.  How did that feel?  What did you hit yourself with?  Did you mark your skin or cause bruises?  I cannot help but feel that self-flagellation must be like trying to tickle yourself, difficult if not impossible. 
I want to reassure you that anything we do together will be a completely different experience.  I would start out carefully, learning your body, slowly exploring your limits.  I pledge that I would not ever take you further than would be safe and wonderful for you.  Sharing your pain and submission with me and Donna will be erotic and spiritual.
Sweet Junie, I have a request for you.  This is not an order, just a request.  If Sir James asks you to do something you are fearful or reluctant to do, before you try, come talk to me about it.  We will discuss it, explore why you are having those feelings.  Together we would decide if it is something you should do.
You say Sir James can only play with you once a week.  Why is that?  Is it always the same day?  If so what day is that?
If you cannot comply with this request, I will not be disappointed.  We are just getting to know each other.  It is too early to demand perfect obedience.  Perfect obedience is a gift you should only give me when you are ready. 
In my opinion, I think it would be better if you are in a comfortable emotional space during this time of getting to know and trust Donna and me.  Having Sir James push you to test your limits may be too much to ask at this time.  Plus, I am selfish enough to want to be the one that gets that privilege. 
I see you love puppies.  You and Donna are going to be soul mates.  I will attach some pictures of Donna and me playing with our last litter.  They are all grown up and in new homes now.  Hopefully you will be here with us by the time the next litter is due.  It's the most fun to be there when the miracle happens. 
Donna very much enjoyed her chat with you.  Perhaps tonight I will talk with you.

Master Bob

Bob attached several pictures of Donna and him playing with puppies on the neat green lawn in front of their house.  Their house was in the background, a low stone building with a large deck.  The puppies were about five-weeks-old, fat little butter-colored balls of fur. 
He and Donna were sitting on the grass.  Donna's long hair was loose around her shoulders.  She kept it dyed her original light reddish blond and her arms were covered with freckles.  She was wearing a tank top and shorts, her long tan legs lay in the grass as she held a puppy up to her face.  Bob was wearing a worn pair of jeans, but had his shirt off.  His broad shoulders and chest were bronze, lean, and surprisingly muscular, his thick gray curly hair appearing light against the dark, tanned skin of his face.

Dear Master Bob,

I am happy you liked the picture.  I like to think about being snuggled up between you and Donna in a big bed.  I hope you have a nice big bed.
Thank you for the pictures of you and Donna with the puppies.  Is that your house in the background?  It is beautiful.  Both you and Donna are so slim.  I am starting to feel a little self-conscious about how fat I am. 
I have spanked myself with a leather belt.  I swing it at my thighs, belly, and breasts.  I also whip it around so it hits my back and butt.  It leaves red marks and welts.  I did bruise myself a few times while I was learning how to do it.  It hurts.  I don't like it.  It doesn't sexually excite me.  I also have spanked my pussy with a small wooden paddle, actually a wooden spoon, while I masturbated with a vibrator.  It hurt but, at the same time, I liked it very much.  It felt very erotic.
Sir James can only play with me on Thursday nights.  That is a day when he can be alone.  His wife does not know about me and plays bridge at church that night.  We usually play from 8:00 until 10:00 or 11:00.
The things he asks me to do, that I have difficulty with, are when he tries to make me do things that embarrass me in public.  Lately he has backed off on that, because I was not making any progress.  Now he is trying to get me to post nude pictures of myself on a website.  I am scared to do this because I am afraid that somehow it would get back to my children.
I look forward to talking with you via IM.

Happily Obedient,

Donna called from the office.  “She just logged on, if you want to talk with her.”

Donna:  Sweet Junie, are you there?
Junie:  Yes, Ma'am.  I just got home a little while ago.  I ran some errands after work.  I grabbed a burger on the way home.
Donna:  How was your day?
Junie:  Much the same, Ma'am, piles of paper, lots of data entry, and some filing.  Although today, someone commented that I looked happy.  I guess I was smiling a lot. 
Donna:  Why is that, sweet girl?
Junie:  I don't know, Ma'am.  I guess I am feeling a little giddy with all the attention you and Bob have been giving me.  You make me feel sexy, desirable.  I haven't felt that way in a long time.
Donna:  You are.  You are beautiful and sexy.  Both Bob and I are a little giddy too.  Things have been going very well.  Bob is here now and he wants a chance to talk with you.
Bob:  Hey
Junie:  Hello, Sir.
Bob:  Junie, I have to admit I am a little angry with you.  We should deal with that now.
Junie:  Angry, Sir?
Bob:  In your letter you spoke disrespectfully about your body, calling yourself fat in a negative manner.  I will not tolerate you making disparaging comments about your body.  If you were here and my sub, I would punish you quickly and firmly.
Junie:  I am sorry, Sir.  It’s just that you and Donna are both so... um... in better shape than me?
Bob:  Getting angrier.
Junie:  Oh god, Sir.  I am sorry.  I know I have a problem with this.
Bob:  Do you think that either Donna or I find you unattractive?
Junie:  Oh no, Sir.
Bob:  Are you trying to convince us that we are wrong to find you attractive? 
Junie:  Oh no, Sir.  I am so sorry.  I was wrong.  You should punish me. 
Bob:  Number one, neither Donna nor I own you and have no right to punish you.  Number two, you do not have the right to tell me whether or not you deserve punishment.  That will be for me or Donna to decide.  If you want to be punished, you may ask but NEVER tell me what I should do.
Junie:  Yes, Sir.  I understand.  I ask you to punish me.
Bob:  Again it is too soon to speak of punishments.  But I am going to give you a set of instructions.  From now on, anytime you refer to your body or any portion of your body you will use a positive descriptive adjective first... like my 'sexy' body, my 'beautiful' breasts, my 'hot jiggly' ass.  You should be very aware that once you give yourself to us you will be required to think of your body as belonging to Donna and me.  Any disrespect directed at your appearance would be disrespect directed at us.  I will not tolerate disrespect.  UNDERSTAND???
Junie:  Yes, Sir.  This pretty girl and her hot, sexy, jiggly ass are very grateful for the way you care about me.  Thank you, Sir. 
Bob:  (smiles) You are very welcome.  (reaches out and strokes your hair)
Junie:  I wish you could really touch my hair.
Bob:  Soon, Sweet Junie, soon.  Next time remember that you should use 'pretty hair'.
Junie:  Oops, this is going to be hard, Sir.  “My beautiful hair.”
Bob:  Good job.  Do you think you could do that all the time, even when you talk to other people?  Out in the world.
Junie:  Oh, I don't know, Sir.  You mean to anyone I meet?
Bob:  Yes everyone, Sir James, your co-workers, family... everyone.
Junie:  That would be really hard, Sir.  I don't know if I can.  I will try.
Bob:  Okay, for now, your instruction will be to use the positive words every time you talk about your body with Donna or me.  Try to do the same with other people, but instead of a goal of trying to do it all the time, I want you to keep track of how many times you were successful.
Junie:  Yes, Sir.
Bob:  I will ask you how successful you were next time we talk.
Junie:  (Gulps) Yes, Sir.
Bob:  Why the gulp?
Junie:  I just don't talk about my beautiful body with people, Sir.  I have always avoided talking about my beautiful body with anyone.  Oh Sir, this is so hard.  Every time I write 'beautiful', I feel like I am going to cry.  It is so hard to believe.
Bob:  Sweet Junie.  Keep pushing.  It will start to feel real after a while.  I am sorry that you had to live in a world that tore you down and made you feel bad.  Our world is going to be all about making you feel good. 
Junie:  I am not very used to feeling good about myself, Sir.
Bob:  Hence the shyness?
Junie:  It all seems so simple and yet so difficult, Sir.
Bob:  Let’s change the subject.
Junie:  Okay, Sir, what do you want to talk about?
Bob:  Tell me about your spiritual beliefs.
Junie:  You mean like religion, Sir?
Bob:  Religion is another word for it.
Junie:  I was raised Catholic.  I have not gone to church since I was in high school.  I don't think I believe in God anymore, at least not the god they talked about when I was a little girl.  I can't believe that there was some all powerful benevolent creator pulling the strings around here.  The world is just too fucked up for that to be true.
Bob:  Donna and I have some less conventional spiritual beliefs.  We do not so much believe in an all powerful benevolent creator that is pulling the strings.  We believe in a power that infuses the world we live in.  We believe we are just here for a little while and then that magic that is us moves on to another life form in this world.
Junie:  I guess I am a little confused, Sir.
Bob:  That is okay.  I just wanted to talk to you a little about this before we get in too deep.  Donna and I are kind of nature worshipers.  We believe that the Earth is our mother, that the Earth deserves our love and respect.  We believe in reincarnation. 
Junie:  Reincarnation, Sir?
Bob:  Sweet Junie, I am not trying to convert you.   I just want you to know where we are coming from.  One of our core beliefs is tolerance and acceptance of other people.  We very strongly believe that people should be free to make their own decisions.
Junie:  I think I understand, Sir.  I would not have a problem accepting your beliefs.  I actually would like to learn more about it.  I know I have trouble believing in God but I still feel like there is something... something intangible... just out of reach.  Magic... I am sorry, Sir.  I just don't have the words.
Bob:  Donna and I believe that the world is filled with magic.  Perhaps we will have a convert. 
Junie:  At least a curious student, Sir.
Bob:  So, Sweet Junie, do you think you want to continue talking like this or would you like to move on to talking on the phone?
Junie:  I would love to talk on the phone, Sir.  I am very curious to hear you voice, yours and Mistress Donna's. 
Bob:  I think that I would like to hear your voice as well.
Junie:  Sir, I have a beautiful high pitched voice... and a beautiful nervous giggle.   
Bob:  (arches a brow) Sir James has told me of your giggling.  He is of an opinion that it will take a firm hand to deal with that.
Junie:  Oh Sir, suddenly I am all a tingle.  I can feel my happy heart racing.  (I had to stop and remember the positive word.)  I crave a firm hand. 
Bob:  Good job.  Now give me your number.  I want to hear this giggle of yours.
Junie:  Yes, Sir. 

Bob dialed her number and she picked it up on the first ring.  Her voice was soft, high pitched, and a little breathless.
“Hello, Sir.”
“Hello, Sweet Junie.”
“Oh, Sir, your voice is like a train in the distance.  It rumbles and vibrates.  I can feel it clear down to my toes.  Oops, my pretty toes.”
“Junie, you have a sweet voice, soft and feminine.”
“Thank you, Sir.” 
Donna walked into the office.  She eyed him on the phone.  “Who are you talking to?”
“Junie, Donna is here.  She wonders who I am talking to.”  Junie giggled a soft ringing bell.  “I don't mind your giggle.” 
Donna grinned and held out her hand for the phone.  “Gimme, please.”
Bob laughed and said to Junie, “Donna wants me to give her the phone.  Should I?”
Junie answered, “Please, Sir, how can you ask me to make that kind of decision?  How could I choose?”
Bob looked at Donna, “She is a diplomat.  She refuses to choose.”  He could hear Junie giggling.  “I am making her nervous.  Maybe you should get on the extension and listen in.”
Donna's eyes lit up and she ran to the phone in the kitchen.  “Hello, Junie?”  Bob could tell Donna was trying to sound calm and relaxed, but he knew her well enough to hear the excited tension underlying her even tone.
“Hello, Ma'am.”  Junie's voice trembled. 
Donna asked her, “Is this a little too fast, Sweet Junie?”  Her voice was warm and reassuring. 
“No, Ma'am.  I just don't know what to say.  I guess I wasn't expecting to talk with you tonight.”
Bob interjected, “Now is as good a time as ever.”
Junie sounded a little flustered with having to talk with both of them at once.  Donna told her, “Well, my Sweet Junie, I will leave you to talk with Bob.  I just wanted to hear your voice and say hello.  We will have lots of chances to talk soon.”
“Okay, good bye, Ma'am.”
“Good bye, sweetness.  Bob, you should reward her for being so brave.”
Bob laughed a deep rumble and Donna could hear Junie giggle in response.

“What kind of reward would you like, Sweet Junie?  Would you like to climb up into my lap?  Would you like me to wrap my big, strong arms around you and hold you close?”
“That would be wonderful, Sir.”
“If you were in my lap I would have a lot of difficulty keeping my hands off your beautiful breasts.  Junie, where are you now in your house?”
“I am sitting on my couch, Sir.”
“Do you have a blanket on your couch?  I want you to wrap up tight in a blanket.  I want you warm and sheltered.”
“Yes, Sir, I have a blanket.  I am wrapping up in it.”
“Pull it tight around you.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Are you warm?”
“Yes, Sir, almost too warm.  I feel sweaty.”
“I hold you close and rock you.  You feel safe and warm, very warm with both of us under this blanket.  You feel very relaxed and happy.”
“Yes, Sir.  I feel so good.  I wrap my arms around your neck and hide my pretty face in your chest.  I take a deep breath, inhaling your scent.” 
“Hush, sweet girl, just relax and listen.  I just want to hold you, to feel your energy, your warmth.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Last night, did you play with yourself like Donna asked?  Did you think about her making love to you with her mouth as you caressed your beautiful cunt?”
“Yes I did, Sir.  I whispered to her while I rubbed my hot little clit.  I whispered to her to lick me and bite me.  I came hard and called out to her.  I whispered to her thank you, like she told me to.”
“What kinds of noises do you make when you come, Junie?”
Junie giggled, “Um, I am sorry, Sir.  Do you want me to make the sounds now or describe them?”
“Just describe them.”  Again she giggled.  Bob growled, “Don't test my patience.”  Softening his voice he whispered, “I was feeling all warm and cuddly with you and here you are getting tense and anxious.  Why are you feeling nervous?”
“I guess I feel a little shy about this, Sir.”  She audibly took a couple of deep breaths.  “Okay, at first, I am pretty quiet during sex.  I make soft little high pitched moans and squeaks as I get more excited, kind of little squeaky whimpers almost like I am afraid.  Right before I come, I kind of get all tense and rigid.  I notice I stop breathing, and I don't make any sounds at all.  The bigger the orgasm the longer I hold my breath.  When I come I make different sounds, sometimes I screech, especially if I am trying to not come and I can't stop.  A lot of the time, I say things.  I curse a lot, kind of babbling things like fuck, fuck, fuck... If it is a really long orgasm, I kind of build up louder and louder until I am yelling the words and then I just sort of start making deep groaning grunting sounds.  I can be pretty noisy then, Sir.”  Her voice turned soft.  “Is that what you wanted to know?”
“You did great.  Was that so hard?”
“No, Sir, not so hard.”
“Do you play with yourself every night?”
“I used to, but lately Sir James has been limiting me to one time a week other than our play time.  I used my one time last night.”
“At this point in our relationship it is up to you how long you want to continue to obey Sir James.  Speaking of obeying him, do you think you are going to post those pictures?”
“I don't know.  I took them, but I am frightened that somehow it could come back and hurt me.  I sent them to Sir J.  I also struggle with feeling confident about my...”  Bob could hear her hesitate and force the words, “beautiful body.”
“Good girl.  It will get easier to say.  Eventually, it will become automatic and then you will start to believe it.  Before you post the pictures publicly, I want you to send me the pictures.  Do not send them to me until you want to, but I want to see them first.  Can you do that?”
“Yes, Sir.  I don't think I would be too embarrassed to send you the pictures now, if you want.”
“Do what you want to do, Sweet Junie.  I can assure you that my response will be positive and I promise anything you send us will be kept very private.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Tomorrow is your play date with Sir James.  He mentioned that you feel sad afterward.  Is that true?”
“I just feel so much more lonely afterwards, Sir.  Sometimes I cry.”
“Sir James has to leave you alone like that because his wife has come home?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“After he leaves you alone, I want you to log onto instant messaging.  We will call you.  I am guessing that what is happening is you are stopping too quickly.  The sudden drop of your adrenaline levels and your loneliness is crashing over you.  I don't want you to go through that let down alone again.”
“Is that what they mean by sub drop, Sir?”
“Perhaps, it varies from one person to the next.  Sub drop can last from a few minutes to a couple of days after a particularly grueling session.  It’s like the sub has used up a lot of her energy and kind of goes through a period of depression or low energy for a while.  Is it like that for you?”
“Yes, Sir, kind of.  Now that I think of it, Fridays have been a really low day for me.  I don't work on Fridays and I end up sleeping most of the day.”
“Would I be far off, if I guessed it is also a day when you do a lot of eating and mostly sweet things?”
Junie's voice was small and sad.  “Yes, Sir. 
“You told Donna you eat more when you are lonely and sad.  You have been trying to get through the lows any way you can.  Fridays are a lonely day for you anyway, with no work.  Do you exercise?”
“I have a membership at a gym, Sir, but I have not gone very often recently.  I also walk.”
“I am not asking because I want you to think about your weight.  Exercise can be a way to help manage depression.  I may end up suggesting you go for a walk.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Let’s not worry about that now.  How are you feeling now?”
“Sweaty and hot, but kind of relaxed and floaty.”
“I want you to drink a big glass of water before you go to sleep tonight.  Remember to use the positive words when you talk about yourself.  We will talk tomorrow after you spend your play time with Sir James.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Good bye, Sweet Junie.”
“Good bye, Sir


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